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Nell Jenkins [ Slytherin ]
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just hear those sleigh bells jingling [closed]
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saturday 14th december, 2002

Nell stepped out into the courtyard and drew her jacket closer around her, hands stuffed into her pockets despite the gloves she was wearing (and hat, and Slytherin-issue scarf). There had been a fresh dump of snow overnight – proper snow, the kind that actually stuck around, not the slushy mess she remembered from back home.

The quad was surprisingly busy; people milling around, chatting and laughing, a group was working on a series of snowmen that looked suspiciously like some of the Hogwarts professors (her eyes drifted to @Fflur Blevins and @Filius Flitwick, who appeared to be enjoying hot drinks of some sort), and a couple of people were sat on the low walls, books out – she supposed she could understand wanting to be out here rather than inside, even if inside was warm. There was something about the snow that made Christmas and the holidays seem that little bit closer, and it had a strange effect on the inhabitants of the castle, too – people weren’t quite so tightly-wound, so doom and gloom.

Nell wasn’t going home for the holidays this year, but she knew Owain and several of her other friends – acquaintances? – were. This was the last weekend they all had together before most of the student population boarded the Hogwarts Express for the break, and nothing especially interesting had happened so far this term. Well, aside from some missing ghosts and portraits (she could have done with that Glanmore Peakes shortcut this week, actually).

The Slytherin prefect glanced sideways at Owain, who was walking beside her and babbling on about Barbara (again), then down at her feet, a few inches deep in snow. A slow smirk crept across her lips. Nell bent to scoop up a handful of snow, packing it together into a fist-sized ball. She tossed it straight up a few times, as if to test the weight and strength (she didn’t want it falling apart mid-air before it hit its target). Owain was too close, unless she just dumped it on his head, so she scanned the yard again, took a few steps – winding up her arm like a cricketer – then fired at random with a grin plastered across her face.

Aase Trickett-Cassoway [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: just hear those sleigh bells jingling [closed]
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Fresh snow had fallen overnight, and while Aase tended to prefer the warmer weather she did love a good snowfall. Christmastime held fond memories; all the Tricketts packed into her grandparents’ cottage in Tinworth, with the smell of freshly-baked cookies and gingerbread permanently perfuming the air, and steaming mugs of cocoa and mulled wine constantly refilling in a pot on the fire. She loved Hogwarts, of course, but couldn’t deny that she was looking forward to going home for the holidays in a week.

Aase had chosen to detour through the courtyard on her way back to her dormitory to change (she’d been having tea in the greenhouses with Professor Ajay and a few others), and was just admiring the untouched snow on the fountain when – quite without warning – something very cold and none too soft collided with the back of her head with a THWACK!

Bits of fragmented snowball somehow found a gap between her skin her scarf and slipped down the back of her neck and began to melt almost instantly, eliciting a squeak of discomfort from the dark-haired Trickett. Who had thrown that?!

She whirled around in search of the culprit – and her momentary flash of annoyance vanished as she caught sight of Nell, grinning wickedly from a good sixty feet away. A quick sweep of the surrounding crowd yielded no other guilty-appearing parties. Aase’s own expression split into a grin, and she set to work packing a snowball as quickly as she could. Aase was fairly certain she herself couldn’t throw sixty feet – she’d need to get closer, but at the same time couldn’t give Nell a chance to escape. She’d have to take her shot at revenge quickly.

Once she’d gathered a few handfuls of snow Aase charged her friend, continuing to pack it as she ran. It was the best kind of snow, she could already tell: just damp enough to hold itself together and not stick to one’s mittens. Nell already had already loosed another, but this time Aase was ready – well, almost. She dodged, the snowball just grazing her upper arm, and as it whizzed by Aase was glad that Nell hadn’t been closer when she’d thrown the first snowball. Girl knew how to pack a punch.

The Hufflepuff managed to close the distance between them decently enough; before she had a chance to second-guess herself, Aase wound up and let loose, rushing her throw in the hopes of catching Nell somewhat off-guard.

Alas, she could only watch in slow-motion as her misshapen snowball spiraled a good ten feet to Nell’s left – and struck none other than Roderick Macnair, squarely in the face.

There was certainly a reason that Aase was a Seeker and not a Chaser… and the proof was in the pudding.

