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[GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
« on: October 06, 2019, 12:34:30 AM »
NPC ~ Madam Sophie Plumette

The morning had dawned cold and bright, made even more blinding thanks to the recent snowfall that hadn’t yet had a chance to melt. It was unusual, really, that this snowfall had lingered for as long as it had – the Côte d’Azur was well-known to be the sunniest and warmest part of the country year-round. Most winters had maybe one snowfall, and even then it was usually just a light dusting.

Grumbling under her breath, the Flying professor recast the warming charm on her boots and gloves, crossing her arms and tucking her fingers up under her opposite armpits for good measure. Sophie loathed the cold – thank Merlin spring was right around the corner.

As it was, today’s match was shaping up to be a bitter one – both Ombrelune and Papillonlisse had lost splendidly to Bellefeuille earlier in the season. Unless the margin ended up being very close, it was going to be quite difficult for either team to make up lost ground and challenge Bellefeuille in the remaining three matches.

Sophie stood in the center of the pitch as the teams emerged from their respective locker rooms to a deafening roar from the stands. She nodded once to each of the captains before casting a cursory glance at the rest of the players.

“Right then, let’s have a good clean game. Captains, if you please.” She gestured for the two boys to shake hands, all the while watching them closely. She’d heard the circulating he-said-she-said rumors, and held little doubt that the game could turn ugly. Fouls were all well and good, but serious injuries… well, Madame Maxime would not be happy. And neither would she; Sophie was not above deducting House points for deliberately malignant intent.

Once the pair had stepped apart, she signaled for everyone to mount their brooms.

“On my whistle! 3… 2… 1…”

With a shrill blast that pierced the February air, Sophie hurtled the Quaffle skyward, the Bludgers rocketed free of their constraints, the Snitch zipped away out of sight, fifteen brooms took flight – and the battle for redemption began.

Captains, please post your team’s rosters during your first turn (you may edit these to add-in player stats as you receive them). Remember to refer to these Quidditch rules – please contact an admin with questions or concerns, though we will be monitoring the thread.

The first 72-hour window will begin with the first team to post. There will be two random events decided by dice-roll during the match, which will be announced at random intervals (though one will affect each team for fairness). As a reminder, at the time an event is posted, the very next player to post must react to that event.

Good luck!
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
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main team
Keeper: Nina Lorenzo (WIP) (s6, a6)
Chaser: Léon Lachapelle (a7, d5)
Chaser: Sabrina Sasseville (a4, d5)
Chaser: -- (NPC) (#a, #d)
Beater: Julien Lefebvre (NPC) (a5, d6)
Beater: Florian Friedrich (a6, d6)
Seeker: Danielle Morel (WIP) (s6, a8)

Léon had shrugged off some of the team’s earlier losses as a simple case of bad luck, or better yet, a kindness on his part. After all, it was important for other students to feel an occasional sense of self-importance he decided, though some of his friends could not disagree more with his ridiculous statements and had proceeded to call his bluff. In all, though Léon at times felt as passionate about his position on the Quidditch team as he did towards what he considered to be nobler pursuits such as music and poetry, it was no secret that the sixth year was at best an average player. As his closest friend had once said, had he put forth the same energy playing Quidditch as he did talking about himself, he might have been a professional player by now. Naturally, Léon had laughed such a comment off with some delusion of grandeur as he often did but also felt the need to prove everyone else wrong. He was already devastatingly gorgeous and charming, adding a Quidditch victory to the list of many things he did well would only bring more girls to his door. That’s why everyone played Quidditch anyway, right? To say they did it and attract a pretty face or two.

He arrived at breakfast as if he had already won the match, wearing confidence the same way he more his favorite sweaters, pretentious and a little snug. “I don’t want to embarrass them, I really don’t but it’s obvious who’s going to win, I’d even bet money on it,” he commented over porridge. He fed himself generously even though the match was sure to be a competitive race for the victory. He was well aware of the sort of team that the Ombrelune house had and had seen the players in action enough to know that the match would not be nearly as easy as he was making it out to be. But it was this sort of mindset that had gotten him this far, to begin with. It was all about the mindset he decided, and the last thing he needed was for his team to notice his nervousness. Like in everything else that he did, Léon found that a well-placed façade did wonders for one’s self-respect. It was hard to feel bad or nervous when you pretended nothing ever phased you when you acted as if it never mattered in the first place.

In a way, his obnoxious sense of self was also his way of showing that not only did he believe in himself, but he trusted his team to carry his lofty words to fruition. They had the sort of skills that he did not possess and would probably do much better had he not been on the team, but he wasn’t about to suggest such a thing. Surely the team needed him in one way or another, even if they could not fully come to terms with it. “What about this,” he said, grabbing the attention of the girl sitting next to him and pulling her away from a conversation with her friends. “I win the match, and you reward me with a date, what do you say…uh…” he paused, he had surely seen her before but could not, for the life of him, remember her name, “Maybe do me a favor and grace me with your name again, ma chérie?” he added with a chuckle. The girl, appalled and a little embarrassed by his display, scoffed at him in response, rising to his feet and leaving as his friends laughed out loud in response.

Slightly miffed by the girl’s reaction and suddenly seeing it as a sign of bad luck, Léon shrugged it off and left the dining room. He claimed that he was already late, and the team was probably waiting for him, but his friends were hardly convinced. Which he later decided was most likely true since Léon had always struggled with punctuality, something he decided was part of his charm. Even princes like him needed to have a couple of flaws to make it fair for everyone else. He found the team waiting to enter the pitch, and as he made his way to the front, he greeted them all enthusiastically. “No need to go easy on them, and don’t get hurt, I can’t carry the whole team by myself,” he said arrogantly, taking the time to brush his hair back for a moment before he turned back to the team once more, giving them a grin, “Let’s show ‘em just what happens when they try to beat the best team on the planet, yeah?” he added confidently.

