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[Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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Volume 17: July 2003


In Sweden, new Minister for Magic Ingmar Svensson has been working hard to repair the reputation of his country on the world stage. At the beginning of the month he was busy restructuring his cabinet, ousting staunch Nyström supporters. His next priority was to announce several education reforms in conjunction with Russian Minister Kasimir Krupin, whom Svensson has been visiting in Moscow (for more, see our special coverage). It appears the two Heads of State have already forged the foundations of a strong friendship, perhaps kickstarted by Svensson's previous role in International Magical Cooperation.

Clearly impressed with Svensson's quick work so far, the International Confederation of Wizards has invited Sweden to table talks with other member states. This follows Svensson's early announcement last month that he wished to work on new trade agreements. German Minister Blumenthal has already publicly announced a willingness to redraft existing agreements with Sweden, as has British Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt. French Minister Adaline Chartrand has thus far remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped.

In other news, Nils Nyström has not been heard from nor seen since his removal from office. Reports this week from British Ministry insiders have exclusively revealed to the Prophet that Svensson handed Nyström to the ICW, and from there, MACUSA President Diane Robinson headed a taskforce consisting of Aurors from her own Congress alongside those from the British, German, and French Ministries to move Nyström to an unplottable location where he is being imprisoned.
koldovstoretz & durmstrang
After lengthy communication between Russian Minister for Magic Kasimir Krupin and newly-appointed Swedish Minister for Magic Ingmar Svensson have decided on several gestures of 'good faith' in attempt to smooth over the political unrest from the previous year. Svensson believes these are the first steps to uniting a broken Sweden after the removal of the previous minister, Nils Nyström.

First, the two Ministers have decided to implement an exchange program between Durmstrang Institute and Koldovstoretz Academy. Students from each school will be randomly selected and highly encouraged to transfer to the opposite school for an as-yet-undetermined length of time. Additionally, Durmstrang has been ordered to begin courses in Muggle Studies beginning this coming fall. Finally, the admission of Muggleborn students will be allowed beginning this upcoming school year.

Over the summer, intensive Swedish language programs will be implemented for transferring Koldovstoretz students to prepare them for Durmstrang, which will take place from Monday, July 21st through Friday, August 1st in Döttrar Vik. Because of this mandatory immersion program, the classes at Durmstrang will still be taught in Swedish for the next year - however, Russian will be permitted to be used outside of classes to accommodate those without prior Swedish knowledge.

Furthermore, each Koldovstoretz student will be matched one-for-one with a Durmstrang student mentor, and vice-versa. To discourage animosity, the two students will be evaluated jointly on pass/fail basis for the year based on their collaborative success; there will be strict punishment for failures. Of note, this collaborative evaluation is separate from performance in lessons.

OOC Note: This plot is to provide IC reasoning for the OOC 'closing' of Koldovstoretz as a played school; therefore, on an OOC basis, all existing Koldovstoretz students will be 'selected' to transfer to Durmstrang while no existing Durmstrang students will be transferring to Koldovstoretz. Please refer to the original announcement, and contact a member of the Admin team with any questions.
summer camp
Do you love the outdoors? Are you interested in athletics, the sciences, or the arts? Would you like to meet new friends and make lifelong friends? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then our camp might be the perfect fit for your summer vacation. The Stowe Arts & Sciences Institute (SASI) would like to extend an invitation out to this year’s summer enrichment opportunity taking place in Stowe, Vermont, USA. Join us for Session I (July 21st~August 1st), Session II (August 4th~August 22nd), or all five weeks for an exciting adventure in the beautiful town located at the foot of Vermont’s highest peak, Mount Mansfield.

The camp is open to students of any school in the wizarding network, including incoming first-years or graduating seventh years, allowing for an exciting opportunity to make new friends from all over the world! While the use of magic is not permitted during the summer experience, attendees are welcomed to take a variety of courses for leisure or, at a small additional fee, for professional development certificates. These professional development opportunities are also a great way to add to your resume in preparation for your future career! Apart from classes, attendees can participate in volunteer activities, outdoor excursions, performances, and much more! Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with financial aid available on a first-come, first-served basis. Register today!


With the end of the Quidditch season upon us, a number of other, less celebrated magical games vye for the attention of the wizarding world. This month, we are spotlighting one of these competitions - the International Gobstones Championship tournament.

This popular children’s game has a small but dedicated fan base across the world, with most wizarding communities fielding at least one professional team. In Britain, the training of future Gobstones champions begins at Hogwarts School, in the Hogwarts Interhouse Gobstones League.

