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Author Topic:  Girls Don't like Boys, Girls like Dragons and Money (Edyta)  (Read 693 times)

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Re: Girls Don't like Boys, Girls like Dragons and Money (Edyta)
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It was okay.

She liked girls, and that was okay. She liked girls, and she'd admitted it to herself, and it was okay. She, that wasn't okay quite yet, she wasn't ready to think about deciding how to describe herself. In her mind she knew, but the relief that she wasn't actually different from anyone else who'd already been through this with a less than supportive parent was still overwhelming to the point that she wasn't thinking past the next ten minutes.

Besides, it was nice, sitting here with Nikola, feeling safe and secure and... loved? She considered the feeling for a moment and blushed furiously, but the feeling didn't change or go away. She felt loved by her friend who accepted her and wanted to protect her. It was a good feeling, and she sniffled again, glad of the tissues she'd just been handed. If anyone had told her that she would end up crying in a booth of a cafe she would have told them not to be ridiculous. Edyta never showed her emotions in public! When she'd broken a finger whilst playing Quidditch in her second year she hadn't so much as allowed a single tear to roll down her cheek. When a compound fracture of her wrist had put her out of the final game of last season she had bitten her lip until it bled rather than show how disappointed she was. But now..?

She wiped her eyes and managed a grin which turned into another amused snort. "You thought..?" she asked, delighted at the realisation that there was someone in this world who would do absolutely anything for her, and even more delighted that that person was Nikola who she'd always looked up to and admired. Edyta was grinning and shaking her head, her eyes sparkling now though her friend's next words confused her. "Christmas..? But you already gave me these" she said, lovingly stroking the dragonhide gloves Nikola had made for her. Truly, Edyta hadn't even expected such a generous gift, even from her well-off friend. It made the alcohol-filled chocolates and leatherbound diary she would be sending to her friend's house on Christmas eve look uninspired by comparison...


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