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[Announcement] The Daily Prophet - October 2003 Edition
« on: September 06, 2020, 01:46:52 AM »

Volume 20: October 2003


Dragonologists at dragon reserves internationally are cooperating with their respective Ministries of Magic to implement draconic new security measures mandated by the International Confederation of Wizards. Ministries have been asked to send teams of officials to train dragonologists in subjects ranging from damage control, Muggle liaising, Obliviation, and ethics. To facilitate this, employees of Departments of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes worldwide as well as the Departments for the Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures have been asked to undergo emergency dragon safety courses.

This follows last month's dragon reserve escape, which, though it fortunately caused no casualties, has prompted researchers and legislators internationally to call for updated safety measures. This also comes amid a rising call for increasing Ministry research into countering improved Muggle technology, as a photo taken on a Muggle digital camera drew worldwide attention; the Romanian Department of Misinformation has been working double shifts for weeks framing it as a hoax.

The grounds of Ilvermorny have been taken over by the Annual Fall Festival! Carnival rides have been trucked in from the city. A brightly lit Ferris Wheel looms over the midway, where shops are selling all kinds of treats. Try your luck in the fair games like the Quidditch Ring Toss and Cauldron Bobbing for Apples. Take a stroll through the Haunted House, if you dare, or a ride on the Thestral pulled Haunted Hayride! Students and Adults are welcome to participate by joining the planning committee, working in the booths, and/or attending the festival. Planning committees will begin meeting at the beginning of October to organize the fairgrounds' layout, floats for the parade, and the traditional Miss Cranberry competition. The festival will kick off on Wednesday, October 29th, with the parade and continue through to Sunday, November 2nd, when Miss Cranberry will be crowned. Students who would like to earn extra credit may tend to games and food booths (or be assigned the task for their detentions!).
Whether you grew up calling it Halloween, Samhain, Calan Gaeaf, or Oíche Shamhna, the thirty-first of October here in the Scottish Highlands is always memorable. The contents of Professor Hagrid’s garden never cease to impress – but he has truly outdone himself this year, with the largest pumpkins to-date.

In order to enter and exit the Great Hall, Hogwarts denizens will pass through the mouth of a massive jack-o’-lantern that is the exact width of the doorway. The Great Hall itself is bedecked with gourds, turnips, and more pumpkins for a truly autumnal theme, as well as giant cobwebs and animated skeletons (don’t worry, they aren’t real bones).

On Thursday the 30th, Prefects will help supervise (and participate in, if they so desire) an activity: carve-your-own tattie bogle, neep lantern, or jack-o’-lantern. Interested parties may choose their own gourd, turnip, or pumpkin from the garden.

Students, faculty, and staff will be permitted to wear costumes all day on Friday the 31st, and enchanted paper bats will be available to deliver sweets to those of your choosing. At lunchtime there will be several contests for any participants who wish to enter: costume, carvings (with categories including but not limited to: most original, spookiest, funniest), spooky short story and/or poetry, and more. Votes must be cast prior to the start of the feast that evening, as the winners of each contest will be announced at that time.

Additionally, given the overwhelming success last year, Hogsmeade has opted to continue its new Halloween tradition. There are decorations abound, plenty of people out guising, and most shops will be open for [themed] business. Students will be permitted to visit the village one day early this weekend, and the Halloween Feast will be held two hours earlier than usual to accommodate this.

Döttrar Vik is holding a festival at the end of the month for Alla Helgons Dag, All Saint’s Day, and Halloween, which had come to the area in the mid-1990s. Döttrar Vik, though a smaller village, has taken up the call for more spooky sights this year with a week-long celebration and festival, ending on October 31, the night before All Saint’s. Classes will be suspending on a half-day this Friday, allowing students to celebrate with their classmates prior to the solemn holiday on Saturday. Within the town there will be pumpkins and fairy lights, spooky sounds. Beware of sirens, looking for an eager young lad or lady to mesmerize and steal from, as is likely around this time of festivities.

Students have also partnered with Professors Erik Fisker and Aldemar Delchev to decorate an abandoned plot in town into a haunted house for locals designed and manned by Durmstrang Students. There may be extra-credit opportunities for those choosing to volunteer several hours of their time to decorate, design, or work the home for the evening. Volunteer sign ups should see student volunteer-in-charge Venera Delcheva for more details.

