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Author Topic:  [DREAM MAGIC] For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own. [all yrs]  (Read 127 times)

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Samm [ OOC Account ]
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NPC Dream Magic professor with permission from @Mel <33

Waltzing into the class Professor Rosemary Pearl knew it was only a matter of time before her students fell asleep. Not out of boredom, of course, because the witch knew she was far too entertaining for that. Their slumber was by design, naturally. Dressed to the nines the timeless witch wasted no time removing chic sunglasses and pulling her silk scarf from her neck and getting a good look at the students before her. Some of them would be graduating soon, some of them she wasn't sure would ever graduate. Never the less, she was charged with teaching them and so she would. Clapping wrinkled, but perfectly manicured, hands together she demanded their attention and the black board behind her sprung to life.

The title of today's lesson etched it's way in elegant script across the board. "Dream magic isn't just about deciphering dreams, it is, at it's core, about controlling them. I expect each of you to be able to influence not only your own dreams, but the dreams of others." She stopped for a moment, remembering she wasn't supposed to be teaching them how to mess with each other's minds. Teenagers, especially young witches, were ruthless and even though she loved the drama that came from it she knew she'd get an ear full later if she taught them to terrorize one another. "But more on that later." She finished with a wink before her darkly lined eyes darted to a child in the corner that was about to wake a sleeping Zandrugora plant. "No darling, if you value your sleep don't touch that." The Zandrugora was a deep purple hue, meaning it was nearly out of it's pubescent stage, but like little witches it was ridiculously vindictive in it's teenage years. If disturbed it would surely cause night terrors.

"Now each of you has a dreaming tonic and an eye mask at your station." She held hands out to display the little vials full of swirling glowing blue liquid she'd brewed up just for this occasion. Next to the vials were glamorous eye-masks made of soft black material that smelled faintly like eucalyptus and spearmint, they were fabulous for the delicate skin around the eyes. Not that any of her students had to worry about crows eyes yet, the envious witch thought to herself. Their 'stations' as she called them, were as they usually were. Classy white leather lounge chaises with button tufting, sparkling sliver nail-head trim, and tapered spindle feet were available to each student. Next to each lounge chair was a narrow chair side end table equipped with a vintage boudoir lamp that had crystals dangling from the edges of the floral lamp shade.

"I'd like for each of you to drink the tonic, lay back, and enter the dream world. You will experience a challenge and it is up to you to use the skills you have learned over this year to navigate your way out." She smiled mischievously, not planning to tell them that what they would encounter in their sleep was the stuff of nightmares. No, there wouldn't be any monsters or something catastrophic, this wasn't Hogwarts after all, but the devilish witch had something far worse planned for them. Each of them would find themselves in a lesson of their worst subject --completely naked-- and what happened next would be entirely up to them. The end goal would be to find a way to triumph over the dream, only that would wake them. Whether that was running away, conjuring clothes, or changing the dreamscape entirely, was their choice.

She watched them begin to down their little vials as she took a seat in her spinning chair and crossed her heeled legs. Just as they were beginning to drift away she gave them one last tidbit.

"And this assignment counts for 80% of your final grade. Have fun~"

SUMMARY: Students have been given a vial to put them to sleep so that they each experience their own version of the same dream. In the nightmare they are in a lesson of their worst subject and they are completely naked -- the horror! Students are tasked with finding a way to control the dream and get out. Get creative with the magic, the dreams, and do anything you want! PM me if you want some ideas XD
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Emily Rhodes [ Wampus ]
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Emily was sitting in her seat in her Dream Magic class and was currently wishing she was anywhere but there. Dreams weren't really her thing, but she needed a few Divination classes for graduation. That probably wasn't the best reason for taking the class, but as long as it fulfilled a requirement for graduation, Emily was happy to do it. She wondered what today's class topic would be.

The professor walked in, dressed rather old-fashioned, with oversized sunglasses, a scarf, and bright looking clothes. If Emily was honest with herself, and most of the time she was, the professor's clothes hurt her eyes. This was exactly why she preferred dark colors and clothing. Then, she clapped her hands and class seemed to begin. Something appeared on the board, writing, which read Controlling the Outcome. Emily had no idea what that meant, but she assumed she was soon to find out.

The professor began speaking, explaining what today's lesson was all about. Judging by the words on the board, the lesson was all about controlling the outcome of whatever dream was experienced. The professor went on to explain that they were to drink the tonic provided to them, lay back in their seats, put their sleep masks on, and enter the dream world. The objective? Experience a challenge and figure out how to deal with that challenge. That didn't sound too difficult. Emily put her sleep mask on, laid back in her seat, and drank the contents of the vial.

Oh, how wrong she was about how difficult this objective was. The dream wasn't a dream at all. It was a nightmare. She was in the classroom of her worst class and, to make matters worse, the red-haired teenager was completely nude. What in the cruddy heck is going on here? And, why am I naked?! I demand my clothes back, right now! Even in her thoughts, she sounded indignant. She covered her chest with her arm and hand, then began looking around for clothes. Wait, if the task was to control the dream, maybe she could control the dream enough to at least get clothes. Once she got clothes, she could begin to focus on finding a way out.

