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Edyta Ciesynska [ Dragonologist ]
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Re: (May) what we strive for (all years)
« Reply #15 on: May 01, 2020, 09:38:17 PM »
Edyta kept her lips pressed together and her head down as one by one, the rest of the class offered their contributions. Some were interesting and thoughtful, others - and she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed with Mihaela - were frankly embarrassing. Again she felt relieved that she wouldn't be affected by the addition or loss of chips resulting from this lesson. So Galina Viktorovna's reaction to the various choices came as little surprise, though Edyta felt a warm glow at receiving praise from the hard-to-please former Klyk professor.  At this, she raised her head and couldn't help letting her lips form a small smile.

As for the contributions of others, and what they said about those students...well, there were some that indeed weren't worth considering. Edyta immediately knew which answer she felt was worthy of comment, though. The little girl sitting nearby, a first year with whom she had barely exchanged more than a dozen words all year, all of those being "excuse me" or "thank you" when they passed in the corridors. She doubted the child even knew her name, but thanks to Galina Viktorovna, the reverse was no longer true.

"Valdis gave a respectable answer. I think this shows that she is inquisitive and understands the value of experimentation, and that sometimes there isn't one definite answer to a problem. It shows that being young is no barrier to success" she offered, smiling at the smaller girl as she finished.

Sabina Sarkova [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: (May) what we strive for (all years)
« Reply #16 on: May 08, 2020, 03:20:54 PM »
Sabina had to hide a smile when she hear the professor's reaction to her contribution. While she would have liked to get even more praise – who wouldn't anyway? – she was still happy with how the lesson was going so far. She nodded along when Galina Viktorovna asked what their answers revealed about them. She had a feeling she knew what the professor was thinking.

Conrad's response was not quite what Sabina thought the teacher was looking for but she still offered him an encouraging smile. He was not the kind of student who was eager to contribute anything and it was brave that he had chosen to say anything, after all. Being still distracted thinking about Conrad, Linnéa already offered her interpretation and that one went into the same direction as the one Sabina had had in mind. She nodded and when she felt the professor's gaze upon her, she decided to add something.

“I totally agree with Linnéa. The things we chose reveal our priorities or goals in life. Those who chose books might seek knowledge, a good basis for their decision making… It might also mean that those are generally organised, not so much reacting spontaneously?” She wasn't entirely sure about that. It clearly worked for her. Sabina liked being organised and didn't enjoy just going for some experiment without proper research done in advance.

“As for the fake philosopher's stones… I suppose, Linnéa is right there, it means they seek power. I was thinking if I should say power rather than wisdom but… if you live longer you have also more time to read and learn more… so that's probably not accurate. The choice of the cauldron might indicate a person who creates things, someone who takes a chance and who is more hands-on. I think Edyta mentioned something like that before too.” Sabina suddenly felt a little uneasy. She thought that she was mostly parroting what others had said and she wasn't sure if Galina Viktorovna was aware that some of these thoughts had been on her mind already before Edyta and Linnéa had mentioned something similar.

Galina Krylova [ Board Mod ]
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Re: (May) what we strive for (all years)
« Reply #17 on: May 09, 2020, 01:05:01 PM »
Galina Viktorovna had looked at Conrad in order to give him a chance to make a better contribution to the class but she was disappointed to hear that he did not seem to understand the direction of her question. Truth be told, she was wondering if the boy really had so much more potential than he let show. Maybe she was wrong to think he was clever and just lazy.

Linnéa's response, on the other hand, was really clever. Galina Viktorovna offered the girl a hint of a smile and nodded approvingly. This was exactly what she had been hoping to hear. Teenagers often did not know what they wanted to do in the future, often didn't know their own strengths but by choosing one of the items she had laid out they could discover something about themselves.

While Edyta had given a really great response earlier the one she gave now was a little less impressive although still a good one. Sabina contributed as well and Galina Viktorovna nodded again. This was a valuable contribution, too. Overall the professor was rather pleased with how the lesson was going so far but unfortunately there wouldn't be much more time to discuss things. In fact, the time was almost up again.

“Miss Holmström and Miss Sarkova have interpreted the choices in a similar way as I did. Of course, not all of your choices might reflect on you as a person, but I'm certain some do.” She paused briefly. “I want you to write a short essay, approximately 400 words, on what you think your choice says about yourself and if you think that the interpretation is accurate or if, maybe, you'd now rather pick a different option.”

She knew that giving homework did not exactly make her students like her a lot but this was not an Alchemy essay but something that should make them think about themselves and their priorities.

“Thank you for your active participation in today's lesson. I'll see you all next week.”

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Conrad Sturm [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: (May) what we strive for (all years)
« Reply #18 on: May 09, 2020, 04:40:16 PM »
Four hundred words! No! Agh!

Four hundred words was better than eight hundred words was better than two thousand, but Conrad still didn’t want to write them -- particularly not about himself. He had made his choice in the laziest way possible, by sitting down immediately at the closest table to the door -- obviously he couldn’t say that. In his mind’s eye he could already see it: he’d run out of things to say halfway through and be reduced to telling the professor that what his choice really said about him was that he stank at Alchemy and he didn’t care.

Conrad wasn’t cut out for introspective shit anyway. It wasn’t his fault Galina Krylova was asking them to be sentimental and self-reflective, like they were all girls or something. (It had not escaped his notice that only the girls had seemed to have good answers to her final question.)

But no matter -- if she was assigning work, she was almost done with the class, and he hadn’t been asked to stay after. Conrad sat up eagerly, one leg jittering under the table with anticipation, and reached slowly for the strap of his bookbag, waiting for the magic words --

And there they were! He jerked up to his feet, swung his bag over his shoulder, mumbled a “Thank you” as he passed her in case she remembered how polite he was when she was grading their dumb essays and went easy -- it hadn’t worked yet, but was worth another shot -- and legged it.


