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if you don't want the girl to talk [jacq + pm to join]
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Re: if you don't want the girl to talk [jacq + pm to join]
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Letting out a long breath through her nose as she struggled through her latest rune translations, Jacqueline rubbed the back of her aching neck with an ink-smudged hand. The common room was unusually full, and for once Jacq hadn’t felt up to making the trek to the library (and besides, Andy was at Quidditch practice) – and so she and Jazz were stationed up in their dormitory, attempting to make headway on their endless assignments. Fortunately, the Christmas holidays were less than two weeks away.

Jacq was sitting on her bed but leaning forward such that her weight rested on her elbows, with her right leg in a half-cross-legged position and her left leg casually dangling over the side; meanwhile, Jazz had nestled herself into a cocoon of pillows and blankets between their beds.

The girls worked in companionable silence, punctuated by the occasional sigh or grumble or page-turn of Jacqueline’s copy of Spellman’s Syllabary. Until…

“I can't do this anymore!”

The Scottish witch startled at the sudden outburst and her hand flinched across her parchment, causing a large midnight-blue inkblot to appear over her freshly-transcribed rune.

“I'm just going to fail everything and drop out of school and become a muggle bus driver that drinks rainwater. Ughhhhhhhh!”

Stifling a chuckle so as not to add insult to injury, the brunette allowed herself an amused smile; Jazz was an intelligent girl, but she also had the occasional flair for dramatics. Jacq did not respond right away; instead she picked up her wand and tapped her parchment absently to remove the inkblot, and then finished the rune before it faded from her mind’s eye.

As she placed the final line she heard her name from the pillowed fortress below, but before Jacq could ‘Hmm?’ in response she yelped, instinctively recoiling from a sudden and unexpected pinprick sensation on the bottom of her foot. Wide-eyed she peered over the edge of the bed – only to see Jazz with her arm still outstretched, quill in hand.

“Got a minute?”

“Aye, I do now,” she laughed. “Are ye alright? And dinnae fash, ye’ll no fail – ye ken too much for that,” she added pointedly, raising her dark eyebrows.

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Re: if you don't want the girl to talk [jacq + pm to join]
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Jazz startled a little herself at Jacqueline's reaction. "Merlin, Jacq," she laughed, sitting up from her cocoon of pillows. Picking a particularly plush looking blue cushion, she propped herself up on her right elbow, left hand still lazily twirling the quill. She was often described by her own family as 'delicate', but Jacqueline was delicate in a different way altogether. Was it complexion? Disposition? She held up her arm and scrutinised her fingernails, where chunks of paint had hardened on the underside. She felt decidedly unfeminine in comparison.

As a teenager, it was practically impossible not to care about who's getting more attention from the opposite sex. She couldn't even muster up the pretence! Yes, she was pretty popular in general, but no one really liked her in the way she wanted to be liked, other than that explosive and short-lived relationship with Lip. Boys seemed to like Jacqueline though; Jazz wasn't jealous—at least, she didn't think she was—but she was curious. Her fellow Ravenclaw seemed perfectly indifferent to boys, too perfectly indifferent.

With another dramatic sigh, she flopped back into the bed of pillows. "Oh I know I won't fail fail", her wrinkled her nose, sounding slightly scornful now without realising it, "but sometimes it's so much harder to accept not doing well at something when you're supposed to be really clever, you know?" Her father, for example, was brilliant as far as academics go, but even he had moments of frustration when he wasn't performing up to his own standards. She was far from brilliant, but she still felt the pressure of doing better than her dorky cousins, all of whom would gloat and gloat if she turned up with a report card sporting only 'A's.

"I wonder who'll top our class this year," she started casually, "you're in the running of course, Jacq, and Lionel and Peter. I suppose I have a shot in Potions, but I hear that a certain Slytherin Quidditch Captain has you beat in Transfiguration." Jazz was most definitely bluffing. She didn't have the time to keep up with who's doing better in what outside of her own house, especially not since Slytherin beat them in the last match, but she figured she wasn't far off.

She was slowly getting to what she really wanted to ask. "Honestly, out of these three, who'd you rather, you know, get with?" It felt a little wrong almost, gossiping and talking about girly stuff with Jacq. She was more studious and sensible than Jazz and spent her time more productively, but they were teenage girls. It's within nature's right to talk about frivolous things like boys and makeup and how many layers of lace they wanted on their wedding dresses. "C'mon," she needled, "I don't believe you can get back to your runes after this, Jacq, I simply won't believe it!"

@Olivia i know the original plan was to talk about boys/crushes in general, but i thought this direction made more sense xD lemme know if it's ok!

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Re: if you don't want the girl to talk [jacq + pm to join]
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“What did ye expect after stabbing me with a quill?” she grinned back, tucking her exposed foot securely underneath her before shifting slightly to face her friend.

