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[Announcement] The Daily Prophet - January 2003 Edition
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Volume 11: January 2003


MACUSA President Diane Robinson has reportedly thrown the British Ministry a lifeline. Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt is in New York City this month, meeting with President Robinson for a series of talks. A spokesperson for the British Ministry has revealed that on the agenda for the visit were a number of matters, including "trade between Britain and the United States" and "immigration and right to work" for citizens of each country seeking to emigrate to the other. The British Ministry and MACUSA have enjoyed a good relationship for several decades now, and it seems as though this is only set to improve with word that the two Heads of State have hit it off -- the pair were seen enjoying a meal at The Dairaku Hotel in Manhattan.

Perhaps unsurprisingly (though no less dishearteningly), Italy has announced its alliance with Sweden. This comes on the heels of the respective Ministers for Magic being seen in each other's company at the Neroli opera just last month, sparking outrage throughout much of Europe. The Italian Ministry has pledged to sign a favourable trade agreement with Sweden, and has hinted strongly at supporting Swedish Minister Nyström's rumoured policies.

On a brighter note, within two weeks of Italy's announcement the German Ministry voted to ally with Britain against Sweden, bringing a small sigh of relief to tense Europeans. Opponents of Germany's alliance have been reportedly dismissive of the decision with the argument that Germany is "eager to please their old foe" -- however, these reports are largely hearsay and furthermore are more of an allusion to Muggle history.
The Winter Wonderland dance is an event planned almost entirely by SGA (like many at Ilvermorny) and volunteer committees of students looking for extracurriculars to put on their resumes. This year, the dance is set in late January and encompasses the themes of Chinese New Year instead of a traditional North American holiday. The dance is girls-ask-guys, and many girls decide to send their dates invitations in red envelopes as per Chinese New Year tradition. This dance is decorated with red paraphernalia, many students dress in red, traditional Chinese cuisine is served and fireworks go off at the end of the night to inspire a little winter wonder and magic.

Students eligible to attend Shackamaxon weekends are also encouraged to attend the festivities and markets that go on in the village during this time of year--not only for North American holidays, but to embrace cultural traditions spanning all over the entire world.

When everyone returns for the new term, several of the Horsemen are gone -- as is the Fat Friar. Nearly Headless Nick is trying to be positive, but many ghosts are seen moving about the castle in pairs or groups, never alone. Peeves, now with fewer ghosts to help keep him in line and no sight of the Bloody Baron, is beginning to up the ante with his practical jokes; doorhandles are removed, taps are overflowing, and he keeps interrupting mealtimes. Towards the end of the month the staircases begin jamming -- some not swinging at all and others stopping midway.

In a downstream effect of the opposing Sweden-Italy and Germany-Britain alliances, there are stirrings of unrest in Chatoeil; there is a decidedly wary air pervading the usually cheery winter markets, and visits for students have also been affected. Trips to the village this month are in small groups only, with at least one professor chaperoning each group in case an unfavorable situation arises. The Ministère de la Magie have employed Magical Law Enforcement patrols in the village for added security.

School is back in session after the Winter Holidays, and the Klyk Vampira common room has been repaired and reinforced for the new school year. Students are once again separated into their respective houses. In celebration of Tatyana’s day, classes have been cancelled on this day, and instead the school is hosting a field day on the quidditch pitch with a wide array of magical physical activity. Interested students will compete for bragging rights and house points, and refreshments will be provided. All other students will be able to watch the ordeal from the stands. Unlike many Durmstrang activities, participation (and viewing) is voluntary.


Kenmare Kestrels have finally broken their losing streak! The game was looking close for the first hour, with Taran Hughes scoring a hat-trick for United. The Kestrels came back each time with three goals of their own flying past Keeper Oliver Wood, but in the end Kestrels Seeker (and former Ireland international) Lynch secured the win for Kenmare 180 points to 30.

