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Author Topic:  [TTD] Two butterflies in a windstorm [Kalevi]  (Read 103 times)

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[TTD] Two butterflies in a windstorm [Kalevi]
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Milos and his best friend in the whole world, Kalevi, tromped through the area around their new school location. They weren't looking for anything in particular, just exploring the new landscape that had been afforded to them by the Swedish Ministry. Milos was in the lead serving as the guide, with his younger Krov compatriot trailing somewhere behind him. The area around the school was mountainous and laden with a blanket of snow. The two were bundled up to beat the biting cold of the coastal north. crunching snow underfoot with the black military-like boots that the school provided them.

Milos bundled his scarf around his face, breathing into it softly as he looked back towards Kalevi. "Come on Aare," he encouraged, "I think there's a cave just up there that we can get warm in."

Fifteen minutes later, they were at the mouth of a cave. They peered into the pitch blackness for a moment before Milos cast a light spell that spilled light into the cave and made shadows that curled up against the rough walls of the cave. Milos adventured inside, his wand aloft as he strode further in to escape the frosty temperature of the outside. His boots made a satisfying, reverberating clomping sound as he walked.


He definitely heard the reverberation of something breaking underfoot and looked down almost immediately. "What the hell..." he thought, "Oh, I hope that's not..." He immediately stooped closer to look at the thing he'd just stepped on. It became quickly apparent to him, that he'd stepped on a clutch of doxy eggs.  He saw the black shell pieces glinting faintly in the light of the wand, along with an intact cluster just slightly to the left.

"We got some doxy eggs here Kal." he said, trying to sound nonchalant, realizing this was a huge nest of them. "I don't think the adult ones are here yet, they may have gone out foraging." he took a handful of doxy eggs from the clutch right next to him and slipped them in a pocket on his jacket. He tried to do this gingerly as to not break the eggs as they were in his pocket, although realizing there was a Cushioning Charm on the pockets of his jacket anyway.
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