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[classrooms]The Warded Desk[Alexandre]
« on: August 02, 2019, 05:43:14 PM »
Beautification...what can be more beautiful than flowers? Well apparently they lumped in the classrooms into what needs to be beautified. The bucket of weird polished and sprays lay untouched on the table were it was ‘dropped off’ for her.  She refused to touch the smelly things. They were sure to change her good robe sweater and skirt to the absolutely wrong color and the smell …. The maker of the lavender and so called lemon bottles should be ashamed to place that description on them. They smelled nothing like the real scent (as the gardening loving Bellefeuille should know.) She  also feared if she would use them that she would never get those sent out of her clothes. Just the thought of smelling like that for the rest of the school year was  sooo...gross.

So rolling up her sleeves, armed with only her wand and notebook turned to the page she comprised of her collected cleaning charms she tempted to tackle the classroom. Besides afterwards she would likely be a master of at least one or two of them. Although she highly doubted that they would be in a test, but she likes to keep whatever she owned looking nice and it wasn't like she had house elves at home to do that for her.

Nearly thirty mins in she had taken care of the easy stuff including; wand clean the chalkboard animated a broom to take care of the floor and vanished the waist bin. Which was grossly filled with used tissues and something yellowish-green… she wished she did not see.  The problem was the desks were a lot harder. She was only five desks in and with 35 more to go she was not going to get done before dinner hour. Unless she wanted to sneak back in her after dinner. She had essays to write and reading to do, but if she did not finish the classroom tonight, she would not get praised for all the hard work she attempted to do.

“Eeeww” she exclaimed as before she vanished one last thing, which was either gum, or the remnants of a bat-bogey hex on the underside of the desk. The thought made her gag. She brought up her rolled up sleeve of her robe to her mouth to cover her mouth involuntary action.

“This is disgusting!” She cried out her frustration into the empty room before she moved on to the next desk. Lucky, the outside of this desk wasn't bad. She waves her wand to whisk away whatever dust and ink smudge was on the surface. Then she opened the lid and found a disaster. Graffiti and carved initials were on the lid, while crumpled paper and broken quills lay scattered inside. She decided to use her wand to remove the graffitti first. So she leaned in and aimed her wand at the rude looking inked drawing and said “Tergeo.”

Suddenly the lid of the desks napped closed. “OUCH!” She said pulling her hand free. She rubbing she wrist that had been momentary crushed between the lid and the rim. She flexed her thin pail arm. Nothing appears broken, but knew by the sore skin she was likely going to get a bruise. She gave a frustrated sigh of having something so ugly on her skin. Maybe the infirmary had something to lessen bruises. She thought before realizing she was no longer holding her wand. It occurred to her  that it was still in the desk, so she immediately went to open the lid again. It wouldn't budge.

“NO, Open… No no no! You have to OPEN!” she was using all her strength, the desk lifted up instead of the lid. Like it was glued shut! She realized she had no way of opening it, with her wand locked inside. She doubted that any of the gross bottle of cleaning supplies had anything in them that would help her. Tears started to form in the corners of her eyes with her frustration. She pounded the top of the desk with her fist a few times, “GIVE me my wand back you STUPID desk!”

Pound pound pound WHat was she going to do? She did not have a wand...so she was going to have to get help and admit something this dumb happened to her. It was horrible. Suddenly she realized she was not alone, in the room. Horrified that some one witness such a ungodly display of her actions she looked up stunned, but then soon the feeling was melted away by relief.

"Oh my gosh Alexandre! Thank the fairies you are here!" While trying to wipe away any tear trying to escape from her eyes. Then she tried to explain,  "I so need your help! Someone warded this desk and it... ate my wand."

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Re: [classrooms]The Warded Desk[Alexandre]
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He had stood silently at the door of the classroom observing for a few minutes before Aurelia had actually noticed him. The problem was that while Alexandre oh so desperately wanted to dash in and be the knight in shining armour that the beautiful Bellefeuille deserved, he wasn’t quite sure that he would be able to open the desk, or whether Aurelia would want his help. They didn’t really interact outwith the library or class after all. And that suited him fine. It really did. What would he even say to her?

Like right now. He could have been casual, and gone with a ‘hello’ when he spotted her in the empty classroom. Instead he had just hovered creepily, and it was now verging on too long for him to just greet her normally. Alexandre should just walk away and leave her to it. He had plenty to do. That history research wouldn’t write itself after all, and he was determined to wow Professor Böhme with his brilliant insight and take on the complexities of the muggle French Revolution and the magical influences. If Alexandre believed in sucking up to people, he would even include a sweet attached to the scroll. He didn’t believe in bribery though. It was a corrupt practice that was perpetuated across various establishments to this day.

During his indecision, Aurelia had spotted him standing there and was acknowledging his presence. In a positive light. That was certainly unexpected. Thank the fairies. How utterly adorable. And Aurelia was the only one that could get away with saying stuff like that without sounding ridiculous. He had to respond now. This was his chance.

