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Magical Weaponry & Sword Fighting Syllabus
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Magical Weaponry & Sword Fighting
Professor: @Artur Nikitin   Assistant Student Aid: (Open to two students)

Magical Weaponry & Sword Fighting is a class that helps students study and master the art of using enchanted swords and various other magical objects and weapons. Although training in this subject could be met with controversial views, for some see that swords and similar weapons are barbaric and tend to favor only the use of the wand. It is with additional knowledge of how to use weapons along with wands in protection and self defence, along with devastation and destruction that give students of Magical Weapons & Sword Fighting class an edge in battles. The focus of this class is not only to teach and have the student become proficient in different fighting techniques but to build their skills so that they could participate in manual and mix dueling as well as more complex combat and learn how to create and enchant their own objects. Historical application is also studied so that students might understand how weapons and various magical enchanted objects could be used offensively and defensively in larger scale attacks. These skills are put to the test during group skirmishes. The result is to not only have the students become proficient in at least two weapons but achieve a better understanding of war and act as a critical thinker during a crisis.

The class will cover the following weapons:
Throwing weapons
Permission to use Non-European Weapons will only be given with parental / guardian request and is heavily influenced by students cultural background.

Enchantments to be covered:
Magical poisons
Goblin made (theory only)

Curriculum breakdown:
Third years Curriculum:
(For the sake of threading, first and second years can be included in this program.)
· Introduce in handling and fighting techniques of weapons (listed above)
· Dummy as partner-no dueling
· Introduction to basic enchantments, their effects.
· Papers are due at the end of every semester on a historical confrontation, battle, wars.
· Final: Accuracy of skill test on five weapons of their choosing, test on recognizing an enchantment and Final War Study Paper due.

Fourth years Curriculum:
· Focus on two to five of the weapons listed above, their use in attacks and defenses need to become muscle memory.
· Low level sparring will started during the last half of the year
· Mid-difficulty enchantments, their effects and how-to application on magical weapons.
· More comprehensive papers on are due every month on a historical confrontation, battle, wars strategies.
· Final: Sparring match with similar ranked students testing your skills on your chosen weapon, applying an enchantment on weapon, Class skirmish (4,5,6 & 7 years) and Final strategies paper is Due.
Fifth years Curriculum:
· Work to master all available attacks and defenses moves of their two to five selected weapons.
· Mid-level Competitive fights conducted one a week during the year.
· High-difficulty enchantments, their effects and how-to apply them on magical weapons.
· Papers focusing on a historical confrontation, battle, wars strategies will now involve critical thinking and alternative approaches to the goal.
· Finals: Sparring match with similar ranked students testing your skills on your chosen weapon, applying a difficult enchantment on weapon, class skirmish (4,5,6 & 7 years) and Final strategies argument paper is Due.
Six years Curriculum:
· Work to master all available attacks and defenses moves of their two to five selected weapons.
· High- level Competitive fights conducted once a week throughout the year. Current ranking is posted.
· Very-difficulty enchantments, their effects and how-to apply them on magical weapons.
· No more papers are due.
· Small team skirmish will be conducted once a week and a multi-grade skirmish at the end of every semester.
· At the end of year, OWLS will be performed, test will depend on the judges.
Seventh years Curriculum:
· Student is expected to master all available attacks and defenses moves of their two to five selected weapons.
· Very-High and sometimes dangerous level of Competitive fights will be conducted once a week during the year. Current ranking is posted.
. No more papers are due.
· Work on developing their own enchantments, studying their effects and how-to apply on magical weapons.
· Taking turns as team leader in skirmishes, which takes place once a weak and a multi grade one end of every semester.
. At the end of year, NEWTS tests and grades depends on judges.
Classroom Setting
Outdoor classroom setting: Professors Artur Nikitin prefers to host his classes outside when weather permits, which happens near mid day, mostly early or late in the school year. Professor Nikitin favors a relatively flat field at the base of the mountain surrounded by forests on three sides to host his classes. The large open area gives his class plenty of room to host multiple sparring matches. A rise on one side of the field provides a decent practice range for range and projectile weapons. 

Indoor classroom setting: When classes have to be taught inside Professor Nikitin takes advantage of the Durmstrang’s famous Duelling Club room. Similar to the size of the ballroom below, the Dueling room is made up of a large vaulted chamber. The large dueling stage in the center, is where Nikitin will demonstrate new moves, and it also acts as a stage for rank-determining sparring matches that he typically hosts at the end of class. The far side of the long room is roped off and warded for ranged weapon practice. Practice dummies who are enchanted to wield both wands and swords are often lined up along the short sides of the room and serve the lower grade level to practice on. 

. Be on time, with your gear on, all stretched and ready for combat.
. All students are to maintain their gear and weapons.
. Fourth years and above are expected to have their own gear and keep it sharp and well warded.
. No interruptions will be allowed.
Failure to do any of the above will result in points to be removed from offenders houses. Repeating offenders will serve detentions. "You don't want to serve more than one detention."

Although Professor Nikiti is of the opinion there is no such thing as cheating in swordplay and typically does not punish the student whom tempts it, but neither does he reward them. This is because he believes a true swordmaster would be onguard and aware of treachery at all times. Although he also believes that a good swordsman would not have to resort to such an act to accomplish a win. That said,  if a student tries to pull a fast one on the Professor, his punishment is often so severe that the students never makes a similar attempt again.

OOC: Magical Hogwarts Rules will be fully enforced in all threads. There will be no godmodeing allowed in this class. All attempts of strikes and direct hits will have to be confirmed or blocked/parried/dodged by the other party. If a pre-agreement is made for a strike to land, it needs to be clearly stated by both parties with an out of character (OOC) note at the end of the related posts. Any rule breaking shall be reported to and the response be handled by the MH admins.

About the Professor:
Professor @Artur Nikitin is a Drakonya Krov alumni, who spent over 10 years competing in international duelling circuits. During which time he was considered of the top ten wand duelers and one of the top ranked fencers in the wizarding world. Being ambidextrous he developed a specialized style of wielding both a wand and sword at the same time during matches. Although he is proficient at almost every weapon at Drumstrange he personally prefers a shashka sabre and khanjali dagger, which are two of the five blades he always carries on him. Although Professor Nikitin does not tend to favor his own house, he has been accused of favoring students who have a natural proficiency towards swords.

About the Professor's Student Aid :
Professor's Student Aids is chosen from the best sword and magical weapon wielding sixth or seventh year students. Usually only one or two student, preferably one from each of the two different houses. Their job is to assist the Professor in teaching fighting styles and watch and referee the sparring matches performed by lower level students. They also tend to assist him in the reviewing of the paper assignment due. If you are interested in this position contact @Artur Nikitin .


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