The weather left much to be desired, but snow became someone as poetic as Léon, and he found himself enchanted with the visual that greeted him upon entered the Quidditch pitch. The roaring crowd only added to the experience, a playful smile finding its way onto his lips as he considered how all of those cheers could very well be just for him. Maybe his fangirls would go the distance this time and even set up a banner for his viewing pleasure. Though he doubted he’d have a chance to take a good look considering how he would have to be on his best behavior and put forth his best effort for the match. He could not help but feel that the last match the team lost was practically (or at least partly) his fault. He had been entranced by one beautiful Belle that he was almost sure was winking at him in that sort of ‘I want you, but I have to pretend I don’t because we’re enemies’ sort of way.

He had not even managed to get a date with the girl, which made him even more bitter. But that was in the past now. Walking up to the Ombrelune captain, he smirked playfully, “Séverin, my old friend,” he started, taking the boy’s hand in his and shaking his hand firmly. “Don’t take our victory here personally, I’m just doing my job, may the…” his grin widened, “best team win and all that,” he added.

Running a hand through his hair once again as he returned to his side of the pitch, Léon could only hope that the wind would have mercy on his hair. He mounted his broom; his eyes focused on the Quaffle in Madam Plumette’s hand. “Go, go, go!” he shouted out as soon as he heard the whistle, rushing towards the Quaffle with as much energy as he assumed the other Chasers did. With his eyes on the prize, he reached for the Quaffle, hoping that by some miraculous act, he would get his hands on it first. And he did, and just as quickly he realized that luck was indeed on his side and this would be the game of all games because he was acting captain this time around. He'd prove to everyone that he wasn't just a pretty face, he had much potential to be discovered. He needed this win. Spotting a teammate close by, he threw the Quaffle with all his might, hoping that his pass was successful and he could pass a little of his luck along.
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
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Florian rolled his shoulders and stretched his arms, a simple movement that unfortunately failed to shift any of the tension building in his muscles.  Exhaling slowly through his nose, the seventeen-year-old doggedly persisted in performing his warm-up exercises despite feeling tight and anxious.  Ironically, it wasn’t the Quidditch match itself that had him on edge.  Flo was committed to doing his best for the team but would not feel particularly upset if they did not win.  He enjoyed the sport well enough, however none of his hopes or dreams were tied up in the outcome.  The biggest concerns Florian had were about how he was being perceived by his teammates – and those players on the opposing team too.  No matter how many girls he made a point of kissing, there were now a few too many people around the school questioning his true desires and it made him feel exposed.

It didn’t help Flo’s nerves at all that Léon was acting Captain.  There was something about the other boy and his blatant confidence that tended to make Florian uncomfortable.  Perhaps it was because Léon was clearly aware of his good looks in a way that made it impossible for those around him to ignore or forget…  Or maybe it was his arrogance and casual attitude towards girls.  Flo certainly didn’t have any right to judge Léon on the latter, since his own behaviour mirrored a similar pattern.  Yet the younger Papillonlisse appeared to be far more genuine in his pursuit of the fairer sex, displaying the carefree and relaxed attitude that Florian only pretended to possess.  It was doubtful that anyone could actually tell the difference but it was hard for Flo not to feel like a hollow imitation of the other boy when he flirted with his female classmates. 

Despite his unease Florian smiled widely at everyone and offered his Captain an enthusiastic thumbs up to confirm his readiness to play.  Keeping his posture as loose as possible, Flo tried to put on his best impression of someone really interested in Quidditch (and nothing else).  Hopefully he could pass off his anxiety for excitement.  While walking onto the pitch and waiting for the match to start, he started to idly twirl his bat in one hand.  Noticing eyes upon him, the spins and circles the bat flew through grew faster and more complex.  Florian offered a few jaunty nods and smiles to the students amassed in the stands, while willing every inch of his being to look the part of a macho sportsman. 

Turning his attention back to the gathered team, Florian’s hands faltered for a moment, the bat almost slipping from his fingers.  He caught it awkwardly and then held it still, suddenly embarrassed for no reason he could explain.  For a second he had thought @Sabrina Sasseville might have been looking at him.  It wasn’t like he should care what his ex-girlfriend thought about his behaviour, yet he did.  Glancing at her slim form from the corner of his eye, Flo found himself worrying that she might be cold.  The wind had an icy bite to it.  Although he knew well that Sabbie was not as fragile as she looked – and that he had no right to be concerned about her – he could not help feeling protective. 

Florian tried to focus on the task at hand as he mounted his broom and kicked off hard from the ground at the sound of the whistle.  A brief shiver of thrill passed through him at the sensation of rising into the air.  Quickly flexing his wrists and hands to keep them limber, he held his bat in an easy grip as he flew upwards.  Unconsciously Flo found himself assuming a defensive position near a particular female Chaser, irresponsibly watching over her more than his other teammates.  He would rather fall from his broom than let a Bludger hit Sabrina!  Still he watched as events unfolded quickly, Léon snatching up the Quaffle and attempting to make a pass in a matter of what felt like seconds.

Spotting an opportunity to clear a path for his teammates, Florian shifted into action, darting forward to intercept a nearby Bludger.  Drawing his arm back in one smooth movement, Flo swung his bat and sent the iron ball careening towards the Ombrelune side with an audible ‘Thwack!’.  He had only intended to scatter their Chasers and prevent them from intercepting the Quaffle, so Flo was a little surprised to see the Bludger was now speeding directly towards @Alexandre Favre.  Either his aim had been off or Favre had had the misfortune of drifting into the Bludger’s path.  Certainly the younger boy would not have been Florian’s first choice of target.  Sorry kid.  Flo cringed internally but kept his face smooth and emotionless – lest anyone think he was some sort of softie. 
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
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Logically Alexandre was aware that the Ombrelune team’s sound defeat by Bellefeuille was not entirely down to him. It would be egotistical to assume the team’s loss was his doing. A team was a sum of parts after all, and while it was less efficient when one part didn’t pull its own weight, it didn’t negate the rest of the team completely. Unless you were the seeker. He definitely would not want to swap places with Gian. Failing to score 10 points was a lot easier to justify than failing to catch 150. Illogically though, Alexandre felt responsible. He may of not joined the team due to an undying love of quidditch, but he still wanted to make his mark. And he could state a number of factors that affected his performance in the last game, but they would be excuses. Put simply, he just wasn’t as skilled as the others on the field.

