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Mihaela Lupesco [ Drakonya Krov ]
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[mp] king of the hill. [milos]
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"Stop starin' at my butt and get yours movin'!" The Drakonya Krov seventh year shouted down toward the housemate that was tailing her up the magical rock climbing wall in the middle of the Quidditch Pitch. It hadn't been there yesterday and yet today here it was, half of a mountain rock-face with cliffs, falling facades, and the occasional hawk's nest. There were little colored hand holds that would appear and disappear at random with very little warning but Mihaela wouldn't be deterred. She loved days like today, when they got to skip classes and actually do something active instead of just being told to sit still and stay quiet. Miha had never been very good at either of those things.

Her hair was in a french braid that fell down to her mid back and her face was completely make up free, cheeks red and most of her summer tan faded, and her attire fit the activities. The teenage witch never passed up an opporunity to gear up and it seemed she wasn't alone. There were a number of students dressed for sparring and adventures and all of the things Durmstrang was sure to have in store for them on a day of "fun athletic competition and house rivalry." She'd been around long enough to know nothing at the wizarding school was every light hearted or fun for fun's sake. There was always a challenge, always a test, something to conquer or endure and honestly the dragon wouldn't have it any other way.

"You as slow as a yeti in an avalanche!" She jested, wagging her butt at him as she reached for a ledge that was just beyond her grip. It slowed her down for a moment, as she stood on the tip toes of her boots trying to extend her fingers just far enough to reach it. "Jusss a litttttle mooooore..." She told herself as the winds around them howled, just like it would if they were hundreds of feet up even though they were barely at fifteen yet.

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When I die, let the wolves enjoy my bones. When I die, let me go.

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