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love and economics [seamus]
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Seamus’s choice of venue shouldn’t have surprised Dean, but it had. The ease of access would have been reason enough, given that Seamus worked there now. But there was a lot of history there for the lot of them—the lot of them, that was, save for Dean. He’d been there only twice before the war: the once in his fifth year, and once in his sixth because Seamus had wanted to see him get served and Rosmerta seemed less likely. Met Aberforth personally only once and was frankly a little afraid of him. Being there brought up the familiar feeling of non-belonging he felt whenever the DA got together. Getting all his friends together for any reason was more or less a DA get-together anyway.

Having his birthday party there felt strange—sort of like how the place should have been, had Aberforth never been enlisted to feed the rebellious youth of Hogwarts, but also it never would have been. They’d all have ignored the Hogs Head in better times. Except, perhaps, that time in sixth year. The Firewhiskey would have been mediocre and they’d never have gone back.

He wasn’t going to begrudge Seamus the cheapest option of anything, though.

The night had begun more comfortably than he thought it might, but after several drinks, a Quidditch discussion that ended in Michael Corner hexing Ron, and a few too many glints of Ginny Weasley’s engagement ring, Dean was feeling like he’d rather go to sleep. He’d only been home long enough to drop his keys on the counter and chug a full glass of water, though, before he heard someone apparate outside and unlock the door. Seamus had followed him back.

“You’d better not have sent everyone else home!” said Dean at once, who hadn’t been expecting to see him. He’d told Seamus he was leaving just because it was polite, but hadn’t thought he’d be accompanied. “I mean, Ernie looked like he was having a good time. At least.” Ernie Macmillan with a couple drinks in him was as good entertainment as anyone could ask for. And it was only—he glanced at the kitchen clock—two?

It took Dean another second to remember this was Seamus’s flat too. He chuckled to cover it up. “Just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean you have to follow me around, mate,” he said lightly. “Thought you might want to go home with Susie.” He’d been hoping for more opportunities to tease Seamus and Susan tonight, but they didn’t seem to be a very publicly affectionate couple. It just wasn’t any fun. Dean’s drunken grin lasted another couple seconds before twisting into something more rueful. He coughed, tried to assume nonchalance. “Could you believe they’re getting married?”

It was something he could have said to no one but Seamus, because he knew there was bitterness at the root of it. Not jealousy, of course. Not in the way that Dean would rather be marrying her himself. But the thought that that could have, theoretically, been him was unsettling. Could it have? Frankly he’d never imagined Ginny as the married-at-twenty-two sort, and that had been something he’d liked about her. But of course, he’d also imagined a lot of things incorrectly about Ginny.

Dean stuffed his wand in his back pocket and bitterly scratched his beard. He’d been twenty-three since Thursday and felt no more enlightened than he’d been at twenty-two. Or for that matter, at seventeen, when he and Seamus had once ended a conversation about Ginny and Harry with something like we’re teenagers, we don’t have to know anything yet. Doubtlessly he knew more about death now, and battle, and loss. But not about getting married or taking care of others or being an adult. It blew his mind that any of them might.

“You ever start understanding anything about life?” he asked, falling over one arm of the couch to flop facedown. He kicked his shoes off with some difficulty and they thudded onto the carpet. “If I haven’t figured out what love is by the time I’m twenty-five I think I’ll just pack it in, mate.”

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Re: love and economics [seamus]
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Seamus had decided, at around one, to be optimistic. More people had turned up than he’d expected— that had been good. The regulars whose mopey Saturday nights were being ruined had all been much less upset about it once Seamus had bought them a round— that had been good. The alcohol had been (for the Hog’s Head) passable— that had been good. Ab had come ‘round to tell Seamus he’d knock off half of the tab (Seamus was not secure enough in his employment to put the entire party on the house, so he’d put it on his employee discount instead) and that had been great.

But they were the DA, so of course it’d been pretty dysfunctional, and pretty drunk. Even Seamus had gotten a bit tipsy— for a while after the war he’d steered well clear, but he wasn’t getting any less traumatised and it was Dean’s birthday— where was the harm?

