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life in plastic [nell]
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Gene, fortunately, had a rock solid excuse to avoid any suspicion that he was hitting on an underclassman or something, but unfortunately it was a rock solid excuse that had to stay under wraps, so he’d settled for the shoddy compromise of meeting her at the restaurant rather than walking out to Hogsmeade together, and splitting the check. (She’d offered to pay, but that made him look even worse.)

There didn’t seem to be a reason to be going out— Gene was a seventh year and Hogsmeade had started losing its novelty after about three months, and they were not dating. He’d said as much to Henry before realising that (a.) he was a liar who (b.) was denying things a little too vehemently, after which he switched tack and acted like it was absolutely not a big deal, which was hopefully true.

He got to the restaurant late, so as not to seem overeager, and slid into the booth across from her with a hasty apology and an obligatory untruth— “Tripped on the way here.” She could make of that what he wanted. Doubtless she would.

“You ordered yet? Or…” the waitress turned up just as Gene was saying it; he gestured magnanimously to let her go first before he gave his order, which was fussier. Life was short— too short to put up with olives in his side salad. Not that he expected to eat his side salad.

“So…” he said. She’d asked him, so she should have been responsible for interesting conversation, but he had to get in his two Knuts first: “You gonna tell me why you went…” he gestured at his own, very non-blond hair and finished, “Y’know.” Gene was no stranger to unprompted impulses to drastically screw with his hair, but he’d never acted on one, which made him either level-headed, or chicken. Possibly they were the same thing.

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