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[DecMP]Finding a partner[Alexandre]
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Sighing, the Bellefeuille longley staired out to the dance floor. The Bal de Noël had been making the castle buzz all month. So it was no surprise that the fourth year was looking forward to it. Eagerly signing up, the Bellefeuille helped decorate what she considered the most beautiful house tree with garlands and winter blooms. She wanted to do so much more but ended up with having to spend much of her free time modifying the dress that her mother sent to her. Worn a number of times by one or both of her older sisters, it was beautiful, but the blue and yellow made it look more spring themed and Aurelia was sure the length would not do for such a formal event. Using some layered simple white tulle, the creative witch extended the length. To take care of the yellow edging proved to be more tricky. The little seamstress tried to use her normal trick, by covering the bottom edge with lace, unfortunately it did not look right at all. Almost in tears, an upperclassman took pity on her and simply enchanted the edge from yellow to a snowy white. The final dress was not perfect but it was decent enough to wear tonight.

Now towards the end of the evening it was now time for what the young witch was really looking forward to, dancing. Some of her other classmates managed to secure dates the the event. The willful witch never bothered to fret over it since it was not a requirement and she voiced it would likely make the evening awkward. Still she now realized her mistake, all the girls with dates were out on the dance floor. Most of the other wizards her age in her house were behaving like imbéciles, or otherwise looked like they were going to puke if a witch bothered to talk to them.

The romantic hearted girl rolled her eyes and looked elsewear for a partner. It was not that she was expecting a prince charming to suddenly appear, for she had previously ruled out any such wizard among her peers. What the teenage witch needed was to find a polite, reserved classmate that was not all about making a spectacle of themselves. Then her Blueish green eyes fell on Alexandre. The  girl knew he would normally fit the bill. Yet that swinging arm monkey dance he performed during their hypnosis class might have proved otherwise. Still the girl felt bad for the boy, who was more often than not her partner in class. Maybe he just hadn't had dancing lessons growing up. Her parents made sure her and her siblings knew the basic in a few classical style dances, that they claimed every wizard should know.

Before the girl realize she had made a decision, she was up and weaving her way between the tables toward him. Although Aurelia bore him a warm smile as she walked up, the girl was still trying to compose what she was going to say. She did not want to tell him that she wanted to teach him how to dance, for it would allude that she didn't think he could. The last thing the witch wanted was to hurt her class partner's feelings or make things uncomfortable for them. Embarrassing her words came out in a vague jumble,   “Hey Alexandra, I thought that… well, here just follow me." 

The fourteen year old reached for her friends hand, figured she lead him somewhere a little out of the way far from most prying eyes. She quickly spotted a corner of the room tucked between the stage and a Christmas tree. "Let's go over there." the brunette directed as she extended her freehand to point out the corner.

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