Every autumn the Fête de la Citrouille, or Pumpkin Festival, is an occasion Beauxbatons students look forward to! The whole month is spent growing pumpkins and other vegetables using both magical and mundane methods; both Botanique lessons and student service time is dedicated to growing the vegetables, with a grand feast and contest at the end of the month. Categories include: largest, prettiest, tastiest, and most unusual shape.


The first round of the British and Irish League began with aplomb, as the Falmouth Falcons and Gravesend Griffins – last season’s finalists – took to the skies in a riveting, fast-paced match. Though the Griffins played excellently – special mention must be made of Chasers Mor Blair and Kaelyn Hawkins, who scored a combined 30 goals after a well-aimed bludger from Falcons Beater Keela Doyle put the Griffins’ third Chaser out of commission – scoring stayed neck and neck for most of the game. The Griffins were only two goals ahead when Falcons Seeker and Captain Quinn Regan caught the Snitch, after nearly an hour and a half of play.

Asked to comment on the win, Falcons Captain Regan gave Daily Prophet staff a bored "The better team won," before retreating with her team to the locker rooms. One has to wonder where this energy was when they lost the championship game in June; however, Daily Prophet staff thought it imprudent to ask.

In the second round of the season – held the first week of November – the Falcons will go toe-to-toe with the Appleby Arrows, who sailed to second place in this week’s matches, after a disappointing last season. Quidditch experts are already hotly debating the merits of both teams.

The first seven matches of the 2003–2004 Quidditch season promise an exciting year for the British and Irish League. Some of last season’s underdogs appear to be making a comeback – the Tutshill Tornadoes, which finished thirteenth last season, shot up to the top seven – and some teams have seen a great lapse in performance, most notably the Holyhead Harpies. Most intriguingly, this was the dirtiest opening round in recent history, with referees recording 107 fouls – the highest count since the 1837–1838 season. Of particular note, Pride of Portree Beater Richie Walker attempted to hit a Bludger at the match referee after a penalty shot awarded to the Wanderers for cobbing, immediately granting the Wanderers a second penalty shot.

Holyhead Harpies coach accredited their first bad loss of the season to the absence of Keeper Sarah Lewis, who is on leave after an accident in a Thunderbird reserve. In contrast, Kenmare Kestrels coach accredited their first loss to a combination of bad luck and Ballycastle Seeker Brendan Byrne, who snared the Golden Snitch in the ninth minute of the game. Byrne is certainly one player to keep your eyes on this season; others include the Arrows’ Daisy Dahl, the Magpies’ Sven Svensson, and Pride of Portree’s Richie Walker – who should, in this reporter’s opinion, be watched closely for reasons other than his Quidditch talent.


Falmouth Falcons – 470

Appleby Arrows – 400

Pride of Portree – 350

Caerphilly Catapults – 340

Gravesend Griffins – 340

Tutshill Tornadoes – 310

Wigtown Wanderers – 280

Chudley Cannons –220

Montrose Magpies – 210

Ballycastle Bats – 150

Holyhead Harpies – 110

Wimbourne Wasps – 90

Puddlemere United – 80

Kenmare Kestrels – 30


Aurors are working closely with the Department of Magical Transportation to apprehend the so-called “Floo Burglar”, who has been using the Floo Network to enter magical homes unannounced and steal valuable items, from Galleons to grimoires. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement has ranked apprehension of the Floo Burglar among its top priorities following an attack on a high-ranked Wizengamot official, who lost an Oakshaft 79 and several rare Quidditch antiques. Over fifteen houses have been hit in the past week all across Northern England and Scotland.

Ignatius Icke, a resident of magical Berwick-upon-Tweed, alleged that he spotted the Floo Burglar, after hearing noises from his fireplace and getting out of the bath to investigate. Icke describes the culprit as a blond man, standing at anywhere between 5’10” and 6’2”, though Aurors now suspect the burglar may be using Polyjuice potion, but urge any British citizens to contact the DMLE with any information.

The Department of Magical Transportation has, in the last few days, faced a deluge of panicked witches and wizards requesting that their homes and private offices be removed from the Floo Network.

vacation at the vineyards
The magical village of Viennimont, near Bordeaux, is renowned for its wine. October is the harvest season for the vineyards, so come along to help with picking the grapes. As a thank you to the volunteers, the local wineries put on a buffet lunch with grazing tables featuring regional cheeses and (of course) freshly picked grapes! Wash it down with a glass or two of the local vintage.
gumdrop goof
In an embarrassing blunder, wizarding confectionary Bertie Bott’s mistakenly sent a shipment of Every-Flavour Beans to Muggle department store Harrods rather than its magical counterpart, Humbugs. In response to complaints from confused Muggles, Harrods pulled the offending sweets from shelves, and a pair of Ministry officials from the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes was dispatched to retrieve the Every-Flavour Beans before they could be examined.

