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Gabriel Gutiérrez [ Herbologist ]
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golden hour
« on: May 18, 2020, 11:34:13 PM »
"That's not Paul, you know that right?" He used air quotes liberally.

As if Liam could tell the two turtles apart— his long fingers and nose pressed up to the enclosure like a god damn six-year-year old— and as if Gabriel didn't call them both turtle on any other day. His tone was defensive to match his demeanor, but he fought a smile. How Liam hadn't spotted the strikingly unique shell that certainly did not belong to Paul (not that he would speak the name out loud because that meant he had given them names), the wizard wasn't sure.

Letting out a dramatic sigh, Gab sat back on the workstation of his greenhouse and wiped the dirt from his palms onto his already muddied jeans. It was early in the evening in California, the sun threatening to sink under the coast but seeming to pause to make the most of all that Summer had to offer, lingering just that bit longer. This was his favorite time of day, especially during this time of year, when everything was drenched in color, just before the dark.

"Thought you'd abandoned L.A.," He lifted his chin up to look at his friend, tilting his head slightly. "It's been, what—" Gabriel's dark eyes shot to the glass ceiling, the pink sky casting down on the greenery like a dream. "—months, anyway," It wouldn't have been that strange if Liam hadn't been there what seemed like every weekend to collect something or other prior to that.

"Hey, don't tap the glass," He shot up with a shake of his head, Liam holding his hands up like he was under arrest.

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Liam Thompson [ Artist ]
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Re: golden hour
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2020, 08:53:02 PM »
Liam couldn’t ever explain the magnetic fascination he had toward animals, given his general disinterest in everything about them. He’d known animal lovers and he certainly wasn’t one. Put an owl or a cat or a tank of stupid turtles in front of him, though, and Liam was there in a second.

He’d given Gabriel’s turtles names, because their owner hadn’t and that had been too nonsensically dispassionate for Liam to bear, but he couldn’t really tell them apart. “Hullo, Paulie,” he said as the more awake of the pair lifted its head to look at his hand on the glass. Paul was generally whichever one bothered to notice him first.

Apparently he was incorrect. Liam brushed off Gabriel’s admonishment with a flap of a hand, the one with a cigarette in it.  “John’s having a good day, then,” he said. He chuckled softly. Whatever insane pretense Gabe was keeping up about refusing to distinguish the turtles, he’d at least decided which was which.

Liam brought his gaze up to Gabriel as he spoke. “Almost sounds like you missed me,” said Liam with a smug little grin. “You know I don’t actually live here, yeah?” Would that he could, of course—that might have been the upside of Charlie and Kate, the thought of a permanent relocation. But now it looked like two-thirds of Banshee weren’t forsaking the British Isles anytime soon.

Well, not permanently. “We have some shows around Europe coming up,” said Liam. “Had to squeeze in a trip to see the best before we left, of course.” He gestured to Gabe, with a genuine smile but an ironic little flourish of respect.

As Gabriel had his back turned Liam lifted a finger to try and rouse the actual Paul, but he was swiftly reprimanded before he touched the tank. He stepped back abruptly, hands raised like Gabriel had a wand on him. “Merlin’s sake,” he muttered. He moved his hand slowly over to put his cigarette back between his teeth. “You act like I’m leering over ‘em with a knife.”

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Gabriel Gutiérrez [ Herbologist ]
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Re: golden hour
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2020, 11:42:08 AM »
Gabriel rolled his eyes. His chest tightened when one of the turtles— decidedly not Paul— picked up his little head, heavy with sleep, from one of the heated rocks in the enclosure. Sentimentality, was it? Despite his effort to be anything but, the wizard was a sucker for them. He'd handcrafted their home— without so much as a second thought when he found them— expansive, with plenty of room for them to roam and swim and climb. But they always ended up right there. Just beside his work station. Watching him as he did the things that he did.

Sometimes it made him feel guilty, that they had to witness them, but then again, he'd probably spent too much time alone with his thoughts.

The iguana was far less judgemental.

"There was a time you might as well have," Gab countered, studying the fresh cut on his thumb, wondering where that one had come from before his dark eyes canvassed Liam again. "Think I've lost about half my revenue, anyway..." He teased making that the reason that he'd brought it up. As much as he hated having unannounced visitors, particularly the entitled ones like Liam, there was a part of him that missed the man's unique ability to entertain. It was almost like it was his job or something.

Before he could ask how much Liam was after— a European tour, he imagined, warranted quite a bit— he'd raised his pointer finger to the glass in preparation to the do the very thing Gabriel had scolded him for all those years before. It was almost as though he could see it coming before it actually had. Liam was nothing if not predictable. "No—" Not a knife. "— just a cigarette," He pushed himself from the bench and in one fluid motion pulled out his wand to dispel the little flame at the end. "It's 2003, no one smokes inside anymore..." He returned his wand to his pocket with a scoff.