Are the Wigtown Wanderers coming for top of the league? From sixth place before the Christmas break, they are now in third after beating both the Arrows and the Catapults by substantial margins in January. Wigtown Seeker Fraser Campbell failed to perform on the international stage, but he's proven a solid bet in the league. Captain Archie Galbraith used an attacking formation in both matches to great effect. Time will tell if the Wanderers continue to rely on this move or if their next opponents will wise up and prepare their defence accordingly. Final scores were Arrows 40 v Wanderers 240, and Catapults 40 v Wanderers 200.

The Falmouth Falcons and Gravesend Griffins are neck and neck at the top of the table with 970 points apiece. Seekers Regan and Dupont have both secured double wins for their respective teams in January, but a spotlight must also be shown on Falcons duo Bowen and Doyle who have held down their own against more experienced Beaters in the season so far. In the first match of the league back in October, the Falcons beat the Griffins but betting offices believe these two will be going all the way to the finals based on current odds.
January brings arguably the biggest match of the year at Hogwarts, Gryffindor vs Slytherin! The Lions outsmarted -- or rather, outplayed -- their old foes this month. Captain Clementine Russell made an early advantage, hitting a bludger at Slytherin Chaser Jenkins. The hit wasn't enough to send the Chaser off the pitch, but it certainly affected Jenkins' ability to score against Tate. Russell, Baisley and Leone more than made up for this, scoring multiple goals each. Hardy managed to beat Slytherin Seeker Blishwick to the snitch, and the final score was Gryffindor 230 to Slytherin 50.

Quinn Regan is riding high on back-to-back wins for her league team the Falmouth Falcons and a Grand Slam win for Ireland in the Four Nations. The Falcons have only lost to the Harpies so far this season and seem to be going from strength to strength. With Krum -- arguably the Greatest of All Time -- now retired from the game, could Regan be the new premier Seeker of the modern age?

Regan's cousin and starting Beater -- Keela Doyle -- was more than happy to comment: "Yeah, no question we've been challenged in our last few matches: Montrose and Holyhead both played brilliantly, and hats off to Wales and Scotland and England for a really fantastic Four Nations bracket." She had paused briefly before cracking a smile. "But honestly Quinn's been kicking a-- er, has really stepped up to her role as Captain and continued to excel as a Seeker. As a team we've seamlessly picked up where we left off -- while that certainly speaks to our cohesion as a unit, we've gotta hand it to her. She's not only been a fierce leader but she's also done a lights-out Seeking job."

Readers may recall that Regan is also a relatively new mum, giving birth in January 2002 to a daughter. However, rumours are that she has split from baby daddy Oliver Wood. Regan was seen mingling with Banshee drummer Sam Lynch at the Four Nations afterparty for Ireland in December -- Lynch is cousin to former Ireland Seeker Aidan Lynch -- could this be the cause for Wood's less than pristine performance for Puddlemere of late?


Gravesend Griffins 970

Falmouth Falcons 970

Wigtown Wanderers 860

Holyhead Harpies 850

Pride of Portree 830

Puddlemere United 750

Montrose Magpies 660

Caerphilly Catapults 630

Ballycastle Bats 620

Appleby Arrows 440

Kenmare Kestrels 420

Chudley Cannons 370

Tutshill Tornadoes 360

Wimbourne Wasps 180


The city of Neroli invites witches and wizards of all ages from across the globe to kick of the New Year with a pop of color and culture: presenting, the annual Festival delle Arti! The three-day arts festival will be held over the Christmas holidays: from Thursday, January 2nd, through Saturday, January 4th.

Artists from near and far will be showcasing their talents - from sculptures and portraits, to dance and fashion and live music, to cuisine, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy! Attendees will have the opportunity to hear presentations from learned artists in their trade of choice, as well as participate in interactive events such as pottery and painting. There will also be cocktail hours and VIP events.

Admission passes may be purchased in advance (at a discount) or at the gate; attendees may purchase admission per day, or as a two-day or three-day "bundles" at a discount. There are additional fees for the interactive classes, for which interested parties are encouraged to sign-up early due to limited space. VIP tickets are also available for purchase, which include free admittance to the initial dinner event as well as the after-party. Artists, designers, and performers who are presenting get in for free, with a plus-one to the regular show and to the VIP events.