So Alexandre had sworn to practice. To get better. To surprise everyone with his new-found quidditch ability. Unfortunately, it was harder than he had thought to practice hard on top of his obsessive studying schedule and student services. Not to mention that he had no broom at home to practice with during the holidays. But once again, they were more excuses. And he was not a fan of those.

There was a biting chill in the air and crisp snow on the ground as he strode (not as confidently as some Papillonlisse players, but hopefully it didn’t show) onto the pitch. It made him simultaneously glad to be getting his feet off the ground and dreading the icy whip of the wind in his face. But, that was the risk taken when playing a match in February. He had bundled up as best as he could underneath his quidditch robes, but there lay a delicate balance of layers between keeping in the heat and being able to manoeuvre the broom without looking more like a pumpkin than a player. He had not had time to properly consider the variables so it had been a sheer guess that morning with how many jumpers he should don. Three had been what he had gone for. Time would tell what the result was.

Alexandre’s favoured school broom was unavailable when he had gone to collect it so he had been left with a slightly temperamental Cleansweep. While it was successful in getting him airborne (bonus), there was a slight drag to the right that he was not experienced enough to counteract immediately. If he had had more time to adjust...

Shaking of thoughts of the inequality of wealth displayed through yet another school activity, Alexandre focused as Madame Plumette (the Professor responsible for his ability to fly) began the match. The Papillonlisse captain said something wholly egotistical to Severin before the quaffle came into play. He made a hypothesis that whether Papillonlisse won or lost, Leon would believe that it was all down to him. To have that much self belief must be a remarkable feeling. It was definitely a mark of privilege, whether in wealth, confidence, looks or charms. Alexandre was blessed with none.

Nor luck it seemed. Not that he believed in luck. There was arithmancy behind the way the quaffle curved downwards and into Papillonlisse possession. Fate did not exist. There was simply circumstances.

The current circumstances were not ideal though.

While he had been handling the less-than-perfect (of course perfection was an opinion not a state) broom and frantically working out the best way of intercepting the quaffle, he had lost track of the other balls in play. Which was an unforgivable error in quidditch. A rookie mistake to be so caught up in something that he forgot his surroundings. And it was completely right for a Papillonlisse beater to take advantage of that. Or the bludger to just have gone in his direction, Alexandre wasn’t entirely sure of the actions that had led to it speeding in his direction. Whatever the actions though, the situation was the same.

And he did not particularly want to be known as the boy who had been hit by a bludger in the first ten seconds of play. But his wants didn’t exactly mean much here. And he could only mitigate that potential nickname. Whatever he wished, he knew there was no way of avoiding it completely. Not without the non-existent concept of luck.

He pushed forward as best as he could, willing the broom to comply, with his body pressed along the length for maximum velocity. He was trying to go forward but Alexandre was not leaning enough to the left to counteract the broom’s tilt. Swerving rightwards meant he was actually en-route to collide with the iron ball directly. Tightening his cold fingers (he only had one layer of gloves) on the broom handle, he pulled back. Sharp.

It jerked, but shifted. Just enough....


The bludger may have only hit the broom and not his body, but Alexandre felt the ricochet effect anyway. The tremor went through his thighs and arms as he clutched the broom. It had not won in its encounter, and the charm that made it fly seemed to have been dislodged momentarily. It had received multiple commands simultaneously from its rider and the ball and was overloaded by stimuli.

The counteracting instructions left it only able to spin hopelessly, Alexandre simply along for the ride. The wind hit viciously as he spun, unable to make sense of his surroundings with the dizziness he was experiencing. Blur. Sky, ground, balls, players, supporters all blended together in a soup as he was thrown frantically around. The force of each turn tried to detach him from the broom at every opportunity but Alexandre was not letting go. He could feel his grip slipping with each turn, clawing his fingers to wedge themselves together, despite the effort. Gloves felt like a stupid idea now, the lack of dexterity overwhelmingly negative compared to the vague warmth they provided.

Was he ever going to slow? It may have not been physically possible, but with every turn Alexandre could swear he was speeding up. Eventually he would be flailing frantically, caught in a tangle of jumper and broom.


Or not. His spinning was halted abruptly by another collision. The size and shape told him it was another player, and that they had essentially acted as a human cushion to stop his descent. Sure he could feel guilty that he had probably distracted them from the game, but Alexandre’s survival instinct was too strong.

He was alive.

He was back in the game.


