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[Announcement] The Daily Prophet - February 2003 Edition
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Volume 12: February 2003


Western Europe breathed another sigh of relief this month as the Netherlands and Luxembourg both decided to follow Germany's example, pledging their support to Britain. However a few major powers in the region - including France, Belgium, and Spain - remain undecided.

In no surprising turn of events Kasimir Krupin, of Russia, has been quoted as saying that Britain is on the "right side of the fight," and that he pledges as many resources as Russia can give towards the fight against intolerance and injustice.

While Durmstrang’s Headmaster Sevastyan Yeshevsky could not be reached for comment, it seems Durmstrang’s establishment is still fully supportive of their Swedish Minister, though there have been instances of vandalism on Nyström’s statue at the entrance of the Grand Hall. All instances have been taken seriously by the school staff, though no perpetrators have been discovered at this time.

The search for Sir Nicholas has remained unsuccessful, and as February dawns the Headmistress has yet another absence to ponder: Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore and the rest of the Headless Hunt have not reported back to her in over a week. This is an abrupt departure from their previously routine updates (often in the middle of breakfast), and Minerva would be surprised if much of the student body hadn't noticed the sudden absence of spectral horses and their riders tearing through the Great Hall that had become expected.

In other news: because Valentine's Day falls on a Friday this year, the administration has most graciously scheduled February's Hogsmeade weekend for that Saturday the 15th.

Tensions have been ameliorated by a small degree once again, thanks to the Netherlands' and Luxembourg's decisions to join Britain; however France's continued relative silence on the matter continues to raise suspicions, especially in the immediate Beauxbâtons area. Due to the relative quiescence over the past month, student trips to Chatoeil have been allowed to continue but are no longer chaperoned by Professors - because the Ministère de la Magie has stationed Law Enforcement officials throughout the town for the added security of its inhabitants. The Ministère has urged residents to go about their business as usual, as the officials are in plainclothes and there for resident safety, not for intimidation.

In an attempt to distract from these goings-on, the administration has attempted to capitalize on Valentine's Day. Traditionally a "lovers only" holiday in France, efforts have been made to adopt the more ubiquitous celebration of all relationships in light of current events: from family to friends to romantic. Compliments and other positive comments are highly encouraged, even between acquaintances. Blank notes have been neatly stacked just outside the Dining Hall, enchanted to fold themselves into paper cranes and "fly" to the addressees during breakfast on the morning of the 14th.

Love is in the air! With Dragobetele just around the corner, students are revving up for a day of romance. Roses are available for purchase in the Grand Hall, and there are even rumors of a secret party on the grounds, hosted by upperclassmen, for those who wish to 'kidnap' partners.

Mardi Gras, also known as Carnival, is a wildly popular festival, dating back thousands of years and originating from pagan spring and fertility rituals. It is celebrated world-wide, but the Americas have made it a tradition all their own. It is a week of feasting and partying, with colors and music that manage to out-do that of the Day of the Dead festival. The most enthusiastic students and faculty dress up in bright costumes each day of the festival and parade around the campus every night (in different themed parades each night) with rainbow colored torches of heat-less flame. Everyone in the parade wears masks to be anonymous, and the most dedicated performers go through the parade on floats that are different each year. Some of the masked people even leave the procession to run across campus and drag random students with them back to dance in the parade. King’s Cake is served on the penultimate night of the parade, and whoever finds the single raw bean in their slice of cake is crowned “king” or “queen” of the evening and takes part in the massive school-wide parade the final day.

This year’s Mardi Gras celebrations begin February 25 and end March 4 at Ilvermorny.


Week Six of the British and Irish League left the Falcons scrambling for purchase nearly from the starting whistle. Just five minutes into play, Falmouth's Keeper was knocked out cold by a brilliantly-placed Bludger from Wigtown that Falmouth's rookie Keela Doyle was just milliseconds too late to deflect. Medi staff of course attended to the matter promptly; while the Keeper recovered consciousness quickly, due to questionable mental status Falmouth elected to bench him out of an abundance of caution. Doyle was visibly shaken during the medical time-out, but managed to pull herself together and helped break up a few of Wigtown's subsequent offensive drives.

