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Gianna Regan [ Shop Worker ]
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She promised her friends she wasn’t going to take things that didn’t belong to her anymore. Well, the technical term was steal, but she didn’t feel like getting technical about it. Gianna promised a lot of things to people, but, what was that muggle saying again? A leopard never changed its spots or something? Whatever. She thought it was a stupid saying anyway– it wasn’t like leopards could change their spots if they wanted to. This was…. etymology or something like that, which was a fancy word she discovered recently that people actually used. She wasn’t here to think about etymology though, she was here to…

… Actually, she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be doing here at all. Somewhere at the back of her mind Gianna knew it had to be work-related, because she had no business being in Australia, or more precisely, in Australia during summer.

It was December, it was supposed to be freezing, like the rest of the world, like how it's supposed to be normally. There were rules to these sort of things! Not that it mattered that Gianna really wasn't smart enough to realise weather worked differently on the other side of the world. Her dress inside wasn't bad at all, but she looked just a little ridiculous in her fur coat. Just a little bit. She was just glad it wasn't any hotter. It could get boiling, from what she'd heard, wide-eyed at twenty in a bar full of bragging Irishmen, that it’d get up to the forties in Australia, when this already felt bad enough.

"Blimey," she fanned herself with her right hand—really, an empty gesture in this heat—and hoisted the fur coat onto the crook of her arm of her left, "although I guess I should be saying crikey, since I'm in Australia and all." She couldn't help but smile dopily at her own dumb joke, which she quickly covered with a cough in case anyone happened to hear her. She didn't want to look any crazier than she probably already did.

The portkey placed her in a wizarding village somewhere in Melbourne, that much she knew, and Gia really wasn't a fan of them. She didn't know anyone who was, but the bumpy process made her normally scattered thoughts even more scrambled, and she wished she could reach into her head and put them all in the right order again. The logical thing to do would be to retrace her steps, but she had no idea where the returning portkey was, although now she had an extremely charming mental image of her mother telling her how she should always write things down when she had such horrible memory. Well mother, I always forget to write them down, that's why I'm always in sticky situations like this, so your stupid little piece of advice doesn't work. She yanked the door handle of a seemingly nondescript cafe somewhat savagely, putting an end to the unwelcome thoughts; she was tired of trying to find her way around in this stupid weather and she needed a drink, stat.

Stumbling into the—thankfully cool—cafe, she immediately dumped the heavy coat on the nearest bar stool. She'd definitely need to get that thing properly cleaned when she got home, by someone who actually had a good grasp on cleaning spells that wasn't her. She paused for a second to wonder if all cafes in Australia had bars in them, before deciding nothing really mattered until she got a beer in her. Which was what she ordered. And then happily chugged. Before realising she had no money. Which then brought her back to the first thought she had when she landed in Australia, ready to hurl from the portkey, about how leopards don't change their spots.

It's been a while since she's done this, and Gia was more than a little worried as she chewed on her bottom lip. But the lunch crowd was picking up, and people were leaving as quickly as they were coming, so this shouldn't be that difficult. Flashing a smile at the bartender, she pointed at the bathroom sign and slid off the stool. She tried to make her slow dawdle to the bathroom look as natural as possible, even reaching down to tie the invisible laces of her boots, but there just wasn't a diverse enough crowd to allow her to be picky. Normally she preferred someone older, and therefore slower, or someone who looked too pretty to be smart as well, and definitely not the tall blonde who was headed towards her. But he seemed to be leaving, and she just saw him put away something that looked like it could contain galleons... He'll just have to do.

With renewed resolve, she squared her shoulders and brushed past him, making just enough contact to reach into coat pocket, but not enough to really bump into and cause him to stop and apologise or whatever. The key was to be quick, so hopefully she'd already be in the female toilets before he realised something was missing, while not breaking eye contact. Gia wasn't as striking as some of her other cousins, but she was pretty enough, by non-Regan standards. She had a fair amount of confidence that he probably wouldn't know what she was really up to and just thought that a pretty girl was flirting with him. Her stomach jolted unpleasantly when she saw a trace of recognition in his eyes, but she quickly brushed that thought away when she felt the weight of the coins in her fingers. She was in Australia, there was no way anyone'd know who she was.

"Excuse me," she smiled at him as she quickly side-stepped him and quickened her pace, half apologetic and half genuinely pleased she hadn't lost her touch. He'd be out of here soon enough without knowing what happened, and she would too, after paying for her drink, and they'll never meet again. There was no way this could go wrong.

