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Winifred Gwartney [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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She saw his incredulous look and Wini just lifted one shoulder lightly giving a sheepish smile, glancing between him and his plant. She wasn't too far off right? At least it was alive...

The Hufflepuff almost giggled when she heard him sigh loudly as if someone was twisting his arm to participate, but she tried to be understanding of his reluctance. She knew he wasn't a fan of homework and assignments and classes in general, but that was kind of their jobs as students. She watched Lip as he started in about his plant and when he paused she nodded encouragingly and looked up at him as if urging him to continue.

A few beats of silence passed and his sassy look clued her in that that was all he was going to say. Seven words, that's it. She blinked a few times before rolling her eyes lightly. Of course, that's all he would say. She took a deep breath, not expecting it to be her turn so soon and sat up a little straighter, smoothing her braids before speaking up.

"This is jasmine. I picked it because I knew it had pretty white flowers, but throughout this year I learned more about the plant as well. It's said to be great at meditation and relaxing and healing. as well as an aphrodisiac," Wini said, blushing pink at the last bit and hurrying on to her next comment. "I kept it in my dorm while I was studying and I think it did help me relax easier..." She trailed off, giving the professor a smile before glancing at Lip as if saying that's how it's done.



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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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Andronicus only liked Herbology because of it's applications in other lessons, otherwise he was kind of bored by the class. In his mind most plants were basically the same. They needed water, sunlight, attention, and anything else could be found in a text book when he needed the information specifically. He didn't spend a lot of time committing any of the information they learned in the Greenhouses to memory. He could always do research if he had to grow something specifically. It wasn't like Defense Against the Dark Arts or Charms, those were things he'd need to know and need to remember on the spot. He'd already learned that those types of magics could literally mean life and death, if he couldn't remember the right incantation. Herbology just seemed so much less.... critical than the rest. Maybe it was the professor's lax attitude or maybe it was just his own laziness but either way he hadn't spent a lot of time on his plant.

He'd picked it in the beginning because it looked pretty masculine, thick greens stalks, it looked really strong. But then it began to bloom and much to the sixteen year old wizard's dismay it was beautiful yellow flower. It had a nice floral smell to it, like Jacqueline, but it no longer looked like something that might be used in potions or poisons. Not that he was brewing any of the latter, but if he was going to commit anything to memory, it might as well of been something he could use to protect himself. A few months into the term he'd nearly killed it, he had no idea what he had or hadn't done wrong, but with some help he was able to bring it back to the brink of death. And while studying to figure out how to keep from failing the class this year he managed to learn something neat about the plant. Something he chose to share with the class after a Hufflepuff finished her turn.

"I got Agrimony," he began, looking at the yellow flower that was definitely not bad ass, and then back at the professor. "Turns out it's actually really useful in a balm to repair splintered brooms. Totally legal in professional games too." It was useful knowledge indeed.

Phillip Donnelly [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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Phillip really wished there was some way to speed up this lesson, all of the end of term lessons really. He hated them more than the normal lessons which was already kind of a lot. They were either reviewing information that meant nothing or cramming for exams that meant even less. He wondered how many of the students around him would graduate and actually get a job in the field they wanted. Maybe a couple of them, but most of them would free fall into some meaningless job that they did not use any of their O.W.L. or N.E.W.T. certifications for. It was a bleak out look but Lip really believed it to be true. Then again, he didn't have any plans or hopes so it was easy for him to be cynical, he had nothing to lose.

Listening to Winifred's answer, as much as he listened to anything in lessons, and looked up at her when she started blushing. When she finished her answer he caught her know it all look and rolled his eyes back at her. She always had to show him how it was done, which would irritate him a lot less if she wasn't perfect at everything. There were a few students in his classes that actually tried, like really wanted to be a part of the whole "Hogwarts" experience, and Wini happened to be one of them. Phillip hoped she was one of the ones who got a job she actually wanted.