In an equally embarrassing attempt to save face and improve their image to the public, Bertie Bott’s has announced an international sale on all their products.

More and more wizards are reporting increased sightings of jarveys in urban areas, particularly downtown London; numerous were spotted near the entrance to the British Ministry of Magic, and are thought to have burrows in the nearby parks. London is far from the only place to see infestations, however: Quibbler reporters have seen increased jarvey activity near our headquarters as well, leading us to ask the important question: are these creatures in the employ of the Ministry of Magic, or could there be something even more sinister at play?

Though jarveys are commonly thought to be incapable of intelligent conversation, we at the Quibbler believe they can at least comprehend spoken English, though written English may evade them. If you see a jarvey near your house, it may be wise to exercise caution.
Witching Woes
My boyfriend has been living with me for the last few months since moving out of his parents’ home. I love having him around. He works out of the house, so he’s always around, but he pays rent, he cleans up after himself, and he’s a good wand with cooking magic. However, he’s become close with my owl -- and now he sulks whenever I need to send a letter, because he misses having her around. How can I lay down boundaries about this?
-- Pet Peeved
Dear Peeved,
It sounds like your boyfriend is just lonely and adjusting to being apart from his family. I would look into finding him another companion to spend his time with -- perhaps see if an owlery nearby is rehoming its retired birds, or take him to visit a shelter and find a cat, dog, crup, kneazle, or Puffskein. Happy hunting!


I think my boyfriend is cheating on me and I intend to confront him about it. Do you think he would notice if I slipped him Veritaserum?
-- Suspicious
Dear Suspicious,
Veritaserum is tasteless and odourless, so the chances are he wouldn’t notice it. However, chances are high that he’ll notice if he’s suddenly compelled to tell the truth, and chances are higher that he’ll notice if the Department of Magical Law Enforcement arrests you for improper use of a controlled behaviour-altering potion.
Apparently, there is a new breed of aquatic niffler type creatures inhabiting the black lake now. Swimmers beware: they like to steal swim trunks!

Medical officials close to the school have not responded to our inquiries, but we have heard that a few students were "accidentally" hexed. The incident is reported to have happened during a club fair demonstration at the Dueling Club's info booth.

An assistant to the assistant groundskeeper for the sub-gardens (not the main ones) told my aunt, who said to me that she's pretty sure some of the giants are still hanging around in the old woods outside the school.

Students protesting the use of #2 pencils have struck again! A magically enlarged floating quill was seen in the west corridors attacking students with its feathers this week.


We have revamped The Daily Prophet based on member feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions in an effort to further improve the Prophet.

This issue was created by the Administration team, with additional submissions and ideas from Christine and Laura. We would like to thank Christine for the super easy to use coding, and Samm for the amazing header.

how to contribute
We would love to include more member-led stories and submissions. This can be in the form of in-character letters to the editors, rumours and gossip, or character-driven plots. You can submit your ideas to any member of the team, however if you have something in mind for a specific geographical area of the board please try to contact the admin for that area: Olivia for Hogwarts/Britain, any admin for Beauxbatons/Western Europe, Dylan for Durmstrang/Eastern Europe, and Mel for Ilvermorny/North America.

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - October 2003 Edition
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🎉🎉 pride of portree!!
r e m e m b e r   m e ,   l o v e ,   w h e n   i ' m   r e b o r n


a s   t h e   s h r i k e   t o   y o u r   s h a r p   a n d   g l o r i o u s   t h o r n

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - October 2003 Edition
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Edyta is massively excited by the dragon plot (she's due to start work on a dragon reserve this month) and wants ALL the threads xD

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - October 2003 Edition
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So. Excited. For. Fall/Halloween Events!!!!!

Any Ilvers wanna go thru the Haunted Hayride or the carnival with Jack? <33

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - October 2003 Edition
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So. Excited. For. Fall/Halloween Events!!!!!

Any Ilvers wanna go thru the Haunted Hayride or the carnival with Jack? <33

"ME!!!" :D