Summary - Alexandre is on a school broom that veers slightly right and he’s not very experienced. He sees the bludger coming towards him and cannot dodge so it hits his broom and sends him spinning out of control. He’s uninjured and will live to screw up more of the game. Don’t know/care who’s he’s bashed into!
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
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o m b r e l u n e   q u i d d i t c h

Quidditch Captain: Séverin Desrosiers
Co-Captain: Elisabeth Sturm

Seeker: Gianpiero Lorenzo {WIP Fosse (;u=25663)}
Keeper: Séverin Desrosiers {s7, a7}
Chaser: Valérian Desrosiers {WIP Axel (;u=23706)} {a4, d5}
Chaser: Alexandre Favre {a5, d4}
Chaser: Wilheim Zimmermann {NPC Livvy (;u=24833)} {a6, d7}
Beater: Elisabeth Sturm {a8, d6}
Beater: Alix Chastain {NPC Dylan (;u=23691)} {a6, d5}
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
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NPC ~ Valérian Félicien Desrosiers
Model: Rhys Matthew Bond

Why was he here again? Honestly speaking Valérian didn’t even like quidditch all that much. He would have much proffered to have been inside studying for one of his classes. Even his school duties would have been much more stimulating than this barbarian of a sport. No, his only reason for being here was his brother. Valérian wanted to keep an eye on his older brother Séverin. The older brother was the metaphorical black sheep of the family and just wouldn’t live up to the standards of what their parents wanted which in turn pushed those responsibilities onto Valérian. Though Valérian didn’t mind too much of having to carry the burden of their parent’s aspirations and ideals he couldn’t help and resent his older brother for shirking his responsibilities. He was supposed to be an example for Valérian and here he was just playing a game that involved swinging bats and hitting other students with balls. It was almost disgusting.

So it was needless to say Valérian didn’t care that they lost to the Bellefeuille. The whole ordeal meant absolutely nothing to the thirteen-year-old. Most of his facial expressions about most things were fairly minute. One could say he lacked much emotion in favor of a more stoic demeanor. So when the day arrived for the fateful match against the Papillonlisse he got up from his bed like normal and went to breakfast as if it was a routine day to him. With a book in hand, he ate his food without really any care in the world. Whether if they would win today’s match or not mattered not to him. If anything if there was any way he could make his brother look bad, then he would call the match a success. Though he had to be careful about how he did this as he had to make it look like an accident somehow. Despite being an irresponsible older brother he still had a brain so he would figure things out easily if Valérian made it obvious. He had to be subtle about how he would mess with his brother. How he would do that he was unsure about at the moment so he would have to gauge how the match would go for him to make his brother look bad.

Once it came time for them to head to the pitch Valérian closed his book, Inverser la malédiction de la Magie Noire, and tucked it away before getting up and leaving. Eventually meeting up with one of the other members, he didn’t pay much attention to who it was nor did he care, and went into the changing rooms to get into their quidditch robes. They eventually made it to the pitch and Valérian finally got a real taste of the weather. The snow made things quite cold and the conditions would probably be unfavorable to those who weren’t moving constantly. Valérian Felt a tinge of remorse for Séverin who most likely wouldn’t be moving the most but quickly pushed it out of his mind, as he formed a smile thinking of how much the cold might affect his brother, and focused on his own body. He could never explain it, but whenever he changed clothing it was like his internal body temperature was reset. He could easily adjust to any temperatures in the air, but at this moment he was shivering. Taking his wand, he quickly cast a minor warming spell upon a few limbs on his body to at least alleviate some of the cold, but he knew this wouldn’t last long. He would have to hope for a quick match if he wanted to get back inside to warm back up.

Valérian followed the rest of the team and practically ignored everyone around him. Why did it matter if he made niceties with everyone involved? The only ones that held any real influence in this match were the seekers and the referee. Even his position didn't much matter as he was just filling an empty spot for the team. As for the opposing players he doubted they were any good anyway. So when his brother went to do the usual captain shake and agreement to play a fair game Valérian decided to tune out what there were doing to focus on warming up. Despite his best efforts though he did see the mischevious grin from the opposing captain and he couldn't help but arch one of his brows. Was he that egotistical? Were all Paps this way? Valérian had to stop his eyes from rolling at atrocious display the opposing captain was displaying. "Whatever," Valérian mumbled under his breath in annoyance. Then he got a smile of his own as he watched Leon put a hand through his hair and a thought appeared in his mind. What if something were to happen to his coif? This could prove to be a fun game if he could manage to mess with the guys' hair somehow and not get caught. Valérian looked around towards the stands and wondered how would he be able to do this without getting caught. "Might have to wait after the match to do this," Valérian whispered to himself trying to concoct a plan to mess with this older student.

Soon it was time for the match to start and with the sharp shrill of the whistle, Valérian decided to at the very least give some form of effort for the beginning of the match. He didn't want it to be obvious he didn't care about the match. This meant he had to at least try for the first quaffle possession, but he was unlucky as the captain of the opposing team was the first to take it. Valérian twisted his face in disgust that such a vile egotistical pretty boy had some form of talent even if it was for such a meaningless sport. Turning his broom to chase after the older student he found him tossing it to another player. This was an opening and Valérian was going to take advantage of this and zoomed as fast he could to intercept the quaffle. Reaching his hand out for the sphere he grabbed hold of the ball and he yelled in both triumph and spite. Turning towards the young man he gave a giant smirk and ridiculed him by stating, "Looks like pretty boy can't get past a simple thirteen-year-old." He looked towards the stands and pointed with his head, "bet your fans are disappointed." He chuckled slightly and rushed off away from Leon and decided to try and get the quaffle as far into the Pap's side of the pitch as possible.

It seemed karma was out to get him though after such a disrespectful display though as not long after making his comments he suddenly found himself being collided into. Valérian went swerving to his left as the quaffle left his arms. He had fumbled the ball and instead of trying to recover the ball he turned to who hit him and it was one of his teammates. Alex was his name and frankly, Valérian felt quite annoyed at the other chaser. "Do you even know how to fly that thing?" He questioned the other chaser before pushing off away from him. Valérian didn't care if the other chaser apologized for his actions or not. He ust knew he had to get away from this blundering oaf and so he did so. There was no point in going for the quaffle now as someone was for sure to have recovered the ball by now. He followed the rest of the chasers muttering grievances under his breath at how stupid this game was and most likely how it would be going.