Aase’s dark brown eyes went round and she instantly clapped her mittened hands to her mouth, horrified. But the truly spectacular scale of her atrocious aim quickly set in, and she began to giggle uncontrollably. “S—S-s-sorry, oh Merlin,” she managed to gasp, doubled-over from the growing stitch in her side, though the apology came out so quietly thanks to her laughter that it would have been a miracle if he'd heard her.
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Roderick Macnair [ Slytherin ]
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Re: just hear those sleigh bells jingling [closed]
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December was really not his month. Between the cat thing and the getting punched in public thing, Roderick was fed up with the whole notion of December and couldn't wait to get out of school for the holidays. One more weekend and a couple days more, that was all that stood between him and freedom.

Well, not freedom. More like a different kind of unpleasantness, but one in Glasgow and his siblings and a distinct lack of Horowitzes and Williamses. And Jenkinses. Roderick really just wanted a break from those folks. After New Years, everything should go back to normal. But for now, Roderick looked forward - forward! to that shitty flat in Glasgow and the respite it promised from this teenage hell.

He was walking around the courtyard when he saw the first snowball fly, and sighed. Maybe Archie was out there having fun. The lower years were mostly done with their work for the semester but Roderick had gotten behind on his NEWTs revision (again) and was heading to the damn library (again). For a moment he let himself think back to simpler times and how fun snowball fights used to be -

- and then suddenly his face was wet, his robes were wet, and his eyes were full of snow.

Roderick wiped the slush out of his eyes. Who the hell was throwing snowballs at him? Narrowing his eyes, he followed the sound of laughter to a Hufflepuff fourth year, bent over in a giggling fit. If she gasped out an apology, Roderick didn't hear it, and he was sick as all hell of being disrespected. This, even more so than the posters, was the final straw. Out came his wand. Roderick vaulted over the little barrier between the walkway and the courtyard. Behind him, six snowballs formed as Roderick waved his wand. Rising from the snow, they spun around him as he quickly glanced around.

Trickett-Cassoway was still bent over cackling near the centre of courtyard. A number of other people were milling around the courtyard and covered walkways, but Roderick zeroed in on two foes - Jasmine Williams and Gene Horowitz, out here once again to agitate him no doubt - and smiled.

"Iacere snowballs!"

What a goofy sounding spell, but out they flew, to his targets and then just.... around? Roderick saw one make impact with one of the Russells, but lost track of the other two. It didn't matter. Roderick whipped up six more snowballs and waited. Maybe a snowball fight was just what he needed to left off steam.

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snowball one: @Aase Trickett-Cassoway
snowball two: @Clementine Russell
snowball three: @Gene Horowitz
snowball four: @Jasmine Williams
snowball five: @Owain Hughes
snowball six: @Henry Murphy
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Owain Hughes [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: just hear those sleigh bells jingling [closed]
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Nell was staying at Hogwarts over Christmas. It had almost been enough to make Owain reconsider his own decision to go home for the holidays, but he wasn’t going to let Nell’s bout of insanity completely ruin his Christmas. Why did she want to remain at school over Christmas?!?! And so to make up for the fact he would not see her for over two weeks (he couldn’t remember the last time he had been more than two days without talking to her), Owain had been sticking to his best friend like a permanent sticking charm whenever he could. Meals. Check. Classes. Check. Studying. Well… there was only so much time Owain could spend in the library…

Today they had wandered out into the cold with no particular destination in mind. Owain wasn’t paying much attention to his surroundings except to wind his scarf tighter around his neck, not letting any cold air get to his throat. Barbie certainly wouldn’t kiss him if he got a cold! “And so I tried Dervish and Banges, but like that’s so boring for a Christmas present and what does a new quill set really say as a gift?” Owain had been prattling on and on about his lack of decision when it came to Barbie’s Christmas present since he had met Nell back inside the castle over half an hour before. It wasn’t his fault he was not the best at picking out presents. And no one in his family had let him live down when the Ministry intervened over Nell’s last birthday present.

How was he to know that muggles didn’t use owls?!?!

“So then I thought maybe I should get her chocolate frogs and ice mice? Since that’s what we dressed up as for Halloween, you know, our first date. Well, proper date apparently. How was I supposed to know that last year wasn’t a date?” He paused, expecting an answer but got nothing. Owain glanced to his side and found nothing but air. “Nell!” He called, whirling in a circle to find his best friend bending down on the ground a few paces back.

