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tell me how do i feel [samuel]
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early february

Nell checked her watch, where it was laid flat on the tiled floor next to her: five more minutes. She picked at her fingernails nervously, then forced herself to stop because she’d just painted them a rather demure shade of pale pink. She’d dyed her hair countless times -- she’d been doing it since the beginning of fourth year, but she’d never gone this blonde. She’d also never used magical dye, because she’d always brought boxes with her from home in her trunk. She hadn’t run out -- her tried and tested Nice ‘n Easy Medium Golden Blonde was back in her dormitory, untouched.

She picked up the box she was using, that she’d bought last Hogsmeade weekend and hadn’t taken the plunge to use until now. She had followed the instructions to the letter, wary of using a potion over a muggle dye but not enough to not do it. She’d ordered some WonderWitch products by owl too, and had been waiting for them to arrive before making use of her access to the Prefects Bathroom to undergo her makeover on a Saturday lunchtime, when she assumed everyone else would be too busy to come for a bath. The Gryffindors had the Quidditch pitch this morning for training, so she at least knew she wasn’t going to bump into @Clementine Russell in here -- God forbid.

Nell hadn’t thought she’d cared that much about Quidditch, in the scheme of things, other than having something to do that wasn’t brooding with the other Slytherins in the dungeon (why not brood outside, in the fresh air instead?), but after losing to Gryffindor -- and not just losing, they’d been slaughtered -- she’d thought about it a bit more. The Gryffindor Captain was popular, wasn’t she? So was the Hufflepuff Captain, @Meredith Howell, and @Jasmine Williams too, she supposed. Nell couldn’t very well just click her fingers and become Slytherin Captain (even if she thought the team needed a shake up after that last performance), but she could change other things -- things that she thought helped Clementine and Meredith stand out, have friends, have boys interested in them. Like most teenage girls, Nell had focused on the physical: they were both blonde and slim and pretty. Nell wasn’t fat, but could be skinnier if she didn’t eat so many sweets with Owain. She was already kind of blonde, but she could be blonder -- so she would be.

She checked her watch again, put the box down and got to her feet from where she’d been sat cross-legged on the floor.

Fifteen minutes or so later and she had emerged from the shower, dried and dressed herself in jeans and a plain t-shirt, and was using her wand to blow-dry her hair. She hadn’t looked in the mirror yet -- wet hair didn’t show the true colour, and she could already tell just by the strands blowing across her face that this was a lot lighter than she’d ever been before. Well, it was too late to do anything about it now -- that other box, the one from home, was back in her trunk at the other end of the school, in the dungeons.

She flicked her wrist to end the drying charm, shoved her wand into the pocket of her jeans and stepped up to the mirror, using her fingers to part her hair and smooth it down around her face. “Fucking hell,” she swore aloud in surprise. Her eyes popped. It was like, blonde. Really blonde. Like she should change her name to Heidi and start speaking Swedish or something. She swallowed, leaned in and then leaned back to try and take it all in. She’d been hoping for a change -- dramatic change -- but, maybe not this dramatic. No, this was good. Change was good. This was what she wanted.

The young witch reached for the makeup bag she’d brought with her -- the one full of stuff she’d never really used but had been quietly accumulating for some time and practicing with alone, where nobody could see or make fun of her. Mascara and eyeliner had been a thing for her since the beginning of the year, but she’d borrowed the WonderWitch catalogue from one of her roommates last week and ordered some Everlasting Eyelashes, amongst other things. If she was doing this, she was doing it properly.

As she finished touching up the thick, winged liner on her eyes Nell heard the door to the bathroom click open. Shit. She turned her face away and quickly scooped everything back into her bag, wanting to make a quick exit and have some time to adjust to her new look before she debuted it.

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Samuel Leone [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: tell me how do i feel [samuel]
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"Take it easy," Sam called out over his shoulder as he continued ascending the stairs, catching a final glimpse of dirtied crimson robes as they swept into the Gryffindor common room. He had one more floor before the prefect's bathroom, though it felt like it was a lifetime away. Finally looking back up at the staircase, he took a deep breath. He could do this.

The novelty of having a luxurious, entirely too large, bathroom just for the students who'd been selected as prefects, head boys and girls, and quidditch captains felt to him at one point like a gross misuse of castle real estate. Now, though, he couldn't think anything farther from it. Not when he had made it as one of the selected pupils. And particularly not after a practice like the one he just had.

Sam pulled the cloth from his lip and examined the blood-stained once white fabric. He grimaced. The busted lip would have entirely healed by now according to Madam Pomfrey. By the time he made it back to the Gyffindor house he would be as good as new, she said, but he had his doubts. He swore that Clem was still toughening him up, besides the fact that he had well proven himself by now.

As he approached the door of the bathroom, Sam paused. He was still new to the whole prefect thing, and it didn't feel yet like he belonged. In fact, he was certain that at any moment someone with the power to really make a decision would come down the corridor and send him on his way. One last breath and he uttered the password, revealing the oasis that was. He grinned to himself to see that it was, from his vantage point, completely unoccupied.

"Ahh," He sighed dreamily as he entered the room, only noticing that he wasn't alone by the time his jersey was halfway up his torso. "Merlin's beard!" He nearly toppled backward. From behind, he hadn't recognized her yet but the white-blonde hair was a giveaway. Meredith Howell. Just his luck.

"Sorry, Meredith, I'll let you finish up," Sam struggled with the fabric of his jersey. He needed to get out of there, and he needed to get out there fast. She had that whole, secretly terrifying Hufflepuff thing going on. Stumbling backward, he finally got a better look at the side of her face, one that decidedly did not belong to Miss Howell. "Nell...?" He took a step closer, tentatively willing her to face him to prove his theory.
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Nell Jones [ Slytherin ]
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Re: tell me how do i feel [samuel]
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Nell glanced out of the corner of her eye, through the cascade of bright blonde hair, to be met with a bare stomach – abdominals? – exposed and a face covered by the other half of his (whoever he was) shirt, mid-strip. She whipped her head back in the opposite direction before he had a chance to register who she was. Nell’s brow furrowed – she was sure she recognised that sigh, but she’d been so distracted by… abs... that she hadn’t looked at his face. Meredith? She recognised that voice: it was Sam. Well, shit.

Her murky green eyes darted around in a panic at the same time as she tried to figure out how on earth anyone would mistake her for Meredith Howell, unless they were bli— Oh, the hair. Still, even with her freshly-dyed locks, Nell couldn’t quite grasp the (admittedly small) height difference, or the lack of curves, but she supposed Sam was a boy, and she’d also failed to immediately focus on a defining feature of his when he’d entered the room.

Nell nodded in response to Sam's offer (to Meredith), remaining silent to try and keep up the facade, and turned her head just slightly in his direction, hoping to be able to see him leave without—

Oh, eat a dick.

She couldn’t very well just scurry off now. The Slytherin slowly turned to face her Gryffindor counterpart properly, blinking up at him. She just managed to avoid pulling a 'yikes' face, mostly for her own benefit. “Oh, hi Sam,” she smiled weakly, adopting a tone of mild surprise that he happened to be here, of all places. Without meaning to, Nell’s gaze fell from his face to his torso as she tried (and failed) to forget what she had just discovered was underneath that jersey.

After a brief minute she cleared her throat and looked back up at his face, resolving to act natural and let him say something first about her hair when her eyes locked onto his busted lip. “Fuck,” she blurted out, wincing in sympathy. “What happened there?”


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