HIGL (pronounced “Higgle”), not to be confused with the Gobstones Club, the Hogwarts Competitive Gobstones Team, the Gobstones Society, or any of the numerous other intra-house gobstones societies at the school, is known in the Gobstones community as a training ground for future professional Gobstoners. Many members of the National English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish teams started in the HIGL, with top players joining the Competition Team in their last few years of schooling.
Lysander Leighton, Muggle Liaison Officer and former captain of Hogwarts Interhouse Gobstones League (1992 - 1994), says that the appeal for many comes from the strategy and physical skill involved. “With Quidditch, there is the physical adeptness, of course, but it’s not a strategy game, it’s an instinct game, and the big field can be frustrating for spectators trying to watch all the action. Wizard Chess, on the other hand, that’s well known as a strategy game, but turns take five hundred years and requires no training, physically. Gobstones, at least in the Classic variant played professionally, requires a keen eye for visualizing where the stone goes, plus the skill to get the stone to follow through.” This explanation was accompanied by a demonstration, but unfortunately the photographer was unavailable for reasons of extreme boredom.

Ramsey Hurdy, an official from the Department of Magical Sports and Games, commented “Oh, have you been talking to Leighton? He’s a nut for Gobstones, very annoying. He and maybe two other people in the Ministry are the only reason we haven’t cut the Gobstone funding entirely.” Leighton’s comments in response were not fit for publication.

The first qualifying games of the season, Ireland v. Canada and Lithuania v. Korea, begin July 12th, with brackets weekly until the title matches in September.


Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt has this week been meeting urgently with the Muggle Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair, following an intrusion at Buckingham Palace. This is the third incident of its kind in a matter of weeks, following similar break-ins at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh and Balmoral in Aberdeenshire, with both Magic and Muggle leaders understandably concerned about the intent of the perpetrator(s). Obliviators working on palace staff who interacted with the man have stated that he appears simply to be a royal fanatic, with interest in the rooms usually closed off to the public.

Minister Shacklebolt has confirmed the man in question is a wizard who is Apparating into the royal residences. Shacklebolt has begun talks with Mr Blair about warding these and other important buildings in Britain against Apparition. While this will be a welcome boost in work for some offices in the Department of Accidents and Catastrophes, it has also highlighted Muggle advancements in technology that are becoming more and more of an issue for our Ministry and maintaining the International Statute of Secrecy.

Muggles now employ “CCTV” in increasing numbers across their cities and towns. It is a type of camera that can hold images for hours, days, even weeks. The Muggle Prime Minister is apparently looking to task a special team within MI5 with doctoring CCTV footage to hide public displays of magic, to work alongside Ministry Obliviators and members of the Muggle Liaison Office.

Anyone with knowledge of the identity of the Palace Intruder should owl the Auror Office urgently.

bastille day
If you drop by the wizarding town of Chatoeil on le 14 juillet you’ll be sure to enjoy the festivities and spectacle of the Bastille Day celebrations. In salute to the French national day, there will be a parade around the Town Square and up the Rue de Beauxbatons. Restaurants, local businesses, and nonprofit organisations will set up a market in the square providing French cheese, produce, wine and bread to locals and visitors alike. Families with small children, be sure to stop by the library, where librarians and city officials will lead workshops to make rosettes and garlands. A small number of musicians from the Chatoeil symphony orchestra will provide live music throughout the day, and to wrap up the festivities, there will be a fireworks display in the evening.

LETTER: celebrity is as celebrity does
I know we’ve all been disappointed by the Prophet’s moral content before, but in recent years I’ve come to expect more from this fine paper. I’m hurt and offended, in light of this fact, that the Daily Prophet would promote an album by known misogynist Charlie Baker and his band. I’ve forbidden my daughter from attending any more of their concerts or purchasing their albums, as it falls to me, apparently, to promote good values to our young witches when our newspaper refuses to. I beg the Prophet to please let Mr. Baker’s actions speak for themselves, and let his career fade into obscurity where it’s meant to be.
Ministry Orientation has kicked off mid-July -- a time which some Ministry Officials recall fondly, and others book a six week holiday to Bermuda to avoid.

For those who have never worked at the Ministry, Orientation is up to six weeks of introductory courses and job-shadowing for newly-graduated students entering the workforce (most, for the first time!). Activities include: Ministry Induction (signing any security documents, submitting wands for inspection and records, confidentiality waivers, etc.), a Ministry tour (all floors are visited bar the Department of Mysteries), Dress Code (acceptable wizardwear for the professional environment), a Magical Ethics seminar, and break room etiquette (no pungent lunches are to be reheated on Ministry property).