Summary Val intercepted the quaffle only to be hit by alex and fumble it
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
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NPC ~ Julien Lefebvre

Julien had actually choked on his toast when Léon approached him at breakfast last Sunday to tell him that he was being called up from Reserve – and that he would be replacing their Captain, of all people, in the upcoming match against Ombrelune. Cosimo had managed to get himself banned from the match, and while Léon would be taking over the Captaincy for the match, they still had to fill the Beater spot. Caught off-guard but no less excited for the opportunity the Fourth Year had accepted – and, the instant that Léon was out of sight, bolted down the rest of his breakfast so he could squeeze in some last-minute training.

In terms of build, Julien was a rather slight of build with long limbs, a long torso, and wiry muscles; though what he lacked in bulk, he made up for in speed. He often struggled with choosing a target quickly and accurately, but typically had little trouble getting to a targeted teammate in time to make a solid deflection. He still had quite a ways to go, but had improved significantly over the last year and especially since the start of the current term – nonetheless, he was still a solid ‘average’ at best. He had big shoes to fill, stepping into their Captain’s position, and his counterpart Florian had been on the team three years already…

Léon was nearly late but Julien hardly noticed, so immersed was he on visualizing as many potential scenarios in his mind’s eye as possible. The February day was positively blinding as they left the locker room, and the dark-eyed boy had to shield his face with his hand to see much of anything. ‘Not a good prognostic sign,’ as his bisnonna was fond of saying. At the thought of Nonna Filomena he briefly scanned the stands, looking for her flash of white hair in the professors’ section – but realized too late that she was almost definitely wearing a hat.

By the time the Captains shook hands, the Fourth Year was as ready as he’d ever be. Couldn’t be much worse than the flattening they’d gotten by Bellefeuille, right? As long as he didn’t knock out one of his own teammates, he could count it as a good day…

There was the blast of the whistle, and Léon’s voice was drowned out by the rush of wind in Julien’s ears as he took flight. He followed the Quaffle long enough to see that Léon had managed to get to it first, then started scanning for Bludgers; fortunately both were currently rocketing about the opposite end of the pitch, and Florian was at that end.

He heard the tell-tale CRACK of a bat, followed rather quickly by a dull THUD, and a resounding groan from the crowd echoed throughout the pitch. Heart in his throat, Julien whipped his head around in time to see two of the Ombrelune Chasers looking a bit dazed – and the Quaffle was loose!

Catching sight briefly of the ponytailed purple blur that could only be Sabrina in his peripheral vision, he knew she had seen it, too. The Bludger Florian had sent at the Ombrelune Chasers was close by – now was his chance to scatter them again, leaving Sabrina free to snag the Quaffle. Ideally.

Julien flew to meet the Bludger and positioned himself as best he could, wound up, and let loose, connecting with a deafening CRACK with the intent of targeting the third Ombrelune Chaser – but it was in the wrong part of the bat, much too close to the handle. Another bad prognostic sign: not only would he lose significant control over the intended power and aim, but less shock absorption from a skinnier part of the bat meant more pain. The Fourth Year yelped as the concussive force was alarmingly amplified, involuntarily locking his left hand in a vice-grip around his bat and radiating all the way up his arm into his shoulder.

He hovered for a moment, horrified, as though watching the trajectory would somehow ensure that the Bludger made it to its intended target, and that the Quaffle plummeted fast enough to put Sabrina safely out of range. Before he realized what he was doing, he heard himself yell: “Sabrina, watch out above!”

Julien attempted to send a Bludger at the Ombrelune Chaser NPC’d by Livvy – but @Sabrina might end up getting a bit too close to the action for his extremely mediocre aim. 😱
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Sabrina Sasseville [ Papillonlisse ]
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
« Reply #7 on: October 13, 2019, 07:09:09 PM »
Thank Merlin that Sabrina's elder siblings had left the school, for she knew that there was absolutely zero chance of her playing in the Quidditch match if they were still around. She had made her two younger siblings promise that they'd omit the fact that their sister was playing in the Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse match to their parents for fear of receiving a strongly-worded howler if they found out. It wasn't as if they were lying... just failing to mention a pretty important aspect.

The snowy ground shone brightly in the winter sunlight, and Sabbie bounced up and down on her toes a few times to keep warm as the team waited to begin. The ballerina had added extra layers underneath her purple Quidditch robes, but a fireplace and a warm cup of tea was definitely at the top of her agenda after the match was over. Looking round at the team, Sabrina was aware that she was one of the weaker members. But she was still confident in her ability to play, and she often found that her willowy frame was an advantage for it helped her be as fast and agile on a broom as she could ever hope to be. While she was slow-moving on land, the opposite was true in the air.

Her eyes fell on Florian as they stepped out onto the pitch, watching him unintentionally as he twirled his beater's bat. She couldn't deny that it was extremely awkward to be on a team with her ex-boyfriend, especially since he'd completely shattered her heart in two and the dainty girl was still recovering from it. It was difficult to keep her eyes off him, she still loved him. His eyes flicked in her direction and she immediately looked away, heat rising in her cheeks. Shivering as a gust of icy wind swirled around the teams, Sabbie couldn't help but think of the warm embraces they used to have. She missed him.

There was no time to wallow however, as the whistle blew and Sabbie kicked off into the air, grinning at the familiar thrill of rushing up into flight. Quickly surveying the pitch, her eyes locked onto Léon as he grabbed the quaffle, and she immediately flew to support him if and when he wanted to pass. The sound of a bludger caught her attention in time to notice Florian hit it towards the cute little Ombrelune kid. Distracted, Sabbie frowned at him and couldn't help but hope that it was unintentional... otherwise it was pretty cruel.

Perhaps the distraction worked in her favour though, as the Ombrelune kid collided with their captain and Sabrina immediately honed in on the, now free, quaffle. Seizing the opportunity, and using her slight frame in her favour, the ballerina aimed downwards to the ground to retrieve the falling quaffle, wincing as the cold wind hit harshly against her cheeks. As she became only a few metres from the ground, her hand reached out and scooped it up, cradling it towards her chest. Just as she did so, she heard a voice yelling to warn her about... something. Instinctively, Sabrina threw the quaffle hurtling up towards the nearest purple-robed blur she could see (which she was praying to be Léon), before attempting to turn to find the danger.

