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if you don't want the girl to talk [jacq + pm to join]
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Sixth year was no walk in the park.

It wasn't like O.W.L.s year, and it wasn't as tough as she heard next year was going to be, but somehow she still felt the invisible pressure, which was why she was at least attempting to study. Or finish her homework on time, whatever. Jazz sighed from where she was slumped from the floor. She'd made this little... nest between her bed and the next with blankets and pillows and cushions scavenged from the common room. It's not as comfortable as her bed, but it's perfect because she needed to be comfortable enough to concentrate, and uncomfortable enough to focus on getting her essay finished as quickly as she could.

Writing while lying on her back with an inkpot and quill was proving to be a herculean task though. She briefly considered finishing up the remaining six inches of parchment with her drawing charcoals, but she really didn't think that'd go well with the professor. And she can't afford to fail another homework assignment.

Another sigh—that sounded more like a grunt—and another hole in her parchment later, Jazz flung her unfinished homework as hard as she could away from her, "I can't do this anymore! I'm just going to fail everything and drop out of school and become a muggle bus driver that drinks rainwater. Ughhhhhhhh!"

She wasn't necessarily looking for a response, but it was still kind of disheartening to not hear any response from @Jacqueline MacClelland, whose foot dangled off the side of the bed, just slightly out of reach. When was the last time the two of them had a proper chat though? She couldn't really remember. In Jazz's book they were friends, pretty good friends in fact, but they never really had many "heart-to-hearts", talking about boys or something. Honestly, she couldn't even really imagine Jacq receiving gossip well, she just seemed so... down to earth and nice all the time. But maybe it was just for lack of trying on her part, which is something she's about to change right now.

"Hey Jacq," she started, twisting in her pile of pillows to poke the prefect's foot with the tip of her quill, "got a minute?"

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Re: if you don't want the girl to talk [jacq + pm to join]
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Letting out a long breath through her nose as she struggled through her latest rune translations, Jacqueline rubbed the back of her aching neck with an ink-smudged hand. The common room was unusually full, and for once Jacq hadn’t felt up to making the trek to the library (and besides, Andy was at Quidditch practice) – and so she and Jazz were stationed up in their dormitory, attempting to make headway on their endless assignments. Fortunately, the Christmas holidays were less than two weeks away.

Jacq was sitting on her bed but leaning forward such that her weight rested on her elbows, with her right leg in a half-cross-legged position and her left leg casually dangling over the side; meanwhile, Jazz had nestled herself into a cocoon of pillows and blankets between their beds.

The girls worked in companionable silence, punctuated by the occasional sigh or grumble or page-turn of Jacqueline’s copy of Spellman’s Syllabary. Until…

“I can't do this anymore!

The Scottish witch startled at the sudden outburst and her hand flinched across her parchment, causing a large midnight-blue inkblot to appear over her freshly-transcribed rune.

I'm just going to fail everything and drop out of school and become a muggle bus driver that drinks rainwater. Ughhhhhhhh!”

Stifling a chuckle so as not to add insult to injury, the brunette allowed herself an amused smile; Jazz was an intelligent girl, but she also had the occasional flair for dramatics. Jacq did not respond right away; instead she picked up her wand and tapped her parchment absently to remove the inkblot, and then finished the rune before it faded from her mind’s eye.

As she placed the final line she heard her name from the pillowed fortress below, but before Jacq could ‘Hmm?’ in response she yelped, instinctively recoiling from a sudden and unexpected pinprick sensation on the bottom of her foot. Wide-eyed she peered over the edge of the bed – only to see Jazz with her arm still outstretched, quill in hand.

“Got a minute?”

“Aye, I do now,” she laughed. “Are ye alright? And dinnae fash, ye’ll no fail – ye ken too much for that,” she added pointedly, raising her dark eyebrows.

sorry this is so late @Taylor! <33
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