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Frida Trickett [ British Ministry ]
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Could be brave or just insane [Fleur]
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Having a catch up was always good fun, in Frida's mind. The sociable witch loved meeting anyone and everyone, and the Trickett was especially eager to see her friend Fleur for they both had exciting events looming in their near future. Frida, of course, with her betrothal to Leo and Fleur being more than ready to give birth to her second child. The Ministry worker was forever grateful to her cousin, Brita, for introducing her to the French witch, particularly as Frida now had someone to confide in and ask for advice, from someone who was not a family member, on her upcoming wedding and of course, the daily married life (and perhaps children of her own?) that came after it. She loved her family more than life itself, but sometimes they were too enthusiastic with their advice and (having inherited the trait herself) had a tendency to view things through rose tinted glasses. Fleur was a much appreciated burst of fresh air and an unbiased, slightly more realistic human being to talk to.

After shopping for her wedding dress with her cousin a few weeks prior, caused Frida to realise that a check-in with Fleur was well overdue and the Ministry worker immediately sent her owl, Poof, with a letter to invite her out for a hot drink and much needed conversation. Fri suggested Diagon Alley mainly for convenience, since her schedule was so much more cluttered than it used to be and Fri realised that she could only really meet after her work shift was over. But that didn't mean she couldn't find the time to fit in some adventure too. Deja Brew was a fairly new coffee shop that Frida had come across thanks to one of her and Leo's mutual friends and it was quickly becoming a favourite when Fri wanted a break from her work day. She was positive that Fleur was going to like it.

And so, Frida made her goodbyes to her co-workers before ducking into one of the many fireplaces at the Ministry and re-emerging in the heart in Diagon Alley, her breath visible in front her as she narrowly avoided whacking her head on the frame. Pulling her robes tightly towards her and hugging herself as she walked the familiar cobblestone street, Frida couldn't help but smile. Life was pretty great and she was grateful she got to live such a wonderful one. Shaking herself off as she stepped inside her new favourite place, Frida cheerfully greeted all the employees she could spot, before taking a seat at the table near the window to wait for Fleur.

Luckily for Fri, she did not have to wait long as the very next customer she saw happened to the witch she'd been intent on seeing. Standing up to gently hug the younger witch, Frida beamed, "Fleur! Its so good to see you!" The Trickett retook her seat, waiting for Fleur to sit as well before continuing. "How are you?" She asked, with a concerned head tilt that melted into a wide grin as she quickly added, "I've been eager to grab your attention for a bit... We have so much to talk about!"

@Fleur Weasley

Fleur Weasley [ Order of The Phoenix ]
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Re: Could be brave or just insane [Fleur]
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If Fleur had thought, when she first starting associating with Bill, that the Weasleys were a bigger than average family, then one of her good friends had been quick to prove her wrong. Brita, one of Fleur’s saving graces in the grey bleakness that was Britain, had endless relatives that always seemed to be popping up all over the place. Frida was one of those relatives. And instead of just meeting briefly, the two witches had gotten along. And so a friendship began to form.

Sure, Fleur could be rather snobbish and vain and condescending, and she was trying to be better but it would still sometimes just pop out. But Frida was such a happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic person that the friendship stuck. Although sometimes Fleur just wanted to complain without someone trying to see the positives. Optimism was all well and good but how could anything improve without some well thought and articulated criticism?

But, she had been very happy to hear from Frida when her owl came. They were both two busy witches, even if Frida’s business was decidedly more grown-up than Fleur’s. Imagine, talking to people all day that had a lot more to say than imitating the ‘clang, clang, clang’ from the Hopping Pot. Fleur imagined that Frida also didn’t get woken up most mornings to being crawled over and drooled on. She wouldn’t change Victoire for anything, but sometimes it was nice to talk to someone her own age!

And go somewhere without worrying about proximity to toilets and things to do and nap times!

Fleur had read about Deja Brew in the newspaper when it opened, but had not yet had the chance to visit. She tried to avoid bringing Victoire to Diagon Alley unless she absolutely could not help it. And, on those visits, there really wasn’t time to sit down in a cafe. But there was time today. Victoire was with Bill, although she had received numerous babysitting offers from others the second she had mentioned coffee plans. Fleur was wearing clean clothing and had made sure her face and hair were their usual immaculate selves before leaving. Merlin, it felt good to feel veela.

Entering Deja Brew, Fleur had to admit that the owner had done well. The cafe was airy and bright, a contrast to the darkening skies outside, and the hodge-podge collection of furniture managed to look more eclectic than ‘oh look this person raided a landfill’. She had a few suggestions if anyone asked, or for when she spoke to a staff member, but on the whole it was pleasant.

Fleur heard Frida’s enthusiastic voice before she had properly looked around for her. Smiling and returning the hug, although it was awkward with her expanded midriff, Fleur gratefully eased herself down on the seat. It was comfortable, but a few more cushions wouldn’t hurt. “Bonjour Frida,” she greeted in return. “It is good to see you too!”

“I am bonne, although I look forward to the baby being born. I feel so big right now!” Fleur appreciated the wonder of pregnancy. She did. But did it have to come with such a toll on her body? And Frida looked so thin and graceful in comparison right now.

“Bill has Victoire,” Fleur continued merrily, “so we can talk a lot! You went dress shopping, yes?” Wedding dresses were up there on the topics of conversation Fleur enjoyed. Her only grievance was that she had not gone along dress shopping with them and so had not been able to give her opinion first hand. The Tricketts could have benefited from it. Everyone could benefit from it.


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