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Vincent Aguilar [ American Ministry ]
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[TTD] The Eggnog Mistake {shimmer}
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Shimmer Vega [ American Ministry ]
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Re: [TTD] The Eggnog Mistake {shimmer}
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Another party? Well sure it was an office party this time, but Shimmer still didn't care for it. Parties were not her scene it meant she had to work when she wanted to have fun. Then again manipulating those around her for her gain was fun within itself and who knows maybe she could use this party as a way to get information from someone. Maybe a higher-up she could blackmail and get further along with her career? The sky was the limits and with the number of attendees it was almost guaranteed, she would be able to influence someone of stature.

Upon entering the location of the festivities she first took a glance at what everyone was wearing. The invitation said holiday best for attire and Shimmer wasn't sure how to interpret that. Was she supposed to come dressed in an ugly candy cane striped sweater or dressed like a sexy elf? The young witch had no clue so she stuck to her guns and worse something that made use of her figure. To try and stick with a least a holiday color she wore a beautiful dress that accented her curves. It seemed she was among like-minded people as she could spot a plethora of girls also dressed similar to her in varying colors and skirt lengths. "Might be harder to stand out in this crowd," Shimmer muttered to herself as she began to walk the room.

She was greeted by a few coworkers who complimented her dress to which she gave a reassuring nod to them and continued her way around the room. That's when she saw her target. The food table was the perfect place to stalk for prey. People were the most vulnerable around food and especially wine and other alcoholic beverages. She could take advantage of someone getting inebriated or they might slip on their tongue and divulge a secret. This was going to be perfect all she had to do was wait nearby with a small plate in hand pretending to be picking at small portions of the food. She was going to be like a snake ready to strike its unsuspecting victim. Her eyes glared towards the food table as she sauntered her way to the table focused on the outcome she would hopefully achieve.

Her main focus was on grabbing a wine glass or two as a peace offering for any of her department heads so she headed for those drinks first. There was just one obstacle the fool Vincent. After the events of the Halloween party, she had grown tired of his presence it was like having a yappy puppy who didn't know how to be quiet around. He was annoying, to say the least, and she wished he would shut up at times. He wasn't the worst looking male either, but that personality of his needed work. Shimmer decided she would just straight up ignore him so as she made her way towards his position she reached around him to get to the drinks behind him.

That's when things turned sour. He grabbed her face and kissed her square on the lips! It didn't register at first what had happened and Shimmer felt a sort of bliss at this moment. She hadn't been kissed before due to her focus on her studies in school. There was something warm and soft about this kiss. It was nice, but once her senses returned to her Shimmer began to squirm and pushed herself away from him. Anger began to swell in her face as her eyes glared at the older man. "How dare you" she berated the man. A tinge of blush began sneaking its way on her face as her sense of taste began to register what happened. It tasted like booze. Was he drunk? Still, that didn't excuse his behavior he needed to pay for his actions so she took it upon herself and raised her hand and went to slap him across the face.

Vincent Aguilar [ American Ministry ]
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Re: [TTD] The Eggnog Mistake {shimmer}
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The kiss was going well... but it was not as he expected. She was not nearly as an agressive of kisser as he assumed she would be. A bit of a frozen moment, melted a second before there was coarse and unexpected shift in the tied.  Within an instant she began to frantically move. Confused he opened his eyes and released her face, only to have her push her palms against his chest. He let his body rock back a bit giving her the space she seemed to need.

The kiss was broken and he found her dark eyes glaring at him. His features mirrored her own, yet more confusion than anger. Shimmer did not display a face of a girl happy about the intimate interlude they just shared. It was a face of a girl who was kissed unwillingly. Oh. Wait shoot. was all the man had a chance to think before her shearing, ripping words meant to halt any honestmans action were uttered.

He was just in the act of bringing his hands up as if he surrendered, when he caught sight of the slap. He leaned back again as it barely missed his nose. He felt the bottles of wine rock behind him and thankfully, only an unopened one fell over. "Whoh whoh." He stamberd as if she was one of his grandmother horses who just had their ass bit by a nasty horse fly. Well, in fact she hadn't meant to kiss him, that means he is the annoying buzzing creacher that just took a nip at her.

Standing up and taking a sliding step to the side. Hoping that if he gave the witch even more space it would calm her . If not he would have some room to move if she decided to attempt another swing. "I am sorry, I swear it was a mistake. You just leaned in and I thought... " He looked beyond her red shoulder, and noticed a few people were looking their direction. Dropping his voice he continued. "It was a mistake. Look, I am sorry."

He was not sure if there was the magical version of sexual harassment charges, but at the moment he was probably a shoo-in for them. What was worst was there was a room full of witnesses. He was sure all of them would side with Shimmer. She had charisma and that dress. It was a simple mistake, an accident, Wait. What did they say about not saying the word accident when reporting a vehicle claim? It meant it was neither of the party's fault. Yes, let's go with that.   

"I swear it was an accident. I swear. I would offer to make it up to you," No, no, that admits guilt. WHy am I acting like I am already on trial? I just need to get out of here. "...but I am sure you would just want me to leave now. So, I'll just leave. Sorry."