Phillip watched as his own plant seemed to deflate right in front of him, sinking even further to one side, because that was the thing with magical plants. They needed more than just sustenance, it was almost like their had minds and souls (and ears) of their own. If the plant could it would probably abandon Phillip too, not that he had done much to persuade it otherwise, but the Ravenclaw was already one step a head. He pushed the plant further into the middle of the table, removing himself from it's care. Term was nearly over. Whispering to himself and the plant he frowned. "Not my problem anymore." And then set his elbow on the table and cupped his chin in his hand, counting the minutes.

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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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Nazreen would miss those who were graduating this year, she already knew it, as she looked over each of their adorable faces one last time. Even the ones that weren't part of her own house were very dear to her. Even the ones who seemed to hate her class and even her, she didn't judge them for it, she remembered not liking every class too. Naz also knew it wasn't about her. This was their time, their Hogwarts, so if they didn't like her, she let it slide right off and offered them tea anyway. When tiny little @Pixie Clarke-Trickett  (who was growing up too fast in her opinion) was the first to answer she absolutely beamed. The Head of House was always extra proud when her little lions were the first to roar. "Hello Pixie." She had replied when the small witch greeted her, a smile bright on her tanned face. "I'm very happy to hear you and Bethany have had such a lovely year, great work." She told her just as the next student began,

Next up was @Oighrig Jardine ig, who she knew was soon to be gone from these halls and off to her next big thing. Nazreen could tell right away that the Ravenclaw was destined for so much. She was one of the students Naz had seen actually applying what she learned here directly toward her real interest, potions, and Naz was proud to have helped her along the way. "Something to be proud of Ms. Jardine." She told her softly, honestly, because Herbology wasn't always as easy and simple as a lot of people thought it was. Next up was a wonderful up and coming Hufflepuff who's plant was one of the most impressive. "You're care for the Shrivelfig has been excellent Mr. Cresswell, really, top notch." Nazreen admired the plant even as the smell began to float about the room. Unfortunately she'd smelt much worse, dealing with fertilizer and Hagrid and such on a regular basis. She turned her back to them for a moment, rummaging in a cupboard and breaking a tea glass on the dirt floor before finding some empty vials. She passed them quietly to @Aldous Cresswell as the next student began speaking.

Next up was another Hufflepuff upperclassman and Nazreen moved further down the long slab of a table to stand closer to @Lena Mason as she spoke. "Wonderful, that is absolutely correct. Use in moderation, as with all things." She winked brightly, half thinking about the pint of Firewhiskey she had saved for tonight. Everything in moderation. Next up was  @Meredith Emerson and Nazreen smiled at the young witch, remembering the camping trip the class had taken last year and her aptitude for baking. "Oh you're making us hungry Ms. Emerson." She beamed, a light chuckle coming from her mouth before she praised the young witch's work. "You've done splendidly, I'd say she loved all the hot chocolate and tea."

There were plenty of students who just seemed to be accident prone and the next up happened to be one of them. Every where she looked there was another Trickett and Nazreen though it was wonderful they all had so much family at Hogwarts. The castle could be a scary thing, if all alone, and she was glad to hear the Trickett's never were. Every year more of them seemed to pour in. She hated the idea of him using his plant for bait but the fact that he took it for boat rides on the lake made it a little better. "Well done." She said softly, moving along to the next plant and next student. One of her newest little lions was also turning into a bit of a menace, especially when another first year witch was around, but Nazreen enjoyed their exciteability. She'd never stand in the way of their enthusiasm but she did manage a cringe when he basically ripped the plant right from it's pot. "Oh dear, it's okay.." She said, moving forward and helping him repack the plant into it's cozy bed. She'd show him how to fix it after they'd all had a chance to speak.

She honestly had assumed Mr. Donnelly was never going to speak to the class, only whisper to Ms. Gwartney, but when she heard the Hufflepyff encouraging him to participate she gave her a brilliant smile. She could of hugged her for that, what a good friend. Of course she was less impressed with the Ravenclaw's answer, but at least he had said something right? She tried to not look disapointed and nodded. "Alrighty, thank you." She said, not wanting to single anyone out. Thankfully Ms. Winifred chimed in shortly there after and Nazreen's dead pan face returned to it's usual grin. "Wonderful work Ms. Gwartney. It has many uses, and you've done a great job, look at those petals!" She said, pointing out how white and healthy they looked. One of the last students to speak was Andronicus and Nazreen nodded along as he did. "Indeed Mr. Lovecraft, well done."