[[ A complete schedule of events (as well as additional information) can be found in this thread within the Neroli board. Questions? Please PM both Olivia and Miss Mori. Enjoy! ]]

There has been a rise in the number of witches and wizards participating in a New Year’s Day Dip, with increasingly daring spectacle. Two young wizards underestimated the strong currents in Whitsand Bay, Cornwall, and were dragged out to sea. Fortunately they were rescued by a hippocampus which experts say had swum from the Mediterranean by accident.
The Magical Maintenance team have gone on strike at the British Ministry of Magic, resulting in sweltering temperatures throughout the subterranean offices. Witches and wizards have been seen sporting various questionable fashions to try and combat the heat, and the extreme change in temperature from the chilly January London to the tropical-level heat of the offices is increasing the likelihood of cold and flu. Mark Foster, of Magical Maintenance, was quoted as saying "Yeah, every December our number one complaint is the cold, and this year we've got a complaint of our own." When prompted to enlighten us as to their demands he added: "Oh, we just want a 15% raise." The Ministry has yet to comment officially other than to say they are "in talks" with the Department.

A wizard has been charged following an incident on Christmas Day where he flooed into his ex-girlfriend’s flat and proceeded to charm her possessions to attack any male that entered that was not him. When the homeowner returned with her parents later on, her father had to be taken to St. Mungo’s after the loo roll strangled him and her jewellery turned ravenous, biting him over fifty times. The wizard’s lawyer has released a statement saying that his client was “sorry for the hurt caused and would not wish any harm on the family.”

Have you received a package that you didn’t expect? A group of anti-government protestors have been sending hexed packages to members of the unsuspecting public in an attempt to stretch the Department of Law Enforcement’s resources. Objects have included a pair of shoes enchanted to force the wearer to jump off a high building; an umbrella laced with poison and a watch that tightens to cut off blood supply to the wearer’s hand. The DMLE advises the public to treat any unexplained packages with caution and to contact Ministry Witch Watchers with any information and for advice.
The gallery owned by the famous Reinhardt family has suffered a burglary. The establishment, situated in the exclusive Mayfair area of London, was seemingly under lock and key. The break-in took place in the early hours of Monday morning and the perpetrator had bypassed the "extensive security measures" put in place by the family. Surprisingly, only one painting was snatched: a piece by world renowned French artist Richmond Wilde, titled "Woodland Whimsy", which is held in high regard by art lovers.

More troubling is that this may be connected to other robberies; there had been reports of other paintings by Wilde that have gone missing from Paris and Bilbao. There are thought to be more paintings held in private collections, which is causing a ripple of panic through London's elite. After all, if these people can infiltrate a gallery, what hope do the public have of keeping their valuables safe?

Ministry officials were on scene before the gallery opened and they declined to comment on "any speculation" as to the connection with the Paris and Bilbao crimes, or if any progress has been made. Cursebreakers from Gringotts bank are due to attend the scene later today. The gallery remains on lockdown, with no clear indication when (or if) the doors will open again. The young and frankly naive curator, Brennan Reinhardt also declined to offer a comment on the scandal that is rocking the art world. We'll follow the story as it unfolds.

A broomstick collision occurred over the muggle town of Dunfermline, Fife at roughly 1.30pm on January 2nd. Several muggles witnessed the event and were soon obliviated by Ministry workers. The incident has been passed off as two aggressive seagulls dive-bombing to steal chips. Both riders are in St. Mungo’s with minor injuries and no charges are being pursued, however the Department of Magical Accidents have served both fliers with warnings.


Darling readers, it’s a new year and I sincerely hope that 2003 will bring you good fortunes and good wishes. As always, January is the time for tightening belts and cutting back on the Festive excess. With that in mind, does it really seem like a good idea to be holding an Arts Festival at this time? It is certainly a way for the organisers to limit attendance to those with enough disposable income that going on a jolly straight after Christmas and New Year is a feasible expense. Was this merely a slip up on the organisers’ parts or are they discriminating against the hard workers who may have otherwise enjoyed some culture?

