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[DADA classroom] keep your eyes on the prize [circe]
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Over the last semester, Roderick had been... backing off, a little. It was just the time commitment to keep people in line was interfering with the time needed to do well on his NEWTs. One had to get left a bit behind. And Roderick had chosen to cut Circe Sutcliffe, among others, just enough slack so that he could study.

It was unfortunate that he and Sutcliffe, then, had been paired up for Defense Against the Dark Arts revising. The seventh years were supposed to revise by teaching the sixth year NEWT students spell modifiers, and the bloody professor had matched him up with bloody Sutcliffe. The girl was irritatingly outspoken, couldn't leave anything well enough alone, and was a blood traitor to boot. This was just an excuse for Professor Becker to bugger off for a bit, Roderick was sure of it. If he outsourced tutoring the failing students to the students who were actually good at DADA, maybe he wouldn't have to try harder. Roderick refused to entertain any kinder reasons for the assignment.

The clock in the corner of the classroom ticked on as Roderick waited. They were meant to meet in the DADA classroom right after dinner, but Roderick had taken the liberty of sneaking off early. If some of his cronies knew where he was off to tonight and with who, he would never heard the end of it. Better to be early and get the damn exercise over with - if Circe couldn't perform these spells later on, it would be his mark on the line.

He was perched on a desk facing the windows when Roderick heard the door open behind him. "Sutcliffe," he drawled, turning around to face the younger girl, he voice dripping with mockery and sarcasm. "So glad you could make it".

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Re: [DADA classroom] keep your eyes on the prize [circe]
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Circe wasn't sure what she had done to deserve this. She wasn't the best DADA student, but it wasn't as if she intentionally disrupted class or anything like that. So, why had their professor paired her with the one person in the school that she hated the most? Rod Macnair was the embodiment of everything that she was not. He was confident, while she was self-conscious. He was a pureblood supremacist, and she was in support of muggleborn rights. He was a bully, and she was one of his most frequent victims. She should have known that it had been too good to be true that she had been able to avoid him recently. All good things always ended, and especially good things that happened to Circe Sutcliffe.

She had agreed to meet her housemate after dinner, and so she had brought her schoolbag full of supplies to dinner with her. As soon as the meal was over, an overwhelming feeling of dread settled upon the petite blonde. She held her bag to her as she slowly made her way to the DADA classroom. She certainly wasn't in any hurry, though at the same time she wanted more than anything to get it over with. DADA was one of her worst subjects, and it was something that she carried a great deal of shame about. Most of her siblings were great at it. Her older brothers were aurors, after all. She was always the odd duck. The black sheep. She had never fit in with her family, and she had never fit in with her housemates either. It hadn't been as bad when she had Lorin and her friends to act as a buffer between her and their more conservative housemates. Rod had quickly become the worst. She'd have almost rather been paired with Steffan Greene. It was pretty close, to be honest.

She pushed the door open as quietly as she could, peering inside to find him sitting on a desk and looking out the window. Immediately, her heart rate sped up and she began to feel anxious. She could already tell that he wasn't going to be entirely civil about this, and though she wasn't shocked she was a little disappointed. There was just no getting along with some people. She shut the door behind her.

"Macnair." She responded dryly, lifting the strap of her bag off of her shoulders and setting it neatly onto a desk near his. "I do hope that I hadn't kept you waiting for too long."
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Re: [DADA classroom] keep your eyes on the prize [circe]
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"Hardly." Roderick slid off the desk and walked to her, hands in his pockets. He stood quite a bit taller than Circe did at full height, so even with a slouch, Roderick was looking down at her, as he was in his head. She was a pureblood witch, for Merlin's sake - spells and wandwork should be in her blood, he shouldn't need to tutor a real witch. This was just embarrassing for both of them. Idly, he thought about just hitting her with a Jelly-Legs Jinx now and heading back to the dorms.

A small voice in the back of his head said, 'Oh bugger off, it's just for extra credit, you don't have to be a tool now, do ya?' The voice was irritating and sounded just like his little brother, which made it hard not to listen to.