After the remaining students had taken spoken Nazreen turned to look at them all again and gave them one last look over. Like this was some sort of moment she wanted to commit to memory because the end of term was always bittersweet. She loved that they were moving forward, but she wished they would stay young forever. Her heart ached for those of her students who were forced to grow up too fast with all of the horrible things they'd been through in the last few years. Thankfully this term had been so peaceful it had almost been boring. With a wave of her hand tea cups began floating about the green house and finding their ways in front of students. Little boxes of various types of tea bags landed with metallic clunks all over the table and tins of cookies followed suit. "Take the rest of the time to take a look at each other's plants, chat, and have a bit of a snack. You've all done great work this term. If any of you would like to take your plants home with you over summer please let me know so we can make arrangements. Otherwise, they will be here waiting for you when you return."

"To those of you who are graduating this term, I just want to thank you. It has been my pleasure." Grabbing her own bit of tea and cakes she leaned up against a counter.

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Winifred Gwartney [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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The Hufflepuff beamed at the professor, a wide smiling gracing her features as she praised her plant. She glanced down at her jasmine plant in pleasure and with pride, touching one of the petals gently. They were pretty and healthy, weren't they? She couldn't have been happier and even Mr. Grumpy next to her, crossing his arms in front of him, couldn't dampen her mood.

As the professor dismissed the class, Wini glanced down at her jasmine plant and then up towards the professor, thinking it  through. "Think I should take it home with me?" she asked absently in Lip's direction knowing he'd probably just grumble a reply at her. She touched the little white petals again as she thought it over then shook her head, patted Loomley still sleeping in her pot in goodbye, and grabbed her bag.

"Another class done," she said as she looked at Lip with a grin. "Aren't you happy?"



Aase Trickett-Cassoway [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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It was hard to believe the last Herbology class of term was already upon them; time had moved so quickly and so slowly at the same time.

Aase watched with interest as each of her classmates shared a tidbit or two of what they’d learned from their respective charges, smiling politely as each of them spoke in turn (but especially at her cousins, Pixie and Jari, and at some of the more timid-appearing First Years). Her mouth formed an ‘O’ of surprise, however, when she laid eyes on Aldous’s impressively tall Shrivelfig plant.

She spotted Loomley peeking out of Winifred’s pocket, and felt a fleeting twinge of envy; the Fourth Year had gotten accustomed to the little creature hanging out with Aase herself during lessons. He was a comforting presence, much like Ralph.

When her turn came around, she folded her hands neatly in front of her on the workbench. There had been a time in the not-so-distant past when speaking up in front of the class would have left her quaking in her boots – but she had grown much this year.

“I’ve been caring for witch hazel,” she began, gesturing towards the plant before her. It was a curious-looking plant, resembling a sea urchin: dark brown bulbs with a plethora of spindly green leaves that looked more like spines than flora.

“It’s most commonly used in a diluted solution as an antiseptic, mostly to clean minor cuts and scrapes. It shouldn’t be used more frequently than about once per day, however, as it can dry out the area too much which then interferes with the healing process.”

This was old news, though; something she’d shared when she first chose the plant at the beginning of term. Now for the new piece.

“Last month I successfully brewed a simple topical antiseptic solution from it, and tested it on a scrape on my own knee. I learned that it has the added effect of a cooling sensation as it evaporates, which can help with pain relief. The result is even better if the solution is put into a bottle and spritzed onto the area as a mist.”

Her chest swelled with proud satisfaction as Professor Ajay praised her. Granted, the professor had praised everyone who had spoken up, but Aase appreciated it all the same; the older woman was her favorite professor.

Once the class broke for tea, snacks, and admiring others’ work, Aase made her way to the other side of the bench and complimented Aldous’s work with the Shrivelfig; it really was something!