Unfortunately, the loss of their Keeper made it difficult for Falmouth's Chasers to hold any ground offensively, despite a few spectacular scoring attempts by Angelina Johnson in particular. They put forth a valiant effort - but as Wigtown's lead inched closer to the value of the Snitch, Falmouth Seeker and Captain Quinn Regan decided to cut her team's losses, just barely edging out opposing Seeker Fraser Campbell to secure the draw and keep the Falcons in the top spot. The team's medical staff released a statement at the post-match press conference that their Keeper was doing well and expected to play the following week against Ballycastle; considering their subsequent 260-to-50 victory in said match, that certainly seems to have been the case.

As Week Seven wraps up, Falmouth continues to hold the top spot with Gravesend nipping at their heels just thirty points behind. Rounding out the top three is none other than Wigtown, who are just one-hundred-and-thirty points out of first place.
Beauxbatons Quidditch fans, get ready for what is sure to be one of the more intense matches of the season! Both Ombrelune and Papillonlisse are looking for redemption after their losses to Bellefeuille in October and November, respectively.

The Papillonlisse team were in for a bit of a shock when they were told that their Captain, Cosimo Marconi, would be benched for the upcoming match due to a conduct violation. Co-captain Léon Lachapelle will take over in the interim, and he seemed quite nonchalant when asked his thoughts on the upcoming match: "I'm not worried, should I be? I mean Sev is great and that's pretty generous coming from me, but I recognize talent even if it's not as good as my own. [He chuckles]. But he's no Léon Lachapelle I've got a lot of girls rooting for me out there, probably a ton of guys too, can't disappoint them by letting them win even if it hurts his feelings. [He chuckles again] Anyway, I'll be sure to go easy on him, know that some need a little more help establishing an image more than others."

Omebrelune Quidditch Captain Séverin Desrosiers declined to comment on the upcoming match, but was overheard muttering that he would “crush Lachapelle in the head with a beater’s bat” if he kept making unwanted advances on girls on his team — particularly his favorite Beater, Elisabeth Sturm.

Klyk Vampira Quidditch captain has teasingly been rumored stating that Beater and co-captain Kęstutis Astrauskas could “fly circles” around either of the Drakonya Krov beaters, “even with just one good eye.” The teams are neck-and-neck with this month’s match sure to be a tie-breaker.


Falmouth Falcons 1380

Gravesend Griffins 1350

Wigtown Wanderers 1250

Caerphilly Catapults 1070

Pride of Portree 1060

Holyhead Harpies 1030

Puddlemere United 970

Montrose Magpies 820

Kenmare Kestrels 810

Ballycastle Bats 710

Appleby Arrows 630

Tutshill Tornadoes 590

Chudley Cannons 420

Wimbourne Wasps 410


The Reinhardt Art Gallery has launched its inaugural season with a series of exhibitions and performances centered around the topic of love. The art gallery, located in Mayfair, is finally re-opening after investigations on a missing Wilde painting recently came to a close. During the several weeks long close, the gallery took the opportunity to make some minor renovations, going as far as purchasing another building in close range of the gallery which will be specifically used for performance art such as small plays, afterschool art programs, dance recitals, and other movement specific activities. Brennan Reinhardt, curator of the art program at the Reinhardt Art Gallery spoke on the gallery’s new direction: “Art is an expression of creativity that cannot be limited to something found on a canvas or in a photograph. The purpose of the performing arts space is to give artists the opportunity to express something bigger than what the art gallery has been able to provide until recently,” he stated. This is not the first time the Reinhardt Finance Group has focused its philanthropic activities in the art world, hosting yearly children’s art programs and competitions for budding young artists. The Iris Center for Performing Arts, to open this month, will host a series of performances that it intends to provide free of charge to the less fortunate at the behest of a series of generous donors that have agreed to contribute towards the programs list of artists. Those interested in season tickets for a year that is guaranteed to be filled with a plethora of interesting exhibitions and programs are encouraged to contact the Reinhardt Art Gallery directly for prices and schedules.
The first arrest in the joint operation between the Ministry and Magizoologists to protect Britain’s coasts has been made. Two witches were arrested on January 29th about 70 miles off Cape Wrath, Sutherland for illegally trawling the sea floor in order to harvest lobalug for their venom. The lobalugs’ venom is extremely lucrative in potion making, and the wholesale price has increased tenfold in recent years. Due to the restricted environment the creatures live, illegal harvesting can bring untold damage to the other aquatic beasts in the vicinity.

