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[tryouts] ombrelune quidditch
« on: August 20, 2020, 11:00:08 AM »

o m b r e l u n e   q u i d d i t c h

k e e p e r:
b e a t e r:   
b e a t e r:   
c h a s e r:   
c h a s e r:   
c h a s e r:   
s e e k e r:   
séverin desrosiers (cc)
elisabeth sturm (c)
   ac # | sp #
at 9 | de 7
at # | de #
at # | de #
at # | de #
at # | de #
ac # | sp #

f o r m

name/year:   character name/year
first position:   first choice of position - if there are more people applying for a position than spots available, ic suitability will be considered and/or i may ask you for an rp sample
second position:   your backup choice
starting stats:   beater and chaser stats are for attack and defence, keeper and seeker are for accuracy and speed. scale is 1 - 10, with 10 being that of a professional quidditch player.
     beater/chaser: attack # | defense #
     keeper/seeker: accuracy # | speed #

Code: [Select]
[b][color=#2c4d70]first position:[/color][/b]   
[b][color=#2c4d70]second position:[/color][/b]   
[b][color=#2c4d70]starting stats:[/color][/b]   
     [omb][i]beater/chaser:[/i][/omb] attack # | defense #
     [omb][i]keeper/seeker:[/i][/omb] accuracy # | speed #
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