Before she knew it, Professor Ajay was calling an adjournment. Aase packed up her things, lingered a moment to say goodbye to a few classmates, thanked Professor Ajay for a wonderful year, and filed out of the greenhouse after her classmates.
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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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As much as Herbology was a weak point for her, Jacqueline did genuinely enjoy the class and its professor. The Scottish witch had worked diligently throughout the term to care for her particular charge, and to her delight she hadn’t managed to kill it; in fact, it seemed to be doing rather well. She was looking forward to hearing about her classmates’ plants and their discoveries and successes. There was no telling when such information would come in handy.

She nodded politely and listened attentively as each student shared round-robin style. However, she frowned slightly as Phillip mentioned he had been caring for asphodel; they had each chosen a unique plant during the first lesson (or so she’d thought), and so the Scottish witch wasn’t quite sure how she and her fellow Prefect had ended up with the same plant. In any case, that was no matter now; it certainly wasn’t a competition.

Andy was next, and she beamed at him as he shared his discovery. How useful for him, indeed!

“Wormwood, also known as asphodel” – she gestured to the flora before her – “is a verra bitter herb with distinct leaves that has a long history of use in potion-making, mostly as an infusion. It can also be used as a component of certain restorative or healing potions.”
Jacq paused a moment for breath.
“This year in Potions, we brewed Draught of Living Death, one of the most famous infusions. Other popular infusions that use wormwood are Elixir to Induce Euphoria and Shrinking Solution.”

Professor Ajay thanked her for her contribution, and she nodded her head in thanks. Once the discussion had moved on and they broke for tea and snacks, Jacq admired the yellow flower that Andy’s agrimony had produced. All too soon it was time to pack up; Jacqueline thanked Professor Ajay and headed back to the castle with Andy.
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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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It had been a bit of a letdown, getting a Wiggentree for the year-long assignment, but it had been a constant in Roderick's life in a year that had gone sideways for him. The tree had grown from the sapling he had been given in fall term, into a healthy young tree. In a few years, it would be infested with Bowtruckles, but right now it brought Roderick a sense of satisfaction. Proof that he had gotten something right this year.

The round of plant summaries came to him, much to his annoyance. He hadn't cared too much for the social aspects of Professor Ajay's teaching, but she knew her plants well and she hadn't written him off in January like so many other instructors had. Roderick coughed, clearing his throat. "Right, then. I was growing a Wiggentree. It's a magical species in the genus Sorbus, and the closest magical relative of the regular rowan tree. It is hypothesized that rowans grew from less magical specimens of Wiggentree, resulting in their strong properties as a wand wood." This was the most eyes that had been on him in a while. Cousin Andronicus and his girlfriend, the Hufflepuff prefect - it was normal, classroom attention, but Roderick felt on edge anyway. "The bark and twigs have protective and restorative properties that make Wiggenbark perfect for healing potions, such as the Wiggenweld potion. As adults, the trees are colonized and protected by Bowtruckles, but this one hasn't been infested yet." Some looks at that. He cleared his throat again.

This was a - what did the Muggles call it?- a "Hail Mary" move, but he needed to secure Professor Ajay's recommendation. "Since it's my final year, and I have nowhere to keep it at home, I thought I'd make some Wiggenbark tea for m'self. It's not as powerful as a potion, but it's a good pick-me up." And it made Archie feel better when he was recovering. Roderick took  a large box out of his bag and opened it, revealing rows on rows of little tea sachets. "I made extra - I think there's enough in here for everyone to take one or two." A wary look from the crowd- "S'not poison, I promise. Anyway, help yourself at the end of class."

It didn't really matter if anyone took some home. The key was it was his project, it was tea, and Professor Ajay was beaming at him. At the end of class, he slipped the recommendation letter request on her desk with an extra satchet, and snuck away.