“…but sometimes it's so much harder to accept not doing well at something when you're supposed to be really clever, you know?”

“Aye, ’tis,” she agreed with a solemn nod. “But I think maybe sometimes it’s more a matter of perspective, no that yer actually underperforming. I suspect we are often our own worst critics.” For Jacqueline, at least, she felt this was largely true.

“That’s kind of ye to say.”
The Scottish witch wrinkled her nose playfully when Jazz named her as in the running for top of the class, but accepted the complement nonetheless. Granted, in her early school years she’d set her sights on the coveted ‘top student’ distinction, though she harbored no desire to see others fail: only the desire to meet her own goal. Along the way she realized that the only ‘competitor’ that mattered to her was, in fact, herself, which considerably shifted her outlook and approach to academics (which, in its own way, translated nicely to other aspects of her life).
She nodded enthusiastically when Jazz mentioned her own aptitude for Potions, and laughed softly at her implication.
“I ken Andy has me beat in Charms – if it’s Transfiguration, too, then I am in a bad spot,” she grinned, trying to act as nonchalant as possible despite the fact that her stomach had given an odd sort of happy wriggle at the thought of her childhood friend.

Having shared a dormitory with Jasmine for the past five-and-a-half years, she’d become accustomed to (and often enjoyed) the other girl’s quick subject-changes and pointed questions and observations. However, it was a good thing Jacqueline had stopped writing for the moment – otherwise she’d have put another blot on her rune transcription when Jazz asked her directly which of the three Slytherin boys she fancied most.
Jacqueline was no stranger to such discussions – they were teenage girls, after all – but there were usually a group of them present when it broke out. Those topics used to make her feel mildly uncomfortable in their early school years, as though she were intruding on someone else’s private thoughts, but it didn’t take long to draw her in and ‘convert’ her. However, even then the Scottish witch mostly listened in on the conversations, gasping appropriately, occasionally requesting details… but letting someone else do the bulk of the talking, while she herself managed to skate by with minimal contribution of her own. Thus far. Evidently, that ended today.

Her lips twitched in a smile at Jazz’s exasperated comment about going back to her runes.
“That’s quite the spectrum, those three,” she mused, attempting to buy herself time to collect her thoughts as she engaged. If she’d been asked this question before last June, she truly would have needed to think it over carefully. Now – after the End-of-Term Ball, exchanging letters all summer long, and spending more time together than they had in years – the answer was obvious to Jacq. But was she ready to say aloud? That always made it feel real.

For the time being, she pretended to be the Jacq from six months ago. It wasn’t terribly difficult, really, to be her usual analytical self and consider each propositioned Yearmate in detail. Objectively, of course. Hypothetically.

She was still stalling.

“Well, so… let’s think. Lionel is verra serious, and likes Astronomy – and chess, and the library – as well as I do. We’ve been friends since First Year, so I ken him well.” Indeed, in a parallel universe perhaps she and Lionel would have been quite the pairing. For a time, she thought she had liked him in that ‘more than a friend’ sentiment… but it turned out to be a bit more complex than that after a somewhat tense patrol shift early last school year.

“On the opposite end we’ve got Andy, who can be serious but largely prefers no to. For a time, actually neglected his schoolwork in favor of Quidditch.” She remembered that all too clearly: it was Second Year, and they stopped speaking not long after that when he persisted in hanging about with a rather rotten group of boys despite her pleas to the contrary. It was an unpleasant time. She forced herself to smile. “Also likes chess, however. We’ve been friends even longer.” ‘Sweet, thoughtful,’ her brain volunteered. Was she blushing? She desperately hoped not. ‘Always up for the library even though I ken he’d rather pick another spot.’

“And in the middle is Peter, the ‘quiet and serious’ type who also enjoys Quidditch.” She supposed she did fancy Peter for a time, early on in their friendship. He was much like Lionel but a bit more – for lack of a better word – social; though that wasn’t saying a whole lot, as Peter was still fairly introverted. “Best of both worlds, ye might say. Have also been friends since First Year.”

There was no way around it – she had to choose one of them. She was certain Jazz was already onto her like hounds tracking a chase, and if Jacq didn’t give her something she wasn’t likely to relent.

“I fancied Lionel, briefly, a few years ago.” There, that was safe enough ground. She shrugged. “We’re alike enough. Loads of common interests. Always good company, even if we didn’t speak much when we sat and worked together.”
Jacqueline hesitated. Dare she take that next step?
“Now… well, I s’pose I’m different now. Hard to say, really,” She was being terribly evasive and it showed, but at least she’d mentioned one of them to appease Jazz.

Jacquleine shifted slightly, raising an eyebrow at her friend and swiftly punting the question back to her, deflecting.
Ye, however, seem to have thoughts on the matter, else ye may not have brought it up. Who would ye fancy, then?”
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