Since many will no doubt miss out due to poor planning and lack of awareness, I am pleased to inform you that the Daily Prophet will be covering all of it, and will allow you to experience the intrigue without the travel. What happens at the Neroli Arts Festival will definitely not stay in Neroli.

Speaking of scandal though, has Bill Weasley (the werewolf-ravaged one) finally let the love potion wear off on his vapid wife part-veela Flower? She may have thought the crowds were protecting her but she was spotted being intimate on Knockturn Alley with another redhead! Which of his brothers will Bill have to fight to keep his wife’s attentions? And with them expecting their second child no less!

We’ve all heard of blinded by beauty, but have you ever heard of blinded by books? That appears to be what’s wrong with Penny Patel at the moment as she basks in the affections of Donn Bane, of Glengarnock Castle. Having ruthlessly defied her withering parents to spend time with her new beau, Penny was in for a shock when she discovered the lack of toilets at Mr Bane’s stately home. Not really the way to keep the romance alive! Mr Bane better hope that his library made up for his lack of plumbing. Skeeter’s Spouts would be happy to provide a quote to modernise the crumbling castle should he want to enter the twentieth century.

Now, male readers may not understand this, but sometimes the most interesting things happens in bathrooms. That was certainly the case for socialite Genevieve Grosvenor and quidditch player Alannah Dupont when they had an encounter in The Wolf and Whistle. Now girls, we let go of our inhibitions while drunk but that doesn’t mean we should let go of ourselves too. What would your mothers think?

A funeral is a somber affair but that didn’t stop Leona Layton sneaking a private moment with a yummy and mysterious older man in her childhood bedroom. They say grief brings people together but did the simpering herbologist perhaps reach out too quickly to be genuine? Given her advancing years, some unkind people may say it felt a little too much like desperation.
While I am not one to judge, the Ministry Christmas parties seem to be getting more and more lavish each year. With the economy still recovering from the Swedish debacle, does it really seem right that our well earned taxes are going towards presents and booze? This taxpayer certainly has concerns.

Two musicians met in a bar. No it’s not the start of a bad joke but rather a Christmas romance. Some would swoon after being serenaded to a selection of Christmas delights, but if you already have a swoon worthy voice yourself, apparently the state of affairs is to invite the other back to yours for a late night ‘music-making’ session. We can only wonder what sweet sounds were produced.

It isn’t difficult to find a decent pub anywhere in London, in fact, were you to map the distance between one pub to the other, you might realize that those sorts of places tend to stick within very close proximity to each other. On one end, you might find your run-of-the-mill fish and chips place that’s fairly cheap and a great place to catch a quick bite or if you’re a bit posher, you might fancy one of the up and coming places that pride themselves in large, empty spaces and fancy names for their ales. However, ask anyone and you’ll soon realize that everyone has their go-to place for whatever reason. It seems like I might have found my place at the Burning Beard in Westminster last weekend.

Perfectly located across the public toilets on Whitehall, this place was, not surprisingly, filled to the brim with Ministry types Friday afternoon. The ambiance was relaxed and for the most part, the small space and lack of tables were not terribly uncomfortable. After all, they do say that a good drink goes down better when you’re standing up! Surprisingly, everyone in my group of companions was able to find a meal to their liking, the pub boasting a menu that can keep just about anyone happy. If that doesn’t seal the deal then this will: the Burning Beard is home to over one-hundred beers on tap, whether you’re more of a Sheep Shagger IPA or prefer a nice Blind Pig Ale  or even something more like an Eye of the Snake Stout, this place is for you! While we would have liked to have a taste of all one-hundred ales for the sake of this article, we only got through twelve rounds before we had to call it a night. But you can bet we’ve made plans to go again this weekend.