The bludger clipped her before she ever got a chance to see it, and the solid iron ball (which weighed much more than Sabrina) ricocheted off her bony shoulder as she cried out. The force of the impact was more than enough to knock Sabbie clean off her broom, and the ballerina could feel her tears flying off her cheeks as she fell back from her broom and tumbled towards the quickly approaching ground. She could hear the angry screeching of her parents already... Sabrina prayed the ground would be kind.

Summary: Sabbie caught the free quaffle and threw it up towards @Léon Lachapelle (;u=25509) before being clipped by Julien's wayward bludger.
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Olivia [ Hogwarts Admin ]
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
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NPC ~ Madam Sophie Plumette

It was no secret that tensions would be high this match; the tongue-in-cheek exchanged between the two Captains had been proof enough, had she needed it. But the Flying professor had proactively positioned her wand up her sleeve for easy access, should things go south. She sincerely hoped she wouldn’t need to use it.

Papillonlisse started strong – their acting Captain seized the Quaffle first, but just as quickly lost possession. Sophie closed her eyes briefly in a ‘Merlin help me’ gesture as two of the Ombrelune Chasers collided thanks to a neatly-placed Papillonlisse Bludger, dislodging the Quaffle once again.

It was not typical for gameplay to stop when a player was hit by a Bludger, especially in professional Quidditch, but at this level one could never be too careful. Injury time-outs were typically reserved for instances where 1) a player parted company with their broom, or 2) a player suffered an injury that would be unsafe to continue play (concussion, broken arm/leg, etc.). Occasionally the injured player or their teammate or their Captain needed to signal for medical assistance, but more often than not the referee saw it first.

Sophie had her wand out the instant she’d heard the Papillonlisse Beater’s warning – quick as a flash, she directed it at the blur of purple that was making its way straight down towards the snow-covered grass. It was a short distance, but Sophie was taking no chances.

“Arresto momentum!”, she cried, followed by two short blasts of her whistle to signal that there had been an injury time-out.
As the Papillonlisse Chaser’s descent slowed dramatically before halting a few feet above the ground, Sophie cast a quick glance upward to ensure everyone was where they were supposed to be as she made her way to the injured player. During injury time-outs, players were to remain airborne but motionless; anyone caught violating this would be penalized for interference.

After ascertaining that the Seventh Year was, in fact, uninjured except for a bruised shoulder, Sophie gave her a few moments to get settled back on her broom and kick off again before raising a hand in the air.

“Prepare to resume in 3…2…1…!”
Another blast of the whistle, and the match picked up where it had left off.

Brief injury time-out to ascertain player safety; uninjured players are to remain airborne but motionless during this time, under penalty of interference. Sabrina Sasseville is deemed to be unharmed, and play resumes.
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Elisabeth Sturm [ Board Mod ]
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
« Reply #9 on: October 14, 2019, 08:36:10 AM »
Elsa stomped her heel into the earth, testing it for her take-off. It was hard – thanks to the cold – so she ought to get a good start. She was wearing her customary scowl, made deeper by squinting against the bright sun, with the tightness of her ponytail adding to her severe look. She’d seen Séverin talking to Alix before the game and she wasn’t happy about it; the other Beater was a new addition to the main team – filling in for Clement – and Elsa almost thought they’d do better with Ludo as her partner instead. Maybe she should have suggested that to Séverin. Too late now.

She slipped on her fingerless gloves, flexing her fingers before mounting her (new!) broom and getting a good grip, her bat held under her armpit firmly as she focused on the ball box. The whistle blew and she urged her broom out towards the Papillonlisse goals. She still wasn’t quite used to her new Nimbus – not that it was a new model, it was a 2001, but it was far better than the school brooms she’d been using up until now – and so she hurtled down the pitch faster than she had been anticipating—

Thwack! Elsa turned her head to see the first bludger of the game being hit, and was dismayed (and unsurprised) to see it wasn’t Chastain – it was Florian, and the ball was now hurtling towards Alexandre. Scheisse. She pulled up to a stop, but she was already too far away, and even with her new broom wouldn’t make it back in time to save him; he would have to be the sacrificial lamb. She watched as the ball met Favre – no, his broom. She let out a soft sigh of relief, visible as a puff of mist thanks to the cold air.

Her relief was shortlived; he’d been thrown into a spiral and collided with another of their own players. She groaned out loud – why were they blessed by imbeciles? She rolled her eyes and pulled her bat out from under her arm, letting it hang limply beside her as she started circling around from above (she’d discovered her broom was particularly good at diving).

Another crack!, and another Papillonlisse Beater making contact with a bludger. Rather than stick to the original plan, Elsa started diving down— but pulled up again when the whistle blew. Elsa rolled her eyes again; why had they let Sasseville play at all if she was going to require Madame Plumette to step in after a little knock to the shoulder? Elsa glanced at Séverin, wondering if he thought this was favouritism from the referee too.

The match resumed and in the moment immediately following the Time Out, Alix caught Elsa’s eye and the German nodded, signalling their manoeuvre. She would have preferred to hit Léon with a bludger (or her bat) but, as it was, Alix was closer to the Papillonlisse Captain, and Elsa was closer to their Seeker – both good targets. Elsa darted forward, urging her broom into the path the nearest bludger was taking. She wound her hitting arm back, and summoned every ounce of ill-will towards the Papillonlisse (which was plenty) and smacked! the iron ball at Morel with considerable force.

summary: Elsa has hit a bludger at Seeker Danielle Morel
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i ' m   t h e   p o w d e r ,   y o u ' r e   t h e   f u s e

Livvy [ OOC Account ]
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
« Reply #10 on: October 17, 2019, 12:36:44 AM »

Whilheim Zimmerman - NPC Omb Chaser

It was a wintery cold day, but Whilheim didn't protest. Thought he wasn't the most profound player of the game, he loved to play it. Any chance he got to be in the action on the field, he took advantage of. That's why he was so eager to participate in try outs. He was surprised he made the team. His only experience had been when he and the other young men from his neighborhood would get together to play their own game in some empty lot. Whilheim was determined to make his team proud.

