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Benny Rivera [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [EoT] She lives in a fairytale [Tomie, Ickles]
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Benny shot a glance at Tomie, knowing she'd understand his apprehension about getting his hopes up for summer camp. Maybe they would both get lucky and get scholarships, but if not for that there was no way he was going to be able to go. Even if he wanted to. It was easier to stay quiet as they talked about it than it was to get his hopes up. He finished up every bite on his plate, syrup, and crumbs included, as they went over some things they'd heard about the camp before he finally spoke up.

"I heard you can't do magic there though," Benny said suddenly, looking up from his now empty plate and seriously considering adding a little bit more to it. It wasn't as good as his mother or Lola's cooking but it was still pretty good. And if he added enough spices and pepper to it it was close. He gave in to the thought, loading a bit more onto his plate and continued. "I guess that's no different than any other summer though..." Benny mused, but in reality, after his very first year at Hogwarts he was sort of sad to be leaving magic behind for two whole months. They'd spent every day for more than half a year learning and practicing and he for one was going to miss it. He loved magic.

Hyperion Hollyoake [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [EoT] She lives in a fairytale [Tomie, Ickles]
« Reply #16 on: May 15, 2020, 06:58:53 PM »
"Give over, Benny!" the Mancunian Hufflepuff expressed in between bites of beef stew, his head turned to Benny. Admittedly he hadn't looked very closely at the pamphlet, simply just asked his parents to see if he could go. "I guess that's sound for us, I reckon?" He'd wondered whether there was a charm to prevent such use of magic, or if they would simply take away their wands when they got there. It seemed likely that there was a charm that detected the use of magic, but Rion shuttered visibly at the thought of giving up his wand.

"So Benny, listen on this," muttered Rion, using his fork to gesticulate as he talked, "I 'eard tha' our kid Archie might go, mind 'e's gotta put it past his fam." exclaimed Rion, pointing off in the distance with the tines of his fork, to nowhere in particular. Tiny particles of stew flung themselves where he gestured, luckily none landing anywhere in particular. Everyone knew about Archie's scary older brother, Roderick. He shoved another piece of beef stew into his mouth, chewed at at, and went on.

"Camp though? Mad fer it!" exclaimed Rion, who definitely wanted some time to spend with his friends, and maybe write some music at camp. "Maybe it'll be a dead good time for my writin' tunes, eh?" He nudged Benny beside him.
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Re: [EoT] She lives in a fairytale [Tomie, Ickles]
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“Yep there’s quidditch,” Tomie piped up, in between licking the salt off her fingers. If there wasn’t any quidditch stuff, then would she even be interested in going? Well, honestly, yes, but only because all of her friends were. Quidditch made her interest personal. She exchanged a look with Benny, but didn't say anything. She really wanted to go on this camp.

Tomie sighed a big, happy sigh, after finishing her second dinner. One of the cool things about doing so much physical stuff this year, all her “training” was that she’d been hungrier. So she’d been eating more. Tomie was a skinny kid, she’d probably have been pretty badly impacted losing much weight, but all of her working out wasn’t a problem because she was eating a lot more too.

Any other summer. Tomie glanced at Benny. What other summers was he talking about? She smiled, amused. All their previous summers didn’t really feel like summers. Time felt a lot more divided into blocks now that they were at school.

"Writing tunes?" she piped up, more in the conversation now that she'd finished eating.

Hyperion Hollyoake [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [EoT] She lives in a fairytale [Tomie, Ickles]
« Reply #18 on: May 20, 2020, 01:34:52 PM »
"Ye know, music?" he said, correcting his speech, he'd been spending way too much time with this other Mancunian student, and the other boy's accent was bring out his a lot stronger than it usually was. "I been writin' lines all year," he said, absentmindedly drumming a Banshees tune with his fingers as he waited for the others to stop eating.

"Mind, I'm not that good, writings a bit naff at the moment," he confessed, "wrote a couple of lyrics the other day, and showed it to Kat," as he said this, he looked down in embarrassment, "Turns out I'd knicked some Banshee lyrics, in me unconscious, or whatever she'd said," explained the Hufflepuff boy, saying the last part a bit dismissively.

"Anyway, I'll stop doing yer 'ead in, with me faffin' on 'bout nothin'." he said, a tone of humility in his voice-- he didn't like talking about himself so much, but he wanted to keep the conversation going. "Tomie!" he exclaimed, turning his attention to Tomie, "Any lads try to chat you up yet this year?" he said with an air of sarcasm in his voice, his mouth set in a wide grin. "If not, they're scared of your wicked Quidditch skills." He laughed a little, trying to change the subject from SASI.
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Benny Rivera [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [EoT] She lives in a fairytale [Tomie, Ickles]
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Benny had a hard time understanding what Rion was saying sometimes, and not just Rion, a lot of the students that weren't from England or close by where Benny had grown up. The young wizard hadn't spent much time outside of their neighborhood other than shopping in Diagon and when they headed out for the train so all of these accents were still so new for him. He blinked a few times, his go-to expression when he was trying to keep up with a conversation, and then nodded. Music makes sense. He knew Rion liked music but he didn't know the boy wrote his own stuff. Silently he wondered if Hyperion knew who Elvis was, and whether or not he was a fan of the king.

He watched Tomie as they spoke a bit about it and then his attention turned back toward whatever dessert was still sitting on the tables between them. He smiled, seeing a bowl of pudding ripe for the scooping, and brought his bowl toward it. Big spoon in hand he plopped quite a bit into his bowl, was unphased by the little pools he'd dripped onto the table, and then sat back down in his seat.

Are boys chatting Tomie up? Benny's eyebrow arched up and he frowned a little, still finding the whole idea of girls and boys weird and kind of gross. He'd seen a couple of older students kissing in the hall last week and he was still creeped out by it. Benny tried not to think about it as he spun his little spoon around in the bowl of pudding he was not as interested in eating anymore. The twelve-year-old would figure all of this out soon enough, but for now, Tomie was his best friend and basically his sister and the idea of weird boys chatting her up was odd to him. He wasn't a fan.

"How bout those Griffins?" He said, changing the subject awkwardly and with a serious lack of stealth.


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