@Emily i already told you this was gonna be bad but wow, i'm ashamed of how messy this is and i promise the next one will be better >>

Zacharias Smith [ Hogwarts Adult ]
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Re: [melbourne] dreaming in circles, my mind so misplaced [zach]
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Now that it was nearly a year Zacharias had been here, he found his opinions on Australia had changed little since he arrived. As he had arrived feeling angry and patronized and in the early stages of heroin withdrawal, none of those opinions were positive. Most of them had not shifted with his health. It was summer again when it shouldn’t be,  the humidity was unbearable, living in a staffed mansion with parrots and a concerned friend was horrid beyond belief. However, he had found a couple small things to be more tolerable than he’d imagined at first. The first was the water.  Sailing magically wasn’t that difficult and floating in four feet of shallows wasn’t at all, and really all that he liked was the weightless feeling and the breeze rather than going anywhere. His skin had gone all pink from all the lying in the sun he’d been doing. In London he might have been embarrassed, but he didn’t care here: the second thing he liked about Australia was the anonymity.

Not that he had really gotten trouble back home, just going about being Zacharias Smith, but it had felt like trouble enough just to him. Ron Weasley or whoever could have wandered in anywhere Zach was innocently trying to eat a sandwich and ruined his entire day. In Melbourne, there was no one with that power. Zacharias loved not feeling beholden to anyone, constantly compelled to prove himself. He loved having no history. It was like living in a place where no one mattered, least of all himself. It was like he didn’t exist.

The Healers Hefin had hired had some thoughts on that, but they did at least seem enthused that he wanted to go out to eat sandwiches.

In the wizarding district of Melbourne, Zacharias licked chip salt off his fingers with the nonchalance of someone who didn’t give a shit what the Australians thought of him. His bacon grilled cheese had been heavy on the cheese and refreshingly un-chefy, no vegetables or funky charmed spreads or anything added “for crunch.” Back at the house he was meant to be eating healthy. Hopefully none of the maids had been sent to tail him and make sure he didn’t do anything he wasn’t supposed to—or if they had, hopefully they wouldn’t care.

He pushed in his chair and wandered toward the exit, but even in the uncrowded café, a girl with a large fur coat over one arm (was she mental?) seemed determined to collide with him. Big eyes looked straight at his (she was mental) as she brushed closely past, the fur sliding up against his jacket.

It took a second for Zacharias to process that he’d felt it—something just a little more solid than the coat snag on his jacket pocket. His hand flew to his hip to check. Nothing where his wallet had been before, and he’d made sure before he stood up—he made sure all the time, forever amazed people could trust themselves not to forget. He stopped short just before the doorway, stunned at the thought. What kind of person would dare...? His shock ebbed enough to get out his wand and do something about it. An insult he might have let go, but physical theft? Outrageous. Fucking Australia.

Accio wallet,” he snapped with a flick of his wand. “I’d like that back, if you don’t mind.” The worn leather wallet sailed back across the room over a seated couple’s heads and Zach, having once been not too bad at Quidditch, caught it in one hand. He brandished it at the girl now frozen where she stood. “You need a quick sickle?” he spat. “Try selling that lump of fur you’ve got there first.” She goggled back at him with wide eyes and a second later he realized he recognized her—and not from here. It felt like a blow to the head.

“Regan?” asked Zach, an awkward little crack in his voice. That was as far as he got. The Regan girls around his age all looked alike, dark-haired and smoking hot or whatever. He knew their names, but he wasn’t confident enough with the faces to call this thieving, fur-coated madwoman out as one of them.

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Gianna Regan [ Shop Worker ]
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Re: [melbourne] dreaming in circles, my mind so misplaced [zach]
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Why did she ever think this was going to work?

It was poor judgement on her part, of course. She should've known. They were the only two people wearing an extra layer in this weather, that should've been the first clue! Not automatically that he'd be from England (or at least that's what the accent sounded like), but at least the fact that he probably came from a milder climate, or something because she should've known. This heat was really getting to her, and the first thing she was going to do when she got back would be to march into Will's office and demand a raise.

