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[Information] Extra Credit!
« on: October 06, 2019, 02:25:51 AM »

Fun prompts. Easy ways to earn points. Not at all required.

How it Works:
Characters can now earn house points for posting about herbology lessons, assignments, mishaps, and studying during other threads. Certain types of mentions are worth more points than others but anything counts!

At the start of this term each student was assigned a plant to tend to and take care of through out the year. Feel free to mention the students working with the plant, being bit by the plant, neglecting the plant, and everything in between. Students are welcome in the Greenhouses during normal hours, after hours with special permission (which Nazreen will always approve) and to bring the plants to their dorms if they choose. If you didn't get a chance to post in the first lesson feel free to make up any kind of plant assignment you'd like for your character. They can love it or hate it! HP Canon type plants are great and also feel free to get creative! If you need plant ideas here are some.

Points can be earned by having characters doing these actions AND/OR by having them mention doing these things previously in a thread.

How to Earn:
5 points. = Mention or have a character tending to their plant in a thread.
5 points. = Mention or have a character working on a Herbology assignment in a thread.
5 points. = Mention how much your character loves, hates, and so on the subject of Herbology in a thread.
5 points. = Mention or have your character coming to hang out for tea in the greenhouses in a thread.
15 points. = Mention or have your character being attacked by their plant assignment in a thread.
15 points. = Mention or have your character interacting in a creative unorthodox type of way during a thread (fun random things not typically done. for example: taking the plant on a boat ride, having a picnic together, taking magical pictures of the plant, re-potting it into something more fitting for the current fashion, and so on. Be clever!)
15 points. = Submit something about your characters plant to the gossip mill/daily prophet.
Miscellaneous points = anything else you can think of! anything herbology related counts!

Reply Here for Bragging Rights: Reply here with this code to earn points!
Code: [Select]
[b][color=#a4ed3b]Character Name:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#a4ed3b]What did the character do for points?:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#a4ed3b]Link to post/thread:[/color][/b]
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Re: [Information] Extra Credit!
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2019, 04:25:22 AM »
Character Name: Aase Trickett-Cassoway
House: Hufflepuff!
What did the character do for points?: referenced going to tea in the Greenhouses
Link to post/thread: click!

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