Roderick sighed and looked at Circe. "Neither of us wants to be here, so let's get this over with." Pulling his wand from his pocket, Roderick stepped back and levelled it at his junior housemate. "Here's what's going to happen: you will learn the spell, you will master the spell, and then we will part ways like we never had to speak to each other. Good?"

He assumed a duelist stance - not how Roderick preferred to fight, but apparently, it would not help to actually hurt her. "You get one demonstration in class. I don't care what watered down hex you throw at me there. Just do it right. Put your shield charm up." Wait for a beat, give the slow learner a chance to actually defend herself. It went against every instinct in Roderick's body to actually give Sutcliffe a real warning.

When she seemed ready, Roderick cast the spell, lazily, at half strength or so. "Volostupefy." A swarm of red sparks flew out from his wand, hurtling towards Circe. Roderick wouldn't really be bothered that much if one missed her shield entirely and hit Sutcliffe, but one could only hope.

Circe Sutcliffe [ Slytherin ]
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Re: [DADA classroom] keep your eyes on the prize [circe]
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Re: [DADA classroom] keep your eyes on the prize [circe]
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Roderick really had expected Circe to fail at putting up the basic shield charm. The waver in her voice as she cast and her general track record didn't suggest success. Chalk it up to his own low effort spell, then - at full strength, and not divided, Roderick was sure he could have broken through the insufferable girl's shield. He lowered his wand. "Not terrible," he conceded. "Not good, either. But we aren't here for shielding practice." Idiot, he wanted to say but managed to contain himself. He could behave himself for the sake of his mark. Probably.

Ugh. Had she missed the point of the assignment? As much as he would love her to fail, Roderick's mark depended on Sutcliffe's ability to pull off a halfway decent Volo spell modifier. "No, not again." He stepped back into a defensive stance. "You do it. If you can't divide the spell, you do it again. If you can divide the spell but don't make contact with my shield, you do it again. If you do manage to hit it, you do it again. Until you can cast a Divided Stunning Spell three times in a row, we aren't leaving. I won't have a blood traitor ruining my Defense mark."

Well, that was a bit much, wasn't it? said the part of his brain that routinely suggested not being an ass and had hitherto never been heeded. You didn't need to bring up the blood traitor thing, did you?

"Protego," Roderick said through gritted teeth, waving his shield into existence. He was tired, he was irritable, and was looking to pick a fight. Circe Sutcliffe, trapped in here with him for a bloody group assignment, was just a convenient punching bag. 

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Re: [DADA classroom] keep your eyes on the prize [circe]
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Not terrible. Circe made a mental note on that being the new nicest thing that her housemate and current tutor had ever said to her. Still, she felt inadequate and stupid. The blonde girl nodded quickly. Of course. Circe had always been the sort of girl who was so eager to please those around her. Ever since she'd come to Hogwarts all she'd seemed to be able to do was disappoint people. She had passing marks in DADA, but struggled with the actual wandwork. Her mother had been so disappointed, and probably her other Odell relatives too. That's why she was here. While she wished that the professor had given her a more pleasant tutor, she knew that there was probably some deep lesson in all of this and that it was probably for the best. She was willing to put their differences aside and be pleasant if only he would. She listened carefully to Rod's instructions, but the barb at the end made her blood boil. She should have known better. Her knuckles were white as they gripped her wand.

"Do not call me that." She warned him.

She wanted to say a lot more, but she decided to bite her tongue for now. Really, they both needed this lesson to go well. If she hadn't been so determined to show him up, to show him that she really wasn't completely useless at magic, she'd have probably just left right then and there. Was it really so much to ask for these other pureblood families to act like decent folks? At least it had been motivation to want to lob a spell at him.

Circe focused, and channeled her emotions into her wandwork. "Volostupefy!" Surely enough, a barrage of red sparks had shot out of the end of her cypress wand and toward Rod. It had gone better than she'd anticipated at least.


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