New recruits are often assigned to a "buddy" or "mentor" within their prospective Office, and will spend the remaining time not in activities working alongside their mentor and learning on the job and/or beginning any required training.

Following the recent discovery of Death Eater Eris Rosier acting as a high-ranking Ministry Official, it has been reported that several ministry workers have gone missing.

Many of these witches and wizards, including Trent Tartington and Melinda Soozner, work in the Auror Office where Rosier was employed. We are told that the Ministry has launched an investigation into these missing persons. The question that begs to be answered is this: are they in league with Rosier and other unnamed dark forces and thus have gone into hiding to avoid an Azkaban fate similar to Rosier or rather, are they innocent victims to Rosier's machinations.

Both Tartington and Soozner directly report to Auror Carrick Regan of the Dublin Regan family who was unavailable to comment on his employees' unexplained disappearances, making many question if he or other Aurors are still carrying out Rosier's dark plans.

The Ministry assures us that the investigation is ongoing, but as of yet, have no updates on the missing persons. Soozner's mother Astrid Soozner pleaded with the Ministry to make haste, saying she "wants answers regarding her sweet daughter's disappearance” while also adamantly refuting any suggestions that her daughter could be part of the Death Eater conspiracy.

Recently, this reporter had the chance to journey to California for a personal event. Of course, I could not forget about the dear readers of the Prophet, who have now received their children and grandchildren back from Hogwarts and are wanting for summer holiday destinations. My humble recommendation, if one has the means, is a week in Anaheim, where a great wonder of Muggle manufacturing exists: Disneyland.

Disneyland is a “theme park”, an artificial sequence of connected towns that relate to different properties owned by the Muggle entertainment giant, Disney. While familiarity with their films may make heighten the experience, one doesn’t need to know Mickey Mouse from Donald Duck to enjoy a day here.

We escape to the Muggle world for a break from the mundanity of our lives, but Muggles cannot escape to our world. Instead, they go places that are manufactured to feel “magical”. Disneyland is a place where we can hide in plain sight and enjoy the illusion, just like them.

The park is broken into multiple sections. Fantasyland, recommended for families with young children (with appropriate control of magic) is an idyllic stroll in the Muggle imagination of the magical world. Main Street, USA gives you a sense of small town Americana without necessitating an additional Portkey reservation. Tomorrowland offers an intriguing glimpse at what Muggles imagine the future to look like. Our astrologers would be interested to know about their fascination with space travel. Space Mountain is a “roller coaster”, designed for thrill seekers. It is the joy of flying without the need to control the broom, more comfortable seats, and, comfortingly, seatbelts.

Of course one must be prepared for any excursion into Muggle society, but some of the rules we normally impose upon ourselves can be relaxed, here. Robes, as long as they are not baby blue or red, seem to cause no issue, and hats much like our traditional ones can be purchased in the shops there. As it is a tourist location, Muggles from all over the world come dressed in loud and eclectic fashion. Most any Muggle attire that your father might have in his closet - yes, even that tee-shirt found in the rubbish bin that says “TOTALLY RADICAL” in flaking ink would have a place at Disneyland.

Wands, as at any location in the Muggle world, should be kept illusioned and discreet. After the tragic events in New York two years ago, all guests to the park are subject to bag searches - pick your baggage accordingly.

If you do go visit Disney this summer, please write my desk and tell me your experience there! Happy travels, all.

Sources confirm that former Gravesend Griffin chaser Wyatt Hawkins will be throwing a huge party this weekend at his home in Gravesend to celebrate the team's recent victory. Slated to attend are former quidditch stars including Hawkins himself, Nick Idstram, and Scottie Partnell as well as the winning team including Captain Harlan Bellamy, Roxy Rathbone, and Kaelyn Hawkins. One of the Weird Sisters is even rumored to make a performance. If you’re anyone who’s anyone, this party is not one to be missed!

Speaking of Griffins and parties, Harlan Bellamy was seen getting cosy with Banshee frontman Charlie Baker's ex-wife, Kate Baker, at the Oui magazine awards for the 30 Most Influential Witches Under 30, hosted by Mr Bellamy's sister.

Earlier in the evening, Ms Baker was asked what was next on the horizon following her departure from the Banshee management team and was rather blasé, stating "Yeah I'm entertaining other endeavors. I'm spending some time expanding my creative outlets. I don't have a position lined up for management anywhere else right now." When pushed, she added that she would not be taking the stage herself "anytime soon" and that she "[doesn't] really like being the center of attention".