A wizard has been charged with public disorder after repeatedly removing Portkeys following away games for the Appleby Arrows. Officials and fans alike were left stumped when they were unable to get home after matches due to Ernest Alexander, 54, hiding designated Portkeys and demanding a ransom for their return. His trial will begin on February 23rd where he is expected to plead ‘not guilty’ due to his belief he was protecting the public from so-called “Portkey brain injuries”.

An unnamed couple have been arrested for breaking the Statute of Secrecy following a birthday treat gone wrong. The husband and wife, from Lincoln, were unaware of a Muggle stargazing camp in the field next to their house where the wizard had enchanted an array of singing and dancing dishes for his Muggleborn wife. According to a statement provided by their lawyer, the Muggleborns were merely “recreating the made-up magic in a beloved Muggle moving picture.” Here at The Daily Prophet we say Be Our Guest! (but make sure there are no muggles around first).
Love is in the air, but how can we all make sure it is consensual on both sides?  There has been a rise in the number of love-potion related offences in recent weeks (in line with yearly trends), and advice has been released from both the Ministry and leading vendors on how to enjoy your Valentines. Never accept a drink that you have not seen poured and be diligent in receiving tampered goods. Contact the ministry if you suspect you, or someone you know of being love-poisoned. Lead Hit Witch, Joanna Hennings, reminded any potential dosers that “while most view love potions and their effects as a lark, any act of taking away another person’s freewill is illegal and will be treated accordingly.”

Vox Populi has recently acquired Indie Label 'Paradise Next'. While they will now be linked to the major wizarding company, a representative has come forward to state that they still make their own decisions, and artists already signed with the label will not be remotely managed by VP. The company's role is just to offer artists a bigger stage, so to speak. This is an interesting business move, and will no doubt make waves in the music industry as artists are offered more agency without compromising ideals.


Darling readers, this is supposedly the most romantic month of the year. February; synonymous with hearts, putrid shades of pink and an overflow of roses and chocolates. But it also comes with scandal, intrigue and affairs. Here at The Daily Prophet, we aim to give you a healthy dose of all. A well-rounded diet of news to sink your teeth into when you’ve finished the latest box of treats from that secret admirer. A lady doesn’t kiss and tell, but no one could ever deny us a little bit of fun.

But one should remember that February isn’t always the month of hearts and flowers. Lady Carmilla Sanguina famously bathed in the blood of her victims in order to stay young. They say beauty is pain, but most of us assumed the pain was supposed to be personal. Guess it just goes to show that some women really shouldn’t be scorned. But I wouldn’t recommend this beauty treatment these days ladies, your skin wouldn’t thank you for the lifelong stint in Azkaban that it would incite.

There’s certainly been a few in more recent events that would benefit from a stint in Azkaban, even if just to improve their fashion sense. Festival delle Arti was supposed to be a collection of beauty and art, and, while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some people really need to get their eyesight checked. Do designers really think the public can be tricked into thinking high cost means high style? We know better. You can’t make a silk purse out of a nogtail’s ear after all. Or an assortment of dragon flakes it seems.

The ‘armoured affliction’ seemed to have seeped off the fashion show and into a certain model’s already impaired judgement. Really Penny? The brooding bachelor or designer debutante? While we’re all a fan of a little something something, your taste in partners is almost as bad as that unfinished monstrosity you were in. A picture is worth a thousand words but, darling readers, I don’t even want to subject you to one.