From the start, his eyes were transfixed on the quaffle. Only when he would hear the echo of a bat hitting a bludger did he turn his head in the direction to be sure one of those iron balls wasn't flying in his direction. He had been speeding to a quaffle that Sasseville was going after. She was small in stature, but that gave her an extra boost to be nimble through the hair. He used his upper weight to lean the neck of his broom down and speed in just out of her peripheral vision. His weight would help him gain just a little more speed in hopes of diving in and stealing the ball just out of her fingertips.

When he heard the familiar smack from a beater, he peeked out of the corner of his eye to see a bludger flying for the girl who just managed to obtain his target. Now was his chance. Rather than flying low close to her level, he decided to zip between her and her teammate that was just overhead. The moment he did and he captured the quaffle in his cold hands, he heard a collision underneath followed by a wail. Whilheim glanced down to see Sasseville fall off her broom. "Autsch," he exhaled under his breath as he flew overhead. He wasn't about to stop to see if she was okay, but he didn't have a choice. When the whistle blew, he knew there was nothing else he could do except come to a halt. The quaffle was hugged tightly to his chest.

While the referee checked on the Papillonlisse girl, he scanned the field to pinpoint where his teammates were. He could see the opposing member he had stolen the ball from glare daggers at him as he cheekily cradled it. He spotted the two other chasers almost immediately. Thankfully, both of them managed to stay on their brooms after their collision. The whistle blow gave them a chance to regain their senses too. While the young man was much better at defending their goal posts, catching the quaffle, or even knocking it out of the way if he had to, his aim wasn't all that great. Looking at the other chasers though, he couldn't help but wonder if he had the slightest chance of scoring... Apparently, he managed to be a skilled player compared to the other two chasers. He nodded slightly towards the Pap's goals when he caught one of their eyes to hint that he would make his way over to score. Their best bet would be to get close to one another so if he fumbled, the other chaser could help him get it in.

Once the whistle blew to resume play, he made his move to avoid the players in frivolous purple and snake his way across the field. Rather than call out the names of the chasers on his team, that would be too obvious and draw attention to him, he tossed the quaffle with all his might into the air once he knew he was seen and understood and they were closer to each other in proximity. Whilheim was a silent player who preferred to stay out of the spotlight as he helped his team advance across the field. He held his breath as he watched the quaffle soar through the air. Would he make it?! He'd never attempted to score before. The excitement sent a rush through him as he watched in anticipation.

summary: Whilheim has stolen the quaffle Sabrina has signaled to a fellow omb chaser he would be making an attempt to score. Whilheim makes his way across the field and throws the ball at the papillionlisse goals.
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
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n p c  -  n i n a   l o r e n z o

It promised to be the worst game ever. They didn’t even have their captain playing— Nina liked Leon Lachappelle, but she didn’t trust him much further than she could throw him, and athlete or not, she couldn’t have lifted him if she’d tried. As she’d sort of expected, not much happened for the first few minutes of the game— the Quaffle went here, then there, then there, then there. The bludgers were hit rather feebly around the pitch. Sabrina Sasseville was knocked off her broom— no surprise— and as they hovered impatiently waiting for her to be cleared to take off again, Nina could swear that her team looked more likely to start brawling than anything else— much less winning.

She wouldn’t have to do anything, if she was lucky. The Quaffle would stay right where it was in incompetence limbo and she could just relax. Of course, no sooner had she thought this happy thought than the ball was being sped up the pitch by that Ombrelune chaser, German or Swiss or something, the pale one who never did anything. Nina mumbled a hasty oath and snapped to attention, trying to read his motions— he wasn’t really an offensive player, which would work against him, but he was a better flier than she, she’d already known that.

He wasn’t subtle, though, hurling the ball and then hovering in midair gaping as it spun through the air. He’d been far enough away to have ample time to watch it, and she had ample time to let go of her broom and slap it down out of its trajectory— and then to beeline toward the ground and grab it, having forgotten she was supposed to catch it. Sheepishly she returned to normal elevation, gripping the Quaffle to her chest. She couldn’t wait to be rid of it, so she flung it at random to the first Papillonlisse chaser she saw, realising too late that it was going a little too far to the left— she said with alarm, “Watch out!”

tl;dr — Nina blocks the goal and throws the ball at the nearest chaser on her team, unfortunately with a little too much spin; it curves left.
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Olivia [ Hogwarts Admin ]
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
« Reply #12 on: October 19, 2019, 11:47:02 PM »

NPC ~ Julien Lefebvre

Another dull THUD, except this time it was a Bludger (his Bludger, the one he’d hoped to hit the Ombrelune Chasers with!) colliding with Sabrina’s shoulder – and then she was falling out of the air…

Julien’s stomach lurched so suddenly he thought he might actually be sick, and before he quite knew what he was doing he’d pointed his broom towards the ground in an absurd intention to catch her; he was much too far away and he knew this, but the paralyzing guilt spurred him to action. Unsurprisingly Madam Plumette was all over the situation, cushioning Sabrina’s fall and bringing gameplay to an abrupt halt. Julien obediently slammed on the brakes, hovering as he peered anxiously below. Ombrelune had recovered the Quaffle, unfortunately, but he was relieved to see Sabrina okay. A small weight lifted from the pit of his stomach as she remounted her broom and kicked off.