Was it a relief now not being in the spotlight as much as she was during her relationship? "I would say I'm in the spotlight more now that we aren't together." When asked if she had heard Banshee's latest release, Silver Lining, or knew details behind the inspiration, Ms Baker responded "No, I haven't been listening to the radio since our divorce," smiling, "after so many top-selling singles and albums, I preferred to let them work out the musical details, and I facilitated everything else. I can't say when those songs were being worked on in any specific way."

charmed cooking
Many witches and wizards steer from exotic plants at their greengrocers and apothecaries when planning their dinners -- and we don’t blame them. However, there are countless delicious and unique meals to create from the most oft-ignored fruits and vegetables, even though these delectable ingredients are often far simpler to cook and use than most would expect.

For instance, Chinese chomping cabbage, though feisty, can be easily chopped for a stew or sauté with the aid of a simple stunning spell. It pairs especially well with ginger and chili -- a fine way to add an extra bite to your weekday dinners! As a bonus, the chomping cabbage can be grown at home: fed a steady diet of beef, it will have an especially hearty flavour -- or, for additional flavour, feed it a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce once a week.

While some shy away from dirigible plums, we at the Daily Prophet encourage readers to embrace them; these tasty fruits make wonderful sugarplums that will just fly off the table. For chefs looking to innovate, dirigible plums add a refreshing, light taste to pies, and pair especially well with chocolate.

It’s been eight years since I last interviewed you and much has changed. Now that you’ve gained a rather respectable fanbase, do you feel as if the way you make music has changed over the years? Are you prouder of your more recent work or your earlier music?

   CB: Lyrically, I think I’m prouder of what we’re doing now, but there’s nothing in our records that I’m not proud of in some way. Liam’s learnt how to sing, only took a decade.
   LT: Rich from a bloke who sounds like a lifelong smoker with a head cold.
   CB: And yet, you still aren’t lead. [turning to Piper] If Sam didn’t suffer from crippling stage-fright we’d have had him up front.
   SL: It’s true. I have to change pants between sets.
   CB: Hygienic.

There are several fan favourites, is there any specific song you enjoy playing for the fans? Anything that you’d rather avoid adding to the set list at all costs?
   CB: I think our last album [Electricity] had some great tunes.
   LT: Honestly I think I favour the older stuff? Of course, coming from me a lot of that’s just whether the bass lines are fun--think we were a bit angrier then.
   SL: I wasn’t so keen on that Christmas one, with the orchestra. I played the triangle. Not a favourite. And Charlie’s no Eartha Kitt, it’s not a very sexy rendition.
   CB: F*** off, we can’t all hit those high notes… Bludger to the Head kinda feels surreal now because of how many times we’ve played it but the fans wanna hear it so we can’t, like, not. We haven’t played the four -- five, if you count the Bowie cover -- new tracks to a crowd yet but I think they’ll go down nicely.

How involved is the band in creating music? As you get more famous it only makes sense for some artists to bring in a team to outsource some of the tasks associated with your work. Have you done that? Has your label pushed for specific sorts of music?

   CB: We’ve all been working on the newer stuff together, a lot more collaboratively--
   SL: Generally we just show up with a vague idea of what the song will be about and make Charlie do his wordsmithing whatsit.
   LT: He’s very good. We’ll just give him a few bars and a gesture and he’ll make something coherent. We’ve got a psychic connection.
   CB: Liam comes into the studio in a silk kimono and inspires me with some interpretive dance. It’s how we communicate.
   LT: It’s called a dressing gown, and that was only once.
   CB: Once too many.
   LT: Listen, mate, inspiration doesn’t wait for you to get out of the bath. Anyway, we’ll all bring in ideas.
   SL: Sometimes I hammer the drum line out, like, on a table with my wand.
   CB: [to Sam] Remember when you did that in Flitwick’s class and I lost me eyebrows?
   SL: Get over it.
Apart from the fans, what drives you to continue to make music? What or better yet, who, inspires the music?
   SL: [laughs] My mum inspires me the most--
   CB: Sam’s mum inspires me the most too.

I recently heard about your divorce and to be quite honest I was rather surprised that you were married in the first place.

   LT: We weren’t surprised. Charlie’s always been an idiot.

With all of the perks that a music career has to offer and the reputation I’ve read about in the papers—what led to the disagreement that ended everything?