The event I do wish to have pictures of however happened much closer to home. Seamus Finnigan, one of Dumbledore’s Army’s lesser members, celebrated his birthday with friends, and the guest list read like a who’s-who of the apparently disbanded DA. While the Gryffindor is apparently on a high at the moment (the luck of the Irish), his best friend and comrade doesn’t seem to be sharing in Seamus’s joy. Dean Thomas, stuck in what some would call a dead end job permanently marking people with images they will come to regret, has been left alone following the recent coupling of the Irish bartender with the tight-laced Auror. And who could miss the sorrow in Dean Thomas’s eyes when the announcement of the golden couple’s engagement came out last month? We at The Daily Prophet definitely hope he gets a little love for Valentine’s Day.
Speaking of little… No one ever wants to say anything negative about an engagement, especially with all the tragedies that have befallen poor, orphan Harry Potter, but the lack of a mother was never more present in his choice of engagement ring. Ginny Weasley may be more used to mud marks than mascara, but even she must be squinting when she tries to find the grain of sand on her hand.

But she isn’t the only Weasley with a new, tiny thing to look after. Dominique Weasley is the newest addition to ever-growing clan (they breed more than flitterbloom) born to Bill and Fleur Weasley, as obvious by her French name. You’d have thought living in our country would encourage the foreign witch to assimilate fully into her new home, but it seems she thinks she can pick and choose what parts she participates in.

But, to be fair to the French witch, the thought of sending her newborn to Hogwarts should be enough to send her running back to France to plead at the pearly gates of Beauxbatons. Hogwarts has always played loose and fast with the safety of our precious young - who could forget the horrific dome? But even without the building attacking the residents, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of injuring each other. A massive brawl, which left some participants with what will be permanent injuries broke out following a Seventh Year's birthday. As usual the staff did nothing, preferring to gulp brandy laced tea than pay any attention to the young wizards under their care.

With the marriage of the previously eligible bachelor Charlie Baker, is the end in sight for music sensation Banshee? Certainly Kate Baker has caused heightened tensions since she first became connected to the lead singer, and now there is late night rendezvous between potential new members and the remaining two Banshees. Charlie may have changed his priorities but the show must go on.

Wolfgang Reinhardt and Genevieve Grosvenor are officially married! According to a source and close friend to the couple, the Reinhardt fortune heir was joined in matrimony to his fiancée of several years, Genevieve Grosvenor, sometime last month.

While some might have expected the frivolous heiress to spend a small fortune on an ostentatious wedding ceremony, it seems that she decided to limit her guests to immediate family and a very limited amount of close family friends. According to said source, the bride and groom requested monetary donations to be given to their favorite magical animal sanctuary in lieu of gifts. In gratitude, the bride and groom showered guests with a plethora of gifts in the form of party favors. In the end, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows, ones so touching that even the bride was moved to tears.

The wedding took place at the family estate in Ireland where it is assumed that the couple will take residence, a palatial seaside estate that has been in the Reinhardt family for several hundred years. While the source believes it to be her new husband’s way of maintaining their privacy, Mr. Reinhardt has always found a way to elude the papers, others believe that the marriage was rushed due to a possible pregnancy.

Written by: Delina de Marly
Rumor has it that there's trouble in paradise! The paradise that is Southern California, that is. Famous booking agent and label owner Antonio Duenas has been spotted out and around town in Los Angeles and San Diego by a few of our trusted sources--with new and undiscovered talent! We haven't seen any of these fresh faces with their names up in lights quite yet, so it's unclear whether or not he's been wowed (or completely underwhelmed) by what he's seen, but the winds of change (and the new year) are on the horizon! Allegedly, some of these new artists may have been referred by Duenas' existing clients. Anyone in music knows that connections are everything, and who you know matters most--so get out there, to LA's hottest bars, and meet some people--it may just change the course of your musical career!


We have revamped The Daily Prophet based on member feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions in an effort to further improve the Prophet.

This issue was created by the Administration team, with additional submissions and ideas from Taylor and Ann (with Ann also reprising her role as Rita Skeeter). We would like to thank Christine for the super easy to use coding, and Samm for the amazing header.

how to contribute
We would love to include more member-led stories and submissions. This can be in the form of in-character letters to the editors, rumours and gossip, or character-driven plots. You can submit your ideas to any member of the team, however if you have something in mind for a specific geographical area of the board please try to contact the admin for that area: Laura for Hogwarts/Britain, Olivia for Beauxbatons/Western Europe, Dylan for Durmstrang/Eastern Europe, Ashton for Ilvermorny/North America, Daphne for Koldovstoretz/Russia.

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