“Hello Aurelia.” He said, walking towards her as he spoke. “Don’t cry.” He added stupidly, “it’s only a desk.” Alexandre knew that he should have just kept his mouth shut. While he personally certainly did not feel the need to cry over classroom furniture, Aurelia was a sensitive Bellefeuille, he had to remember that. Tears. He was uncomfortable with tears. Was he meant to offer comfort or just ignore them? Another facet of human interaction that he was yet to navigate successfully.

“Let’s see what we can do?” He offered, purely to keep the conversation flowing. Looking at the plain desk, Alexandre could detect nothing nefarious about it, and decided to go with the most simple option. “Alohomora,” he said, flicking his wand in a circle around the desk lid. It had to work, otherwise he just looked like an idiot. Who would use an unlocking charm on a desk? It was clearly meant for doors. A desk didn’t even have a lock!

Thank Merlin! When he tried to open the desk, this time there was no resistance and Alexandre quickly retrieved Aurelia’s wand and handed it back to her. Of course it had worked. Why wouldn’t it have worked?

Now he stood in front of this dirty desk, hovering between leaving and staying and wondering what he should do. Alexandre finally spoke, not realising how nonsensical his word would sound. “Cificle.”

He quickly rushed to explain, “the graffiti has been charmed to resist spells so you’ll need to use cificle to get it off. It’s the yellow bottle.” Alexandre pointed unnecessarily towards the bucket of supplies. “You need to scrub hard though, those inks are really difficult to remove.” He should know. Some of the hotel guests thought drawing over their rooms was hilarious. It was not.

“Emmmm….” he would do anything to extend the conversation, but Alexandre just did not know what to say next. Eventually he settled for something practical, hoping that Aurelia would start a proper conversation. “Do you want me to help you finish?” He asked, gesturing around the classroom. “A task shared is a task halved.” Why did he sound like a silly motivational poster now? He resigned himself to embarrassment as he made his way to the door. Best get out her hair before he did something to truly display his failures.

Aurelia Sasseville [ Bellefeuille ]
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Re: [classrooms]The Warded Desk[Alexandre]
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“I am not crying,” She said with a bit of unintentional pout. “I am just frustrated. You would be too if a desk ate your wand.”   

She knew he wouldn’t though. Alexandre was just so cool, calm and collected. Good an nearly everything he tried. Which was what drove Aurelia nuts. Half of the time she wanted to be like him, the other have of the time she was jealous of him. The professor usually paired them together quite often in class. So she spent a lot of time with him bouncing between the conflicting emotions. Still if there was anyone that could help her it was Alexandre.

She gave the desk an extra tug or two to demonstrate as he walked over. Then stepping aside she made room for him to examine it himself. She was worried for a second that it would somehow eat his wand too and it would be all her fault. Would he blame her?

Thankfully nothing bad happen after he cast and then when went to open it It lifted with no effort. “Oh, Alexandre. Thank you!”  she said even before he placed her wand in her small thin hands. She took a second to examine it for any defects or dings, but it appears her arm took the main damage.

“Cif-icle” she repeated a little disjointedly. Her eyes follows his finger as he explained. “Oh. It is a cleaner.” She said before turning her gaze up at his gray-blue eyes surrounded by a perfect unblemish face. Why was he so perfect. It was just so annoying. “I does not sound that easy to use.” She said a little doubtful. Before adding as an explanation,  “I was trying to do all the cleaning with my wand. I figured I can get a lot Enchantement practice in.”

She said before looking at her wand back at the desk and the cleaning supplies. She grudgingly knew that she did not want to risk having her wand be eaten by another warded desk. She would instead be willing to damage her clothes instead. Resigned, Aurelia was about to turn and walk over to the cleaning supply box. She hoped that maybe he could stick around long enough to tell her, which clearner did what. Maybe he even knew which were bad to get on fabrics.

But he started to say something so she stopped and turned. “Alexandre! That would be great!” She blurted over his motivational catchphrase, while she through her arms around his neck and stood on her toes to give him a proper hug.  Which he totally deserved. He rescued her wand, then informed her how to get around the ward. She really needed to get over herself when she was around him. He had almost always been so nice to her.

“Oh,” She said as she let go of her classmate, remembering that he was not one for much physical contact. She gave a bit of  a shy smile as an apology. A long strand of hair got caught on him for a second. After it fell off, she tucked the hair behind her ear. She added a “But really thank you I was worried it was going to take me all night.” Before she turned to get the container of smelly cleaners, polishing tins and rags.

She called back, ”I have never really used any of these much before. They stopped letting me use anything but water or a few drops of a tincture at home after I ruined my dress once using something to clean my room. It took the color right out. You don’t mind showing me what does what. I just don’t like the smell and well… as long as I don’t get my wand in another drawer I will be okay. ”

What is wrong with me? She felt like she was talking to much, yet sometimes when she stopped talking, he would give her one of his looks and just leave. Sill she pressed her lips together focused on not telling him just how daft she was about cleaning and concentrated on picking up the cleaning supply box. "Wow, this is heavy."

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