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[Dublin] It's beginning to feel a lot like... [Clara]
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Dublin, Ireland  | December 2002
John was excited and nervous at the same time. It had been a long time since he’d gone “home,” as home as this could be. He had never actually lived in his mother’s new home with her new husband, but he liked him good enough. He was a muggle, which made things interesting. John was fascinated by muggles and owned a great deal of muggle things. He was a halfblood, who had a very wizarding upbringing, and as such he knew very little of muggle culture except what his stepfather showed him. He loved television—films, TV shows, even video games! He loved the clothing and funny muggle customs. He was excited to show Clara, but he worried. Clara didn’t seem to be very familiar with muggle things, either. He doubted she would care—she’d said nothing about his multitude of muggle gadgets around his own flat—but he just worried she might feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable.
He also worried she might not like his mother, or, even worse, that his mother would not like her. His mother often talked of Amelia during their letters, but she had stopped as of late. He hoped she wouldn’t compare them, at least not openly. Clara was just as smart as Amelia, though. She was just as passionate, just as vibrant. She was younger, yes, and beautiful (though Amelia was also beautiful). He worried his mother would liken her to his father’s young girlfriend. John hated to be compared to his father, even now that he was basically a carbon-copy of him. He walked Clara up to the door, hand-in-hand.
“Don’t be nervous.” He told her, partially for her but mostly for himself. “I’m certain they’ll love you.” He was not certain, but he should have been. His mother was not a judgmental woman. Clara could pass any test the older witch set for her. “I’m honestly more worried you won’t like them. I’ve told you my stepfather is a muggle, yes?” He had, but he wanted to remind her. “He’s a little funny. Nice guy, but just a bit weird, I suppose. I never understand his jokes.” Muggles were still foreign to John, and muggle pop culture went right over his head. Mostly. There were some things he could quote and joke about, mostly classic film. He was always one for a good black-and-white.
He had barely knocked on the door when his mother came out, red hair wild and frizzy. “John!” She smiled, pulling her son into a hug. John hugged her back. She seemed very healthy for someone who had just gotten over dragon pox, but he didn’t say so. “And you must be Clara!” She said, moving on to the other witch and reaching out for an equally big hug.

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