"Traveled all this way, you must need a lot this time?" Gabriel cut to business, striding forward to the enclosure, subtly gauging what level of sobriety his friend was currently in. He seemed different, calmer, was it, for him? "Want to feed them?" He asked, knowing fully that he would. He shifted by Liam to the set of drawers underneath the enclosure to reveal a misted array of greens. He'd charmed it to keep them fresh.
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Liam Thompson [ Artist ]
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Re: golden hour
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2020, 11:20:45 AM »
There was a time you might as well have. “Yeah, mate, when London was a bleedin’ war zone,” replied Liam with a light scoff. He’d spent a week or a month or a season here in the five years since, but never as long as Banshee had spent hiding out in the late nineties. “Shame they got that Swedish nutter out of office,” he said. “The refugees could’ve got your business back to booming.” It had been far nastier a comment than he’d intended to make, which he’d realized halfway through—but by that point he’d had to commit.

Liam looked away from Gabriel and back down at the turtles. He didn’t want to face whatever Gabe had to say to that. It had always felt disingenuous to liken himself to a refugee—he was as good as pure-blood, after all, and could have been perfectly fine in Britain if he’d had a better sense of when to keep his mouth shut. Both of them knew this, and while Liam may speak more, Gabriel was far better at it.

He was also more uptight about smoking. Liam grimaced back around his freshly unlit cigarette before plucking it out of his mouth to vanish it. “Americans,” he muttered, only half in jest.

At least Gabe was willing to repay him with stupid turtle tasks. Liam knew he was being treated like a bratty little kid at a petting zoo—and he had little doubt there were a number of other clients that required this also. But he also knew how much Gabriel knew he enjoyed it. “Maybe fifteen vials?” he said, noncommittally. He dangled a long lettuce leaf into the tank; even sleepyhead Paul extended his neck to investigate. “It’s only a couple weeks, but I’ve got some mates in Berlin who really like this stuff.”

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Gabriel Gutiérrez [ Herbologist ]
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Re: golden hour
« Reply #4 on: May 26, 2020, 02:16:38 AM »
Liam said it was a shame there weren't more refugees of the war in LA— for the sake of the business— a dark joke, even for him. He figured he didn't even have to react for him to know that he didn't agree, though he imagined his resting scowl had inadvertently deepened. If it weren't for his family he was more than happy for business to simply dry up. 

Dark eyes, cast in the shadow of the setting sun through the glass of the greenhouse, watched carefully as he held a piece of lettuce over the heads of turtle one and two. Gab was waiting for him to do something that he would have to correct. It was Liam after all. While on paper their friendship was purely transactional— drug supplier meet drug user— he knew the way that the other man worked. It was almost too easy to see when he was deflecting with a joke, much like the one about the refugees just moments before.

"Fifteen?" Gabriel repeated, looking back over his shoulder as he made his way to the cabinets left of the turtles. He shook his head briefly. "This better not be like the last time you asked for fifteen of these..." His voice quieter in his vaguely non-American accent. It hadn't been fifteen exactly, but either way, Liam was frantic and writing about the couches melting into the floor.

Definitely not a side effect of Nopal.

 "What's in Berlin?" He asked conversationally as he rummaged through one of the drawers. Liam was in the music business, he knew, but Gabriel had done little to research his music. He figured if he could afford such regular (and large) orders of drugs at the drop of a hat, they had to be doing alright. Instinctually, he looked back again to make sure that the other man wasn't reaching into the enclosure or something.

Liam Thompson [ Artist ]
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Re: golden hour
« Reply #5 on: May 31, 2020, 09:52:36 AM »
Gabriel didn’t acknowledge the refugee stuff, but it hadn’t occurred to Liam that he might have opinions on his order. He gave the other man a mighty roll of his eyes. Liam hadn’t ever been able to wrap his head around the sheer bollocks Gabriel had to worry about the well-being of the people he was providing with drugs. Yeah, he’d embarrassed himself before, more than once—but frankly that was none of Gabe’s business. It had been a stupid idea to write him that time. Now he thought he had license to be a busybody. “Oh, I don’t know, Mum,” Liam replied. “Want to come along and make sure I don’t down ‘em all at once?” He sniffed haughtily. “Merlin’s sake.”

What’s in Berlin? “Mates,” said Liam with another sharp exhale. “Aren’t you listening? We’re going on tour.” He shrugged and reached for another lettuce leaf. “It’s not a tight schedule, more like a vacation, really. So—got to fill up our time somehow.”

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Gabriel Gutiérrez [ Herbologist ]
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Re: golden hour
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He'd expected that kind of reaction out of Liam, didn't even bat an eye when he called him mom, and focused instead on counting the bottles in front of him. It took a couple of times starting and stopping, making sure he was being accurate, math (even simple) was not his strong suit. He avoided using his fingers to count though, as he would have without company. "There is nothing I'd like to do less..." He replied matter-of-factly.

Fourteen. He reached to the back of the shelf for another before searching for one of the nondescript, little knit bags charmed to hold any volume of supplies. They would only open at the word assigned to them, each unique, and usually bespoke to the customer. It was one of the few things Gabriel genuinely enjoyed about the whole transactional side of the work.

"Sounds like you need a vacation, wey," Gabriel said more quietly, sarcastically, pulling his wand from the front pocket of his jeans. He whispered a quick spell and tapped his wand to the bag that then flashed in the bright colors of a sarape. After loading up the contents, he turned to face Liam and leaned back against the desk.

"I would ask what's got your wand in a knot, but—" He wouldn't say that he didn't care, that wasn't entirely true, but at the moment it almost was. "Beer?" He asked instead.  Gabriel made his way to the old fridge under the desk that was usually filled with some varying degree of canned imports. that his brother usually filled up when making a trip up.
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