Edyta Ciesynska [ Dragonologist ]
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Re: (May) what we strive for (all years)
« Reply #19 on: May 09, 2020, 04:41:36 PM »
Seven years ago, this had been one of Edyta's weakest subjects. As the class was discussing how their choices related to themselves as people, she thought back on her journey through school. She had really been an outsider when she'd started at Durmstrang, having to conceal her muggle heritage and barely able to express herself in Russian. Little wonder that the early classes she had excelled in had been either those where she could use her wand to produce charms and hexes, and those in which language was secondard. One didn't need to speak any language in order to communicate with a dragon, after all. But it had been hard, staying up late to learn enough Russian so she could complete her homework; running errands for the older students in exchange for their outgrown pieces of uniform...

She smiled at the thought. Papa was going to be terrified at the thought of her working at a dragon reservation, but she suspected he would be appeased by the knowledge that she wouldn't be expected or even allowed to go near one alone for at least a year, and pleased by the new that it was the largest and best-known place of its kind. Certainly he had been impressed by her OWL results the previous year, though her mother and siblings were still more distant. It was ironic that Papa, although the only one who was not a blood relative, was still the family member she was closest to.

Galina Viktorovna was finishing up the lesson now, so Edyta looked up, revealing nothing of what she had been thinking. She quickly reached in her bag for a quill so as to make a note of the essay. Four hundred words was nothing to her these days; she could recount what she had said in class, expand on her thoughts a little, finish that in well under an hour and have it handed in by the evening, never mind next week. Edyta liked handing her homework in early now; it gave her more time to study for her impending NEWT exams and helped keep her head clear. As the class was dismissed she glanced around the room, thinking how much there was to tidy away.

Edyta waited until most of the other students had left. "Galina Viktorovna, would you like me to assist in clearing the room?" she asked. It would give her the opportunity to practise non-verbal spells, so she was pleased when the professor agreed. Studiously ignoring any conversations the Alchemy teacher wished to have she levitated the items to the area indicated, delighted when she managed to move three books at the same time and place them gently on the shelves. She was definitely getting better at this. Once she was finished, it seemed that her teacher was quite busy so she offered a polite farewell before leaving the classroom.

[Edyta out]

(Permission from Inga to mention Edyta clearing away)

Zviad Gogoladze [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: (May) what we strive for (all years)
« Reply #20 on: May 09, 2020, 07:25:21 PM »
Zviad felt little to no motivation to try and contribute more to the class. It was quite obvious that Galina Viktorovna did not like him and was not going to approve of anything he did. Truth be told, the boy found it a little sad as she was his head of house and probably one of the professors who he had most trouble with.

He had to admit that the girls answering Galina Viktorovna's last question had a point. In fact, he quite agreed with them and might have had some thoughts of his own to share – however, he didn't feel like even trying to think of a response. It seemed to make no sense whatsoever.

The essay they were supposed to write was not so bad. 400 words were realistic. He assumed he could get that done in half an hour or so. Besides, while the topic was not exactly a thing he was eager to write about, it did not seem too difficult.

He took his time to pack his things, hoping that nobody would overhear his conversation with Galina Viktorovna but apparently Edyta chose to suck up to the professor and tidied up. Zviad glared at her as he approached the teacher who simply told him to come to her office for the detention an hour earlier than usually because, apparently, his behaviour in class today meant that he would get an extra hour of detention. The boy rolled his eyes as he turned to leave the classroom, thinking that Galina Viktorovna was out to get him.


Sabina Sarkova [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: (May) what we strive for (all years)
« Reply #21 on: May 09, 2020, 07:35:05 PM »
To say the least, Sabina was disappointed that Galina Viktorovna did not comment on every contribution made but she was relieved that she did not award chips as Drakonya Krov would clearly have won this. She felt a little ashamed that her house did not contribute more in their own head of house's class. However, it couldn't be helped now. She was actually rather glad that Zviad chose not to say anything anymore. He'd just have made it even worse.

The essay was an interesting task, especially because it was not the normal course work. However, Sabina was rather confused that they were only supposed to write such a short essay. Clearly the topic was good enough to write a lot more on it. In fact, the girl thought that it was more of a challenge to limit herself to four hundred words than to write as much as would come to her mind.

The girl was confused and a little irritated when Edyta offered to clean up for Galina Viktorovna. Why was she doing this? Did the Drakonya Krov think this would earn her some bonus points for her essay or the exams? Sabina regretted that she hadn't been quick enough to think of that helping the professor herself but she was not going to copy Edyta and help too. Instead she just packed her things into her bag and got to her feet.

“Thank you, Galina Viktorovna, that was a really interesting class.” Having said that, the seventh year left the classroom.


Linnéa Holmström [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: (May) what we strive for (all years)
« Reply #22 on: May 25, 2020, 05:25:08 AM »
Linnéa hid a satisfied smirk at Galina Viktorovna’s approving nod and – was that the tiniest smile?! Earning any degree of favor from the Alchemy professor, let alone from one not of her former House. The Swedish witch preened internally at the subsequent verbal acknowledgement that she and Sabina received, but outwardly gave only a slight inclination of her head in respectful thanks. Linnéa had long ago learned the art of behaving modesty – and how to call upon it, even if it wasn’t exactly genuine, in many situations.

The assigned homework seemed straightforward and reasonable enough; sure, it was something to add to her to-do list, but given that Galina Viktorovna had been pleased with her participation it should hardly be difficult. Most of it would be a reiteration of what she’d touched on during the lesson, with the added points that the professor had asked for.

The blonde packed up her things, thanked Galina Viktorovna and bid her good day, and set off to her next lesson.

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