“Nell,” he repeated, a touch of indignation entering his voice. Not too much though, Owain could never really get annoyed with her. “Are you listening to me?” Clearly she wasn’t though, too busy firing a snowball across the courtyard. Wait, had he just thought too busy in connection to a snowball fight? Thoughts of the trials of gift giving quickly left his head as he plotted his snow filled revenge. He kept an innocent smile on his face as he sauntered the few steps to stand right next to Nell.


The cold ice hit the side of his face and Owain let out a startled laugh. The shock was unpleasant but the circumstances were awesome.


But first, pay back. Reaching down to gather an armful of snow, Owain quickly stood up and used his height to an advantage. He easily reached over Nell’s head and opened his arms, letting a stream of soft powdered snow rain over her. “Gotcha!” He exclaimed excitedly, with a wicked grin, before dashing away before she could retaliate. “You can’t catch me!”

Gene Horowitz [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: just hear those sleigh bells jingling [closed]
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They weren’t really doing anything, just sort of aimlessly ambling around. Gene had been trying for a few months now to (a.) get himself and Henry alone and un-eavesdroppable-on, and (b.) get up the nerve to tell him he was probably… (c.) decide what went after “probably” in that sentence that was both honest enough to communicate that he wasn’t lying, and self-disparaging enough to communicate that it wasn’t a big deal, which he (d.) was lying about. Today had been a bust, just like Tuesday had been a bust, just like Hogsmeade had been a bust, and so he was trudging through the snow nursing his ego and trying to keep conversation up.

“Reckon that snowman looks like Belby,” he said, pointing it out. It was a snowman, and had no discernable shape, but he still got a distinct Professor Belby vibe from the scarf and hat it wore. And, now he was looking, the one next to it could be nobody but Professor Flitwick, it was about three feet high with a dead-leaf mustache.

He’d had his head turned, so the snowball got him in the ear— his first impulse was to whine, “Who—” (that was easy to guess, once he turned around to notice Roderick Macnair, and Gene couldn’t think of anybody else who’d want to hit both him and Henry with a snowball) and then “Ugghhh, did we even do anything?” Like, right this second, not in general. In general, he supposed Macnair was still hearing about that cat thing, which Gene had described to roughly everyone he knew. But, right this second, what had they done??

Much as he wanted to immediately retaliate, though, he first wanted to rub the side of his head and make sure his ear was still attached. “Pity’s sake,” he said, mostly for his own benefit, then he stooped over (and then knelt, because his back hurt after two seconds) and scraped some snow into a roughly spherical lump, then took a step to hurl it at Macnair. It went a nice fifteen feet before it hit the ground in front of him, which was hilarious enough that Gene forgot about Macnair or his cold ear or retaliation and just snorted, and then sputter-coughed (it was cold!) which, finally, cracked him up completely; he made it ten seconds before he had to just sit down, landing with a soft whumph on his ass in the snow.

“Oh God,” he managed, after a moment. “Ow.” Now that he was sitting down he really wanted to just lie down, get snow in his hair. He was going to catch a cold, probably. (But that’s what Pomfrey was for, right?) He avoided the temptation, at least for a moment, by grabbing up two  handfuls of snow and letting it get his gloves soggy. He gave Macnair a wary look, then spotted a bit away as Owain Hughes dumped an armful of snow over Nell’s head. Great, this was going to be a thing, right? He gave Henry a suffering look upwards, but thought better of complaining (for once). “Oh wow,” he said instead. “Cold.”
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Henry Murphy [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: just hear those sleigh bells jingling [closed]
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Henry had always loved snow. Lots of people did, which he understood, but they lost him when they said it felt peaceful.  It wasn’t like that for him. He hadn’t ever really understood why, but something about the sight of a fresh and unturned blanket of snow stirred up some wild urge in him to go and dive straight into it. Henry imagined this was what writers felt like looking at a blank page, or sculptors looking at a hunk of rock. New snow made him feel, inexplicably but passionately, like an artist in the medium of chaos.

Of course, the snow on the Hogwarts grounds was not fresh and unturned by the time he woke up. The early risers had milled about, made snow angels and snowmen for the rest of them to wander around and look at. Not much chaos left to be had—however, Henry had found one deep-looking patch of untracked snow. He made Gene impervius his cloak and watch as he gleefully fell straight backwards into it. That helped settle his chaotic energy, at least, enough to keep going for a regular walk.

