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[Moscow] Belle of the Ball (on a budget) - Maryana
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It wasn’t unusual for Nikola to travel to her clients rather then the other way around. She had a decent mix of both, but actually preferred traveling to them, as her home was her sanctuary. And she got to see the world. At least this time she didn’t have an added delivery to make for her family… probably because of where she was going. That part was what had made her uneasy about this venture. It was probably the least expensive commission that she’d ever done, elegant yet simple in design and execution, an easy silhouette and shape, inexpensive fabric, with the only more time consuming piece something that she could do while relaxing on her couch and listening to the radio or her music. And she really had liked it. There had been something almost cathartic about the practice that she had enjoyed immensely, so much so that she might have gotten a little carried away with the feather embroidery. But the finished piece looked amazing. She was starting to think that she really needed a lot more of these easy and relaxing commissions. The wealthy and aristocratic were always so demanding, whereas this professor was just happy that Nikola was willing to work with her at all.

It wasn’t Russia, or even Moscow that made her uneasy. No, she was taking a portkey to moscow, and then their floo network to a Muggle Neighborhood. To a Very muggle home, for her muggleborn client. Fortunately the woman lived alone, and nikola wouldn’t have to walk down the streets. She could go directly there and never step outside. But she had no idea what to expect, in the slightest. Unlike Hogwarts of Beauxbatons, Durmstrang did not permit Muggleborns, nor did they have a muggle studies class. Nikola wasn’t even sure she’d met one before Maryana had contacted her. She was… disappointingly normal.

Edyta had told her about electricity. And how it could do some of the things that magic did? Like heat and cool your home. Or light it at night. And boxes that showed moving pictures. It sounded like magic to her, but Nikola had no idea how they did it without magic… and she was worried. Was it even safe? How did they stop their homes from burning down without magic? Lighting and electricity were dangerous and caused fires… but at least Maryana was a witch, and she had brought some muggle magazines to their first meeting to show Nikola a few things that she’d liked in them. But Nikola had taken inspiration and done her own thing with it, which was what the professor had wanted anyways.

She sighed, and looked at Ludolf who was eagerly looking at her. “No no dearest. Not this time. We’re not going to see Oma and Opa.” the dog’s tail stopped wagging and he hung his head, walking away from her sadly before turning back and peering at her like his pouting might have worked. “Tomorrow you spoiled brat. We’ll go tomorrow.” she laughed softly.

It didn’t take her long to get to Berlin, appartating from in front of her home, which her grandparents felt was safer not to connect to the floo network. She understood their reasoning. After all, she was often away for days, and she was a single woman living alone. She found it kind of funny that she was using all three modes of instant transportation in one day. All she needed was a broomstick and she’d have added a fourth. She’d brought a book on blood magic to read while waiting for the portkey time, but the elderly witch sitting nearby kept peering at the book like nikola was going to start drinking people’s blood. So she put it away and sighed. That was the curse of always trying to be early. The waiting.

Half an hour later she was standing in front of a fire place in berlin, before stepping into it and carefully reciting the Address she’d been given, vanishing into the soot. When she re-emerged, she was a little disappointed, in a small, plain room with a rug in front of the fireplace and little else. She quickly pulled out her wand and spelled herself clean, before calling out in russian. “Maryana Nikolaeva? Nikola Meer.” she stepped through the doorway to find herself in a rather nice living room. But what really caught her attention was the fact that the entire room was lit with tiny little lights on strings. Some running down the walls, others draped over the ceiling or in doorways. But other then the lights, it wasn’t overly different from her own home. There were couches. And a table… and a strange thing that looked like a stove in the other room, but different More square… and shiny. She was so caught up in looking at her surroundings that everything else seemed to slip from her mind.
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