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Re: [TTD] The Eggnog Mistake {shimmer}
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Her slap didn't connect as he leaned out of her reach. So he was sane enough to dodge a slap, but not to force a kiss on someone? Was he just pretending to be drunk? All rational had left Shimmer's mind she would make him pay for his actions one way or another. Would it be too much to curse his face full of blisters and puss? No, she didn't think so beside who could blame her she was the victim here not him. He deserved whatever consequence she was about to give him.

Shimmer about reached for her wand when she realized her location. There were people around staring at her. She already had witnesses who saw the event unfold. She didn't need to punish him any further he would already be scrutinized by his fellow peers. He was cornered now and she could make his life a living hell now with the backup she would have from the other witches and wizards. A sneer appeared on her face as he began to apologize for his actions especially when he offered to make up for it.

"Oh," she said sinisterly her sneer becoming more devilish. She took her hand and brushed it through her hair giving it a little flip. It was time to turn on the charm and make this situation one she could manipulate further into her favor. She walked up to him nonthreateningly. "Well then we can make this work," she gave him a chuckle and stared at him with her gaze straight into his. She always wanted someone to control. Sure he was a tad older than her, but whoever said age mattered when you owed someone a favor. Blackmail was the game now. This situation was her ammo and she would load her metaphorical gun with it.

"If you want to make this situation up to me you will have to do exactly as I say," She gave him a soft smile. She wouldn't force him to do anything illegal or to kill someone. Shimmer had her reputation to worry about and this small incident would prove to be advantageous for her. "You will become my informant and ears. Anything that is said or done around your office and outside of work comes back to me. I shall let you keep your personal affairs a secret for the most part, but anything I can use will be used and held against you if needed." She placed her hand below her chin and added, "I have many ways of getting information out of people." She gave a small wink before asking, "How about it? It's an offer you can't possibly refuse."

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Re: [TTD] The Eggnog Mistake {shimmer}
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It was only because the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures fieldagent had developed quick reflexes due to him spending so much time with dangerous beasts that he manage to dodge the slap. Yet now that he had, the fuming brunette seem to be ten times more agitated. It was then she reached for her wand.

Vincent was not a fighter. He didn't bother reaching for his wand when he saw her hand jerk. Instead, the No-maj took another step back, as he braced himself. The Jicarilla would rather jump out of the way then get into a wizard's duel, with a girl, especially at work. Yet after his sincere apologies, Shimmer changed. The fierce Leopard went from attacking back to stalking. It was in her eyes. Suddenly, the tone of the teenage witch changed too.

As a shiver ran up the neck of the slightly intoxicated wizard. He wanted to turn and walk away but he stayed close enough to hear what she said. "What do you mean, exactly what you say?" he asked a bit confused.  Was this simon says? Am I going to have to jump up and down on one foot and pat my head and rub my belly? Luckily Vincent did not voice his opinions. Instead he listen to as the witch's request took a turn, darker than Vincent thought possible. How old was she? She was not behaving like a teenager at all. Could she be using some sort of anti-aging potion or could she be someone else using a polyjuice potion? Vincent had the distinct feeling this was not a woman he was dealing with, but a viper in a dress. 

Trying to figure out that the witch in front of him was in fact Shimmer he decided to switch to Spanish. For he had heard her talk it very fluently to someone once in the office before. "You want me to what... spy for you?" He dropped his voice even lower and glance around before continuing still in Spanish. "Collect intel on OUR colleagues and then report back to you? So, you can blackmail them."

She understood hiim, so that means she was likely her. Some how it made things more disturbing to him. The long dark haired wizard stood up straight, his face turned like stone while he said in English, "Well, if it is an offer I can't possibly refuse. Then I can't refuse, can I."

Vincent turned to walk away. He did not like the sound of any of this at all. The man hoped if he cleared his head then he could think of a wayout. Yet he was not sure who he could turn to. Who would believe him over her. For now he need to get out of here, away from her. Lost in thought as he cut through the growing crowd while heading straight to the exit. He had enough of this party and coworkers. Enough of backstabbing the witch. He wanted to be in New Mexico in his quiet house and forget that this evening ever happened.

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Re: [TTD] The Eggnog Mistake {shimmer}
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Had she not made her intentions clear enough or was he that dense? Honestly, we're all men this idiotic? Would shimmer have to spell this out to him? She was just about to do so when he questioned her in Spanish. So he was sober enough to speak another language so others couldn't eavesdrop as easily. Well, that suited Shimmer anyways as it meant she had her foot in the door already. All she had to do was push it open and she had her way in. This manipulation tactic was guaranteed to work now. There was no way out for him anymore. Success was imminent.

"Spying is such terrible word," she said, in Spanish, with a slightly flirtatious manner. "What I want from you is to just keep your ears open," She gave a short pause to phrase her words some more, "Gossip if you will." She would, of course, want more than that, but for now, this would do. "As for the blackmail," she also lowered her voice in turn, "well that will just depend on if the blackmail is useful or not." Shimmer gave a coy smile in response.

He seemed to understand the situation he was in which was quite delightful. Things were going to be interesting from now on around the office. Maybe she could get some fun out of this occupation after all. She would only hope he would have some decent intel for her if not she would just have to find another unsuspecting victim. As Vincent walked away a menacing grin appeared on Shimmer's face as she waved good-bye to his back. Once he was a good distance away she turned around to the others who were still watching with suspicious eyes. She smiled at the crowd and in English said, "Anyone else wanna dance?" Chuckling slightly she glided around the room in search of another victim.



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