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tell me how do i feel [samuel]
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Re: tell me how do i feel [samuel]
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"Take it easy," Sam called out over his shoulder as he continued ascending the stairs, catching a final glimpse of dirtied crimson robes as they swept into the Gryffindor common room. He had one more floor before the prefect's bathroom, though it felt like it was a lifetime away. Finally looking back up at the staircase, he took a deep breath. He could do this.

The novelty of having a luxurious, entirely too large, bathroom just for the students who'd been selected as prefects, head boys and girls, and quidditch captains felt to him at one point like a gross misuse of castle real estate. Now, though, he couldn't think anything farther from it. Not when he had made it as one of the selected pupils. And particularly not after a practice like the one he just had.

Sam pulled the cloth from his lip and examined the blood-stained once white fabric. He grimaced. The busted lip would have entirely healed by now according to Madam Pomfrey. By the time he made it back to the Gyffindor house he would be as good as new, she said, but he had his doubts. He swore that Clem was still toughening him up, besides the fact that he had well proven himself by now.

As he approached the door of the bathroom, Sam paused. He was still new to the whole prefect thing, and it didn't feel yet like he belonged. In fact, he was certain that at any moment someone with the power to really make a decision would come down the corridor and send him on his way. One last breath and he uttered the password, revealing the oasis that was. He grinned to himself to see that it was, from his vantage point, completely unoccupied.

"Ahh," He sighed dreamily as he entered the room, only noticing that he wasn't alone by the time his jersey was halfway up his torso. "Merlin's beard!" He nearly toppled backward. From behind, he hadn't recognized her yet but the white-blonde hair was a giveaway. Meredith Howell. Just his luck.

"Sorry, Meredith, I'll let you finish up," Sam struggled with the fabric of his jersey. He needed to get out of there, and he needed to get out there fast. She had that whole, secretly terrifying Hufflepuff thing going on. Stumbling backward, he finally got a better look at the side of her face, one that decidedly did not belong to Miss Howell. "Nell...?" He took a step closer, tentatively willing her to face him to prove his theory.
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Nell Jones [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: tell me how do i feel [samuel]
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