‘So sorry!’ he mouthed futilely from halfway across the pitch, trying to make eye contact with her.

By the time the whistle sounded, he was ready: Ombrelune had the Quaffle and was close to the Papillonlisse hoops, so he’d likely try to score; Julien’s plan was to get there first and redirect anything headed for Nina as the Ombrelune Chaser prepared to make a scoring attempt.
But a sudden movement by one of the Ombrelune Beaters caught his attention, and he faltered: Elisabeth Sturm had sent one heck of a shot straight at Danielle. If she went down, it was game-over for Papillonlisse.

Seizing the chance to redeem himself, Julien yanked his broom around hard, flattening himself to it as he shot off in the opposite direction of the goalposts, towards Danielle. His eyes darted from her to the speeding Bludger and back again, urging his borrowed broom faster as he gripped his bat tightly in-hand. Fortunately, Danielle wasn’t very far away. And he was good at deflecting; as long as he didn’t send the Bludger in the direction of one of his own teammates (again…), this was totally doable.
A quick glance over his shoulder told him that the Ombrelune Seeker was likely too far away for Julien to have a great chance of actually hitting him – but the upside was that none of his own teammates seemed to be in the vicinity, making it a safe option in Julien’s eyes.

He met the Bludger just in time, winding up and connecting with a much more satisfying CRACK this time. The heavy iron ball spiraled off, and he was pleasantly surprised that it seemed to be going in its intended direction. The Fourth Year breathed a sigh of relief; he hadn’t let the Bludger take out his Seeker!

Just then, a roar went up from the crowd; he whipped his head around in time to see Nina hurtle the Quaffle out of the scoring area. With a fleeting glance in the direction he’d sent the still-traveling Bludger, Julien re-entered the fray for backup, feeling a smidge more confident.

Julien successfully defended his Seeker Danielle Morel from Elsa’s Bludger, and sent it in the general direction of Gian
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Olivia [ Hogwarts Admin ]
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
« Reply #13 on: October 20, 2019, 12:34:27 AM »
random event #1

This dice roll has been tampered with!
Rolled 1d8 : 5, total 5

Result: Player's foot slips out of the stirrup (#5)

The next player to post must have this event happen to them. For optimal realism, it should interfere with their intended action.
Since this event affects Ombrelune, the second random event of the match will affect Papillonlisse.

Note: Once a dice-roll is posted, if the post is modified a warning appears that it has been tampered with – in this case, it has not been! I need to edit the post with the description, but also want people to see what the actual roll was.
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Dylan [ Durmstrang Admin ]
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Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
« Reply #14 on: October 21, 2019, 12:02:45 AM »
NPC ~ Alix Chastain
(    (

Alix was nervous. She had never played in a real match before, and was trying to be as impressive as possible. The usual Ombrelune beater was out for the match and, as the better of the second-string beaters, that meant it was her time to shine. Unfortunately, there was a catch—Elisabeth Sturm. Of course, Alix knew about her and the team captain. Who didn’t? She had been yearmates with them since she started school there. Elsa and Séverin had always been rivals, always arguing and always rousing each other. She had seen their dating coming a mile away, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t jealous as sin. Not of Elsa, no. She had no interest in Séverin in that way whatsoever. He was a decent player, though his captainship was lacking. No, she was jealous of Séverin for being with Elsa. Elsa was such a strong, determined girl. She was beautiful, she was intelligent, and she was strong. What was there not to like? Alix liked to think of herself as a strong girl, too, but she wasn’t in the same league and knew it. The girls were similar in the face, similar in their likes and dislikes, similar enough to get confused for each other. Alix seemed to think this made them soulmates, other than the fact that Elsa was clearly dating down among the wrong gender.

She wanted to impress her. That was step one. If Elsa would just look at her, it would be incredible. What if she complimented her? Could they become friends? Would it eventually blossom into best friends? Alix was sure she liked her more than in just a friendly way, but could handle being friends with her if that’s what made Elsa happy. She ached for attention. So, she did what she could do to get good at the sport. No money or talent enough to make it to the quidditch camp last summer, bur she practiced with her brothers until she was blue in the face, worn out, sore, and exhausted. She wanted a chance to play in a real game, get attention, and tag team with her crush.

It was cold that day, with snow still on the ground, and Alix was bundled up as much as she could be while still maintaining some mobility. She kicked off into the air once the whistle blew and started looking around the pitch to find bludgers and teammates in distress. She felt awful that she missed Alexander, and his broom went spinning. She peeked over at Elsa, feeling heat rise in her face at what she could only assume was a judgemental look the girl was giving her. She hadn’t expected things to happen so quickly!

She caught the girl’s eye, though, and saw the nod and knew exactly what she was supposed to do. They had talked about this—tag teaming the most important players, the acting captain, Leon, and the seeker Danielle. It looked like Elsa had Danielle, so it was Alix’s turn to hit Leon. There was no love lost there. The poor boy had been barking up the wrong tree, asking her for a date repeatedly. She finally gave in, giving him the ultimatum that she would go out with him if Papillonlisse won the match. She wasn’t looking forward to giving in to that, so she needed to ensure Ombrelune’s victory.

She was happy to get a chance to hit a giant iron ball at his face, in all honesty. She was late, though, finding a bludger and as soon as Elsa hit towards the seeker, the Pap beater was right there to deflect the ball towards their own seeker. No, not today. She thought. She quickly sped towards the iron ball, almost there, almost—

Then, right as she was about to hit the bludger, her foot slipped spectacularly off of the grip and she fell face-first towards the ball, knocking it away from their seeker but rather than sending it towards Leon, her intended target, it began bludgeoning towards the Ombrelune captain, Séverin.

Oh, sh—

TL;DR  Alix’s foot slips while she’s trying to save Gianpero and send the bludger towards Leon. Instead, it starts hurling towards Severin.
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