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Author Topic:  [Announcement] Anniversary 2019 Poll Winners  (Read 261 times)

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Ashton [ OOC Account ]
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[Announcement] Anniversary 2019 Poll Winners
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Many thanks to everyone who participated in our Anniversary 2019 event! Please keep in mind that below are listed winners and runners-up for categories that had more than a few nominees, all in the spirit of inclusion and fun. These graphics are yours to do with what you will--to place in signatures, shippers, links, etc. All I ask is that you move them to your own hosting on mhrpg.org. Otherwise, badges have already been assigned. Please let me know if you should have gotten one and did not. See below for some smaller housekeeping things, and congratulations, everyone! Without our members, MH would not have the ability to run fun events like this each year.

All flash-forward threads have been moved to the Timeturner section of the board. Feel free to play these to completion and claim for FPP points when they are finished. We have a Jeopardy badge we have not given out yet! Please complete the current round (a first, as we have always finished rounds before!) to win this award and earn prizes as per the game's rules. Winners will be posted here upon the game's completion. In addition, feel free to send administration feedback or post in our Dev Pool about things you liked/did not like about this year's anniversary celebrations as well as things you'd like to see in following years.

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Ashton [ OOC Account ]
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Re: [Announcement] Anniversary Poll Winners
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Laura [ Beauxbatons Admin ]
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Re: [Announcement] Anniversary Poll Winners
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congrats all! 💕💖

Miss Mori [ OOC Account ]
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Re: [Announcement] Anniversary 2019 Poll Winners
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oh my goodness i voted like day one and never checked them again. i wasn't expecting to win anything <3 Congrats everyone!!!


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