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Dream Magic certainly wasn't Alohilani's favourite subject at Ilvermorny, but it sure wasn't her worst either. The main thing that the Hawaiian witch enjoyed about Dream Magic was the really, really comfy lounge chairs that they always got to laze around on. As she settled back into the leather seat, Alohilani nodded to herself. Those seats definitely were her favourite part of the lesson. Spotting the vial on the table beside her as Professor Pearl mentioned it, the young Pukwudgie picked it up as she continued to listen to the instructions. At the mention of a challenge, Alohilani smiled brightly, hoping that the challenge was the fun kind like the ones she got to do in the Adventure Cadets.

Downing the contents of the vial in one, she shifted around the seat to get comfier, hearing the professor say something else in her vague periphery. 80% of their grade! And she was only telling them this now?! The frustration she felt carried over into the dreamscape, as she swung her head around disorientated in the middle of... Transfiguration? A cold breeze from the open window sent a shiver down her spine, and alerted her to a more pressing matter. "You've got to be kidding me." She muttered under her breath, as she looked down to find she was completely without clothes. Okay, this was fine. Glancing at the crazy complicated diagrams on the blackboard, and everyone else so engrossed in doing whatever ridiculously hard magic (that she could never achieve) they were supposed to be doing, Alohilani found she was more bothered about the fact that she was useless at this type of magic than she was about being naked. Silently, she shrugged to herself. She had nothing to be embarrassed about if everyone noticed her lack of attire, everyone had bodies, after all. Plus, Alohilani thought her's was rather nice as far as bodies went.

Her wand was clearly the most important tool to control the dream, the Hawaiian witch decided. Spying it a little further away from her (because of course, this couldn't possibly be that easy), Alo sneakily ducked down under her desk and slowly crawled on her hands and knees, victoriously snatching up her wand, and shuffling back to her seat. Re-taking her place, Alohilani felt her jaw drop that no one, not one person had noticed her escapades. It made her extremely concerned that she was missing something that was obviously super, duper important and she was going to get in so much trouble for it. But it was just a dream. How on Earth could it be important? It was probably just some gibberish that she'd sub-consciously made up, Alohilani reasoned.

Twirling her wand in her hand, the youngest Ku'umomimakamae sibling attempted to quietly conjure some clothes so that she could slip out of the class. She didn't quite succeed in that department, but the pale blue cloth she conjured was quickly made into a very short sarong. It barely covered her, but it did the job well enough. This was her dream, which meant maybe she could somehow make it back to Moloka'i for even a few seconds. Yes, that was her goal. Now that people wouldn't stare at her quite so much, Alohilani fled the Transfiguration classroom and started to head towards Shackamaxon. Her plan was to make it to somewhere connected to the floo network and use it to get to her parent's place of work.

Isis Arceneaux [ Thunderbird ]
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Isis could honestly say she enjoyed almost all of her classes, but there were some that she found easier than others. And some that made absolutely no sense, but she played along and pretended she understood what was going on even though she had no clue. Dream magic fell into the latter category. Isis loved the idea of magical dreams, or being able to do magic through dreaming (or whatever it was that she was actually supposed to be doing), but when it came to actually passing...that was a different matter entirely, for she had no idea how she was supposed to control her dreams.

But she was eager, she was enthusiastic, and as a girl not prone to nightmares she was also entirely fearless so she settled back (first removing her shoes so she didn't leave marks on the bed-thingy) whirled the pretty vial of liquid in front of her eyes for a minute or two, enjoying how it swirled inside the glass, and then put her mask on. Then she realised she wouldn't be able to see to open the vial, so she lifted it back over one eye to uncork the bottle, and then took another few seconds to sniff it. "Nice" she whispered to herself, wondering if it was going to taste as good as it smelled. Then, as she resettled the mask over her eyes, her hand dropped down by her side and she drifted...

...it was nice here, just lying on this couch and letting her thoughts wander. Isis vaguely wondered what the potion was supposed to do. She'd assumed it was meant to induce sleep, but she just felt calm and relaxed, and very, very peaceful. Maybe the idea was not to fall asleep?

She heard laughter, and realised that she must have fallen asleep after all. Oh, no! She'd slept right through the class and now everyone was laughing at her for lying there while Professor Pearl was waiting to dismiss the class! Reaching up, she pushed the mask up her forehead and looked around uncertainly, and then jerked awkwardly upright. Why were people pointing at her? It wasn't that funny to have fallen asleep in class...it was dream magic after all...and then she realised that something was wrong, and she looked down at herself and instinctively curled up on the couch to cover herself.

 "What happened..?" she asked weakly, looking around at the laughing, pointing, crowing students, many several years older than she was "Did someone...did...where are my clothes?" her voice got louder, a panicked cry as she wrapped her arms around herself and looked for an escape route. If she could just get out of the classroom...

But something didn't make sense. While the students were laughing, Professor Pearl was sitting at her desk, reading a book about clowns. And folded neatly on the desk was set of clothes...Isis's own clothes? The girl made her choice. Leaping to her feet, she bolted for the desk, grabbing the pile of clothes and diving behind the professor's desk with them - who didn't react at all to the fact there as a naked student in her class. The laughter continued, but Isis ignored it, trying to figure out why she couldn't find her way into her clothes. Her horror increased as she realised that inexplicably, all the seams had been sewn shut. Something was very, very wrong here!


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