Phillip Donnelly [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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"If you feel like having something to babysit all summer...." He said to her honestly, not really thinking it might be a mean thing to say. If she wanted to take her plant home he wasn't really going to stop her but he wasn't going to encourage it either. It wasn't like she would get extra credit or something. He wasn't planning on taking his plant home. Honestly he wouldn't even take a second to consider it. He didn't want the thing, he never had, and the Professor could keep it or trash it for all he cared. Phillip shrugged his book-bag over his shoulder and rolled his eyes at all the nerds who were going to take their plants home with them. Maybe they were really into Herbology, he didn't know, and he wasn't planning on finding out.


He replied to Wini with a dead look on his face before sighing. Honestly though, he was glad to have another class done. And especially that it was Herbology, which was beyond annoying. He had been counting down the minutes since they started the term but now that the end of their sixth year was so close Phillip had to keep reminding himself he wasn't dreaming. Soon enough they'd be gone, and then summer would be over, and then of course they'd be back (whatever), but then after that they would graduate and Phillip would be free. No more nonsense adults telling him what to do. No more stupid Prefects pin guilt tripping him every time he turned a corner. He could control his own fate. "You ready?" He asked Wini before following her out of the classroom and back toward the castle.


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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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Andy smiled as Jacq began to take her turn. He was so used to her accent and the words she used that it was almost second nature to him now. He'd grown up listening to that thick dialect and he could decipher it better than most of his classmates probably could. He thought it was cute, just another thing that was so unique and special about his girlfriend. He also loved thinking about her as his girlfriend, it was a recent change but he felt so strongly about it he was pretty sure the amazement would never go away. Especially considering all of the ups and downs in their friendship over the years that had finally brought them here.

Next up was his cousin and Andronicus felt for the other student. He knew exactly what it was like to be a social pariah. For everyone to just assume you were the bad guy because of your name or because of ill-guided things you'd done. Andy had been there. He was still there. Every day he was faced with someone who remembered what a jerk he had been during the bad times. How he'd tortured other students in class, how he'd chosen the wrong side so many times, but he was working on changing their minds. Every day he did his best to show there was another, realer, side of him. He did have one thing that really kept him going though and that was Jacq. Somewhere along the line she'd decided he was worth forgiving and that helped Andy convince himself of the fact. He wasn't sure where he'd be right now if not for her, the teenager didn't want to think about it either.

"Thanks Rod!" Andy shouted across the table at the other Slytherin. And he grabbed a couple pouches of the tea that was offered to them, even though he didn't much care for tea, but hoped he could help convince others to do the same. Maybe Roderick wasn't the best guy out there but Andy tried to give everyone the benefit of the doubt these days. Following Jacq out of the greenhouses he offered to carry her books as they made the trip back to the castle.


Benny Rivera [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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Benny made a nervous look, eyeballing his poor plant and the weird state that it was now in. He probably should not have done that. Honestly he should have known better but he was going to hide behind the fact that he was just a first year for as long as possible. It was a good excuse, but it was about to expire and that made the Gryffindor nervous. He didn't know what next year would be like. Being a second year sounded even scarier than being a first year but there was one good thing about it. His brother was coming! So he had to figure this stuff out, and quick, so he could be a good big brother and show him what was up.

Slinking down in his seat as the others took their turns Benny tried not to beat himself up too much for his mistakes but that was easier said than done. The little wizard had a hard time letting things like this go but it helped him learn to never do it again. When the class had come to and end and they were given some free time to socialize and eat snacks Benny filled his pockets with cookies, avoided the tea from the mean Slytherin boy like it was the plague, and moved to ask the professor for some help. She didn't make him feel worse, which he appreciated, as she showed him how to properly set the plant back into the soil and a spell to help secure it. He told her he wasn't planning to bring the little guy home with him for the summer, thanked her for the cookies, and ran off to catch Tomie and the others on their way to the next lesson.


Jari Trickett [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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Jari was impressed by his cousin Aase's answer, mostly just the healing portion of it, and made a mental note to ask her about it after the lesson. If she already knew how to fix scrapes and bruises then he should probably see if she would teach him a thing or two. The wizard was clumsy by nature but adding in his obsession for Quidditch and he was at a whole new level of constantly getting injured. Nothing serious of course, and if it was serious he'd go to the Hospital Wing, but he'd love to be able to tend to the little stuff on his own. He was pretty sure Madam Pomfrey was a little too busy to be dealing with his stubbed toes every other day.