“Look, there’s Blevins,” said Henry, sniggering at a snowman further down the line. A large amount of dry twigs had been stuck on as wild hair, and a school broomstick had been propped in the hand. “These are works of art, I reckon.” He turned to Gene with a grin just in time to see a snowball hit him in the head. He didn’t have much time to react. An impact to the back caused him to stumble forward, crushing snow Belby’s head with his elbow.

“Oh, come on!” moaned Henry, having reached out of his snow-repellent cloak to steady himself and now soaked all up the arm. “Not the snowmen!” Gene had locked onto Roderick Macnair as the perpetrator (typical!) and tried to get him back, but the attempt didn’t go very well. Henry, on the other hand, felt the chaotic snow energy resurfacing in his chest.

First he raised a low wall of snow in front of him and Gene with a wave of his wand, then he solidified it with duro before it fell. Crouching down into safety, he packed up his own snowball. Before throwing it, though, he tapped his wand to the top, then pointed it over the wall at Macnair. “Scopus,” he whispered. Henry was little better at throwing than Gene, but that spell would make any projectile find its intended target.

Henry got up on his knees, poking his head above the top of his wall. “HEY ARSEHOLE!” he shouted as he flung his snowball. He wasn’t sure Macnair would respond to that, but whether he turned or didn’t he’d still get lot of snow somewhere.

Gene, meanwhile, seemed to have given up completely. Henry crouched down with him again and began forming a stockpile of snowballs. “I can do your cloak too, if you want,” said Henry. “Should have gone with me earlier, hm?”

@Roderick Macnair snowball for ya
@Gene Horowitz conversation for ya
@Fflur Blevins snowman of ya

Jasmine Williams [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: just hear those sleigh bells jingling [closed]
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It was a nice sort of day for a walk. It was cold, no doubt, but it was a mild sort of cold that came with getting fresh snow. Her dad would say something about how the chill was bracing and invigorating, which, while true, also made her want to burrow her way back into her pile of blankets. Yet somehow, she let one of her dormmates, Shirley, badger her into leaving her warm bed and into the wintery outdoors for some "... fresh air you desperately need, Jazz. You're starting to smell sort of stale, and you wouldn't want H–" Jazz successfully lobbed a pillow at her at that point, which put an end to the other girl's soliloquy.

She had been cooped up for a while though. Between studying for exams and getting distracted from studying for exams by other more interesting projects, she hadn't really left the dorms much. She didn't really need to worry about her Quidditch Captain duties either, because Alvar Trickett seemed happy to pick up her slack. Or at least he felt obligated to, which was good enough for her. She supposed she did have some pent up chaotic energy to release, although she didn't need it as much as her bed.

Amidst her grumbling, Shirley conceded to add a warming spell to all her jumpers, as well as snow-proof her cloak and boots. If they were going to do this, Jazz wanted to be dry as a bone by the time they got back to the common room. She even dug through her trunk and found her mittens that she hadn't seen for a while. She was pulling out all the stops to make this a good time for both of them. And it was, until she felt something hit the back of her head with a loud thwack.

The force of it threw her balance off kilter, and she could feel a cold wetness sliding down the back of her neck, without any of the pain she expected. A snowball. She'd just been hit, by a snowball. Reaching to the back of her head and swiping the remnants of the snow as proof, she reacted quickly and pushed Shirley to the corridor, but not before mouthing a discreet 'get backup' at her.

Whipping around quickly, she backed up slowly against the wall. She wasn't in an ideal position, but at least she knew no one could probably sneak an attack on her from the back anymore. She'd only just washed her hair two days ago. Were these people monsters? Had they no semblance of structure in their lives? This was big talk coming from Jazz, but she never joked around when it came to her hair, which took forever to dry during winter. Did no one care about the hours she put in for her curls to look this good?

Crouching towards the bushes so that she was partly covered, she saw a figure who was similarly shielded by the wall barrier of the corridors. It had to be him. Who else would harbour a grudge like this, to the extent of implicating someone as innocent as her?!

"Macnair!" Jazz hollered across the courtyard, "You. Are. So! Dead!"

Thankfully she was wearing her mittens, so even without the aid of her wand, she managed to make snowball in record time about three times the size of a normal snowball. When that was done, she hurled it at Macnair's general direction (with the aid of her wand this time), not checking to see if the target landed or if it created more collateral damage on its way. If that's the way he wanted to play this!

But she can't do this alone. If she wanted revenge, and ultimately victory, she needed allies. Looking around the quad frantically, her dark brown eyes finally zeroed in on a potential candidate. Aha.


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