   CB: I kept having sex with women who weren't my wife and she disagreed with that.

Do you see yourself ever getting married again? How do you feel about performing the music that your ex-wife might have played a part in inspiring?
   CB: If I didn't sing any songs about exes, we'd be stuck playing “Twinkle twinkle.”
   LT: We think Charlie ought to stop writing songs about women altogether. Give us a ballad about a really great sandwich or something. Something he can't ruin.
   CB: Ode to BLAT.
   SL: There’s a sax solo in it.

Do you regret getting married? What or who has helped you cope? Or did you need to cope at all?

   CB: Jesus Christ, I regret having to f***ing talk about it.
   SL: We’re thinking of taking up roller derby. Can’t convince him to take the class with me.
   CB: I told you I can’t risk ruining me face.

Though we often hear about what Charlie gets up to, the fans are particularly curious about Liam and Sam's love lives as well. Do either you have a special someone in your lives and if not, what is it that you look for in them?
   SL: Liam’s looking for a really specific kind of woman now.
   CB: [laughing] Sam’s mum.
   LT: Charlie’s mum’s fitter.
   SL: Oi--

Where does the band plan to go from here?

   CB: For a pint.
   LT: Maybe a gallon.

What big things can we expect from the band this year?

   LT: Fewer divorces, we hope.


We have revamped The Daily Prophet based on member feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions in an effort to further improve the Prophet.

This issue was created by the Administration team, with additional submissions and ideas from Ashton, Emily, Fosse, Gage, Rinn, and Samm. We would like to thank Christine for the super easy to use coding, and Samm for the amazing header.

how to contribute
We would love to include more member-led stories and submissions. This can be in the form of in-character letters to the editors, rumours and gossip, or character-driven plots. You can submit your ideas to any member of the team, however if you have something in mind for a specific geographical area of the board please try to contact the admin for that area: Olivia for Hogwarts/Britain, Laura for Beauxbatons/Western Europe, Dylan for Durmstrang/Eastern Europe, and Mel for Ilvermorny/North America.

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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I don't know what made me laugh more - the Banshee interview (I will write them a song about a sandwich!!!) or the idea of Tony Blair meeting with the Ministry xD

Pixie wants to know where she signs up for summer school!

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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Pixie wants to know where she signs up for summer school!

@Carys I've just edited in the link above! <33
here is the child board where all summer school threads will be posted! sign-up is stickied in there ^^

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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New recruits are often assigned to a "buddy" or "mentor" within their prospective Office, and will spend the remaining time not in activities working alongside their mentor and learning on the job and/or beginning any required training.

@Fergie Flume is this u

alternatively, Lysander Leighton, Muggle Liaison Officer and former captain of Hogwarts Interhouse Gobstones League (1992 - 1994)

r i s k  b e i n g  c o m p l e t e l y  o p e n

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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on that note (and less fun) any new recruits in DMLE want a mentor?

h e r m i o n e   g r a n g e r
t h e   r e v o l u t i o n   w i l l   n o t   b e   t e l e v i s e d

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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@Fergie Flume is this u

alternatively, Lysander Leighton, Muggle Liaison Officer and former captain of Hogwarts Interhouse Gobstones League (1992 - 1994)

time for henry to meet old man ferg
r e m e m b e r   m e ,   l o v e ,   w h e n   i ' m   r e b o r n

a s   t h e   s h r i k e   t o   y o u r   s h a r p   a n d   g l o r i o u s   t h o r n

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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I don't know what made me laugh more - the Banshee interview (I will write them a song about a sandwich!!!) or the idea of Tony Blair meeting with the Ministry xD


I had to google who was pm in 2003 and I also found it hilarious that it was Tony Blair hahaha

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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on that note (and less fun) any new recruits in DMLE want a mentor?

gene would Die
of respect and admiration for her and such

do not know if hes qualified to work under hermione savedtheworld granger but hes one for wishful thinking

screw you. i'm hilarious

Christine [ OOC Account ]
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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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could be assigned at random because no one deserves her hovering

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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@ disgruntled

c  h  a  r  l  i  e     b  a  k  e  r
t h e r e ' s   a   s e  t   o f   r i c k e t y   s t a i r s   i n   b e t w e e n   m y   h e a r t   a n d   m y   h e a d

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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<33333! are all threads in the summer camp considered mini plots? ...asking for a friend

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - July 2003 Edition
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<33333! are all threads in the summer camp considered mini plots? ...asking for a friend

yes ::)


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