Dean left a little early; Seamus cleared a few of the empty glasses up to deal with tomorrow and bid farewell to Susan and followed. He was barely even in the door before Dean rebuked him drunkenly; with half a grin he said, “No, God, I don’t think they’d go home if I asked.” He shut the door behind him and laughed— “Yeah, especially Ernie.”

He wanted to know if Dean was like, okay— leaving his own birthday party early seemed to suggest otherwise— but he didn’t want to just ask. Instead he shrugged, a little bemused at Dean’s suggestion— he wasn’t about to ditch him for his girlfriend on his birthday— and said, “Nah.” He could have justified that, but he had been drinking, and didn’t want to.

Could he believe they— there was only one they this could be— were getting married? Not really— but Seamus couldn’t say he’d been thinking much about it. “No,” he said honestly, “But, I mean… even when you were dating her I don’t think I really got the like, love thing.” Dean knew this, already; Seamus just couldn’t think of anything else to add.

It dawned on him belatedly that dredging up Dean’s past relationship with the betrothed was bad form, probably. Dean flopped over the end of the sofa and Seamus snorted, left his shoes at the door and crossed the carpet to sit on the coffee table— “God, fuck no,” he said, “I had to call my mam to do my taxes.” He shifted a little and tried to decide whether it’d be prickish to tell Dean to sit on the couch like a normal person. It was his birthday; Seamus shifted again and stayed put for now.

He had a girlfriend, which put him one up on Dean for the moment, but he couldn’t say he knew what love was either; halfway into a yawn he said, “Yeaaah.” When they’d been teenagers Seamus had maintained that it was something they’d work out when they were adults; he grinned wryly— they’d screwed that up.

He liked Susan, that was for sure— he just couldn’t decide if he loved her, which felt like a shitty way to feel after three and a half months. It wasn’t like he had much to go on. He propped one foot up on the couch, wedged it between the arm and the cushion under Dean’s calves— Dean was too tall for the couch, and could probably never pass the days as pathetically as Seamus once had lying around on it— and said, a little lamely, “I hope God was just like, wow, he looks like he’s having a rough time, I’ll just give him an extra couple of years to sort his shit before I bestow sacred love knowledge on him." He let a moment pass before he added, "Could do with some sacred knowledge ‘round now.”

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Re: love and economics [seamus]
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“Good,” said Dean, with a firm nod.  “Glad to be an excuse for us to party, I s’pose. Don’t want to make ‘em stop.” Watching other people have fun was an odd, detached combination of heartwarming and heartbreaking, but if he removed himself, the heartbreaking bit felt far less meaningful. He wondered if Seamus was back for a similar reason. “Welcome home then, I guess,” he said, and tried to smile earnestly. “I really did like it, I’m just—tired.”

He cringed at the look on Seamus’s face and quickly swallowed any more Susan jokes. For as long as it had been going on, he really had no idea what their relationship was like at all. Sometimes they went out to eat. Presumably, anyway. But aside from information on time commitments, he didn’t get much from Seamus. Had he said this little himself about people he’d dated? Maybe if going after Ron’s little sister for his first try hadn’t made it impossible to talk about girls with the lads, they’d all have been better at this.

Thankfully, Ron was not present. “Well, yeah,” mumbled Dean, shrugging. “Not with us, we were a disaster. But you don’t think Harry’s any better?”  Didn’t get the like, love thing? Maybe he was too drunk to be clever, but Dean had no idea what the hell that meant. He sure wasn’t going to touch it. “I was just trying to say,” he said. “It seemed a bit—y’know—fast. For her, at least.” He rolled over and squinted up at Seamus, who was now sitting haloed directly in front of the ceiling light. “Maybe it’s just that she sure as hell wouldn’tve said yes to me.”

He paused a little while to consider. “I might’ve asked,” he said. “She does that to you, I reckon.”

Seamus agreed with him emphatically and Dean grinned. He’d had Muggle friends a couple years ago with similar stories. “You go all the way to magic school and even they won’t teach you taxes,” he said, chuckling faintly. “Or... Well, they might’ve.” His amusement faded into a wistful little grimace. “Guess I wouldn’t know.”

He shifted as Seamus stuck his foot in the couch, and heaved a sigh. “Harry’s had a loads rougher time than either of us, then,” he said. “How come he gets to know what he’s doing?” Sacred Love Knowledge on top of being the Chosen One. Christ.

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