Unlike some of the others Jari didn't avoid Roderick's offer when he brought it up and the Hufflepuff took a couple of the tea packets and put them into his satchel before moving down the table to admire the monster of a plant that Aldous had managed to grow this year. It was impressive, to say the least, and Jari was a little jealous that it was probably taller than he was. If only he could grow as fast. He did not quite feel the same amazement for the smell it had been giving off earlier in the lesson though, that was certain. After he'd taken a good look he moved to the professor and asked if he could bring his plant home for the summer. The young wizard beamed when she said yes and wrote him a quick note for it.

Tucking the note into his pocket he turned and raced off toward the Great Hall. If he was lucky he could grab a few more snacks before the next class, Jari was in perpetual need of snacks these days.


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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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“Jari, did you..?” Pixie began, seeing evidence of her cousin's breakfast displayed all round his mouth, then trailed off. A year ago cleaning her teeth wouldn't have been high or indeed anywhere on her list of priorities either. “...find your plant okay?” she finished a little lamely, but by then the next person was speaking so she pretended to be very interested in what the Ravenclaw girl was saying. Unfortunately, because she was actually listening Pixie let out a snort of laughter when the girl admitted to spilling tea all over her plant, to which she quickly muttered an apology and sunk down a little in her seat.

It was a relief when Jari spoke, because she knew he wouldn't mind if she giggled, and she was still listening, too. When he'd finished, she whispered “fancy brewing that potion together sometime? The fourth floor classrooms are normally empty on Thursday afternoons” The fact that it was a specific potion with a specific purpose wasn't important. Pixie just liked an excuse to get her cauldron out and play with spell ingredients, especially when they were practically told to do it as a part of their assignment.

This had been a good lesson. Really, it had been a good year as far as herbology was concerned. Pixie had always thought it was a fairly dull subject, but there was something about getting a decent grade that made it suddenly more interesting in her eyes. What was even more interesting were the bags that now appeared in front of them and... “Cookies!” Pixie reached for the nearest couple of bags and examined them “Chocolate chip or...double choc chip?” she asked with a giggle, claiming one for herself and leaving the other within her cousin's reach. And then, she did two things that would have been unthinkable a year earlier. Firstly, she approached Professor Ajay and got permission to take her plant home with her for the summer, and then she took a couple of the teabags the Slytherin boy had offered, murmuring a quiet "Thanks" and not quite meeting his gaze.

Well, he did say they weren't poisoned, she thought as she left the greenhouse, munching on a cookie. Anyway, she could always make a cup for her little brother first, just to make sure..!

[Pixie out]

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Re: [lesson 2] where there is tea, there is hope [all years]
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Sitting next to Benny, JR thought the two of them looked like the saddest picture. Both of their plants looking worse for wear. The Slytherin wasn't exactly a Herbology whiz and he had certainly spent more time focused on Flying and Potions, two subjects Wyatt Sr were most important. Coincidentally, the same subjects he had excelled in. His Shrivelfig plant, which JR had thought originally was dittany, was not looking very healthy. It's leaves were droopy and almost wet to the touch, possibly from him over watering it in the last week or so trying to bring it back to life after forgetting about it for a few weeks.

He had shifted restlessly in his chair as the other students went around talking about their own plants and JR prodded his in the pot, a bit envious of others who seemed to have better luck. It was a very good thing that Professor Ajay didn't seem to mind that he almost killed his class assignment and so he didn't feel that terrible about it in the long run. Besides, it kind of made him feel better that Benny was in the same boat as him. JR didn't like to use the first year excuse the way his Gryffindor friend did, but he wasn't objecting to it this time.

There was always next year to improve, he thought, as the professor dismissed class and he swung his arms through his bag. He opted for a no on the bringing the plant home; he was pretty sure it would fair even worse there unless he got his mum to take care of it for him. But he smiled and waved a little goodbye to the professor before heading out to his next class, eager to be headed to the pitch for Flying.


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