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[oct-mp] (don't fear) the reaper. [lev]
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October 2003

"Come on," she basically begged, giving Lev her best-pouted lips and tugging on his hand. They had been graduated for months now, Lev was playing professionally for Russia, and Mihaela was working hard back home in Scoarta, so returning to Döttrar Vik for the Haunted festival was like a mini-vacation from real life. And Mihaela couldn't wait to get started. She lived in a haunted town; there were ghouls and strigoi and spiders that could literally eat you in one bite, so she doubted anything the Durmstrang students came up with would throw her. But that didn't mean she couldn't (or wouldn't) make out with her boyfriend in a dark corner of the slaughterhouse. Getting caught had always been half the fun!

She passed the little kid at the front door the two tickets Lev had bought for them and then pulled on his arm again to get them through the door. The walls shook, something was shrieking in the back room, and the lighting was ominously dark. It was wonderful! "This is great! Don't'cha think?" She asked him as they began walking through the first room, and the creepiness of it all started to really sink in.

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Re: [oct-mp] (don't fear) the reaper. [lev]
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This really was like a little vacation, and Lev was happy for it. It felt nice to be around Mihaela, back in his former school’s town and celebrating something as interesting as Halloween. He held tightly to Mihaela’s hand as they made their way through the beginning of the haunted house. He walked through the path and then saw a side door and got a devilish plan.

“You wanna go off-path?” He asked, teasing. “I bet they have some cool stuff off-path, somewhere private we can explore.” He smiled. There were actors jumping out at people, creepily illusioned-rooms and he couldn’t help feeling proud of the kiddos. They had done a great job here.

“If not, we can just keep going. This looks really cool. I wish they’d done this when I was still in school.” He admitted.