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Author Topic:  home for christmas [professors; open!]  (Read 121 times)

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Filius Flitwick [ Professor ]
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home for christmas [professors; open!]
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The Charms classroom was large, because Filius had asked for an upscale in 1977 after the worst Engorgio class he’d ever taught, or would ever teach. (He had cleared out the desks, so he had to trot to the doorframe to touch wood at the thought. Better not tempt fate— that lesson was coming up.) Anyway— it was large, and it was festive. Most of the students had gone home, and he had a lot of time on his hands these days, which he was generally not using wisely. Except in this case— he’d spent a lot of time decorating, of course, but it’d been time well spent.

Hogwarts was sitting uneasy, this year, waiting for something bad to happen. Even Filius— and he was one of the professors most likely to dismiss things as Hoggy-warty quirks. (Ghosts running off, cranky gargoyles, sticky stairs— he’d long since fallen in love with the unpredictable whimsy of it all.) But, in the aftermath of the last few quirks, Filius was becoming an unwilling cynic.

But until he knew for a fact that they ought to worry, he was going to show his students that there was value in optimism. And the staff, too. It was Christmas— who didn’t need a little pick-me-up?

He’d dragged his player piano out of his adjacent office, and set it playing cheerfully; he’d strung golden streamers from the rafters; he’d set out sweetmeats and drinks and poinsettas; as he trotted among his colleagues, beaming around (and upwards) at them, he was satisfied with the job he’d done. It was a good cast of professors, lately, some new and some old faces, some of Filius’s own students, from way back when. (He was old! That was the biggest thing he was noticing, was that he was old, and that he’d have to buy more chocolate next year. It was going fast.)

(And more alcohol.)

Clustering around the drinks table were a few of the newer professors and their guests— he stopped by and said, “Happy Christmas, Happy Christmas! Have any of you made plans for the holidays?” He’d had a bit to drink already— eggnog, since it was seasonally appropriate— and was feeling very light on his feet, as he headed back around to the food tables. (He’d put a little staircase behind it, to reach.) As he was helping himself to a piece of fudge, he spotted a Christmas cracker near his hand— he got the fudge, of course (his priorities were still right) and then picked it up, turned to one of the colleagues loitering with the food and offered it. “Cracker?”

He knew already what would be in it— the green ones had silly hats and candy— but he rather relished the idea of wearing a silly hat, even if he would only do so for tonight.
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