She hasn't said anything up till this point, allowing him to, to... scold her like she was a small child or something while she just stared at him like a dumb goldfish. Gianna hadn't felt this feeling in a long time. Humiliation. Last time it happened it'd been her own brother, and Merlin, she needed to stop putting herself in these situations. She was always the one who ended up looking like an absolute idiot, every single time! She could feel her eyes burning. Oh great. This was the absolute last thing she needed, to start leaking like a damn fountain in front of someone who apparently kind of knew who she was, but not the othe–


"W-what did you just call me? You know who I am?" She clamped a hand over her mouth in regret as soon as she said that. Brilliant going Gianna, you basically just confirmed that he was spot on with your name. Anything else you want to share with the restaurant? At a loss of what to say next, she scanned his face for any hint of familiarity. He was definitely young, younger than her, most likely, and decent looking. Well if anything he was angry looking, but she still couldn't help but take a moment to  admire his jawline. And the way his fair skin and hair contrasted absolutely against his dark eyes was just fascinating, they almost looked like Focus!

A few more moments of awkward silence passed between them, and Gia could feel the increasingly interested stares of the bartender. If he broke out a packet of crisps right then and there she wouldn't even be surprised. In a few quick strides, she crossed the length of the room, picking up her fur coat in the process (because no matter what he said she was not getting rid of it), and tugged at his hand for him to follow her. They were not continuing this here. She'll be damned if she's going to give anyone live entertainment.

She winced once they were out of the cafe and in the heat again. At least she didn't feel like crying anymore, so if he wanted to have another go at her, she could probably take it. "Ok, so... how do you want to do this? You want to yell at me some more? Turn me in to the ministry for misconduct or something?" She crossed her arms and looked at him defiantly. Now that she had a few moments to cool down, she was slowly beginning to sort through her jumbled memories. He seemed very familiar in a way, didn't he use to be friends with...

"I know who you are!" Gianna gasped and pointed at him, taking a step back from shock, "You're a Hufflepuff too! Something, something Smith... Zach? Zachary Smith! What the hell are you doing in Melbourne?!"

Zacharias Smith [ Hogwarts Adult ]
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Re: [melbourne] dreaming in circles, my mind so misplaced [zach]
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Oh, for goodness’ sake.

Of course she was going to cry. Zach scoffed. He had always hated that girls could do that, turn around after doing almost anything and tug on heartstrings with their big, sad, teary eyes. A nearby pair of women glared at him, and Zacharias stared back at them incredulously. Are you insane? He might have had his wand out on a stammering girl, but for Merlin’s sake, he would not allow himself to be seen as anything but the victim here.

Thankfully, with sudden, surprising speed the girl manhandled him out of the café in a way that he felt had to look victimizing.

Her voice box started working again the second they were outside, and she demanded to know his intentions. Head pounding, Zach whipped around. “Bloody hell, calm down,” he snapped. She clamped her mouth shut in surprise.

It was a fair question, though, Zach figured, now that he could think on it in silence. He would have liked to yell at her some more. Tempted as he was, he wasn’t sure he had any more snappy insults to throw. She seemed a bit more likely now to get into an argument, and he had no interest in losing one. The authorities hadn’t even crossed his mind. He didn’t know where the Ministry even was here—and to be honest, he was all too aware of the fact that he hadn’t always been honest with money himself. Though at least he’d had the good grace to confund his victim first.

As he was thinking, her train of thought caught up with his.

“Gianna, then,” he said eventually. He remembered all the others being too chilly and composed for this sort of hysteria. Gianna Regan had been older than he was, pretty enough to draw his awkward eyes, but had always come off clueless enough to make him roll them. He’d always sort of wondered how she got along in that family. “Yeah, I was,” he muttered. “Potter’s year.” He scoffed at the next question, ready to spit back something bitter about being sick of England, but on second thought, he couldn’t recall her ever being involved with the DA or anything. Maybe she wouldn’t get it. Like hell he was going to get himself in the position to have to explain. “Staying with a friend,” he said. And then, dripping with irony: “Thought it’d be a change of scene.”

He looked back down at her again. “Anyway—I’m not gonna turn you in to the Aurors or anything,” he said, realizing her second question had distracted him from her first. “Just think you owe me an explanation, at the very least.” He’d decide what to think after that. It’d depend, whether she desperately needed two knuts to feed her starving children, or was just some rich girl who got her thrills pickpocketing strangers, or she tried to sell some story but lied about as well as she held back tears. Of course, what would depend on it he still didn’t know. He was just stalling—and curious.

He’d wait to see if she’d remember eventually that his name wasn’t Zachary. Really, he was just setting himself up for disappointment.

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