So if you’re looking for a fantastic pub in a great location with a nice selection of food, warm ambiance, and an exciting list of top-notch ales, look for the neon-glowing streets on the window of the small place across the street from the Ministry entrance. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Impervius Fitness is holding its annual New Year's Resolution membership deal! Purchase an annual membership between January 1-4 and receive two months free, plus the waived initiation fee. All witches and wizards are invited to see what Impervius is all about at their open house on Saturday, January 4 from 9 am to 6 pm, featuring: pickup beginner badminton with coaching, free classes all day, free pool access (to fire code capacity, first come first serve) and half price smoothies. Kids welcome! Check out the full class schedule in the half-page advertisement on p9.
Ginevra Molly Weasley and Harry James Potter are thrilled to announce their engagement, which occurred last month on the 21st of December, 2002.

Ms. Weasley is the youngest of seven children and the only daughter of Molly and Arthur Weasley of Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon. She is a professional Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies Quidditch team.

Mr. Potter is the only child of the late Lily and James Potter of Godric's Hollow, Devon. He currently serves as an Auror with the British Ministry of Magic.

The couple plan to wed this summer at an undisclosed location. They would like to sincerely thank their families, friends, and well-wishers.

Cafe Laurent is a cute little cafe, tucked away along the edge of the French Riviera. The brain child of local chef, Laurent Perrier, the cafe is situated in the glamourous town of Cannes. Underneath a splay of bright yellow awnings, the small tables and chairs seem to spill out of the busy little bistro. With an extensive wine list and a stunning view, it's not hard to see why Cafe Laurent is a winner.

The cafe is open from 8AM, serving a light breakfast and closes after lunch, to reopen again for the dinner time rush and is open late into the night in the summer time. It attracts all sorts of clientele and the main draw (aside from portly Laurent and his infectious laugh) is the menu. It champions the best of France, with its roots coming from the traditional faire of the south but with a modern twist. A chocolate chilli souffle? Oui, merci.

Slightly off the beaten track of the beachcombers, sunbathers and shopaholics, this little gem is perfect to unwind after a hard day. A sure sign that Laurent has done well is the fact that the locals seem to love it; there isn't usually a free table. My advice is to get there around 7 to get a good view of the beach. Order the baked camembert with red onion, a glass of wine and grab a book and people watch. You won't regret it

Seeking bright and friendly people for a 4br 2ba apartment in Neal's Yard. No smokers, all genders welcome. Open to pets (bonus if you'll share them). Interested parties please write to Miss Gianna Regan.


We have revamped The Daily Prophet based on member feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions in an effort to further improve the Prophet.

This issue was created by the Administration team, with additional submissions and ideas from Miss Mori, Ann, Helena, Taylor, Nan, and featuring Ann as Rita Skeeter. We would like to thank Christine for the super easy to use coding, and Samm for the amazing header.

how to contribute
We would love to include more member-led stories and submissions. This can be in the form of in-character letters to the editors, rumours and gossip, or character-driven plots. You can submit your ideas to any member of the team, however if you have something in mind for a specific geographical area of the board please try to contact the admin for that area: Laura for Hogwarts/Britain, Olivia for Beauxbatons/Western Europe, Dylan for Durmstrang/Eastern Europe, Ashton for Ilvermorny/North America, Daphne for Koldovstoretz/Russia.

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - January 2003 Edition
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>.> this seems fun.

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hahaha those gloves

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - January 2003 Edition
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"maate 😏😏" @Sam Lynch

t h e r e ' s   a   s e  t   o f   r i c k e t y   s t a i r s
i n b e t w e e n   m y   h e a r t   a n d   m y   h e a d

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@Quinn Regan love u, Q 😘😘😘
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Fantastic job guys (as always)! <33

Whoooo 2003!!

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Fantastic job guys (as always)! <33

Whoooo 2003!!

omg time is flying

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - January 2003 Edition
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aaaaah i didnt even realize it was the NEW YEAR

great job all yall!!!
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Donn thinks he needs keep out Skeeter wards on his castle.

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Donn bane needs to stop thinking about his castle. :P

But also, New Years celebration threads abound yeet yeet!

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - January 2003 Edition
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I absolutely ADORE the Rita Skeeter bit!!!! we so need more of that! expecially love that it references things that members are doing in their threads. <3 <3 <3


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