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mp | love, they say [magnolia]
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Barbara smoothed her skirt down nervously as she sat -- last year she and Owain had dressed up in matching costumes of her choice, but this year it was his pick, and he’d gone for something a little less adorable than she’d hoped for -- then plucked with her fingers at the mussed ends of her hair. She had meant to sit next to Billie but Billie -- it seemed -- was being a Prefect, even now, on a holiday.

Of course, it didn’t help that she was dressed like a honking daffodil (an approximation of one, at least -- she had told Owain in no uncertain terms that she would not be wearing one of those silly St. David’s things, and they’d compromised on a slightly subtler petaled headband) and felt a fool not standing next to a Devil’s Snare so that it was more obvious what their costume was. (Owain’s costume was a fair bit more recognisable than hers, just as it’d been the year before -- Barbara knew it was because she was too concerned with how ridiculous she looked, and because he wasn’t at all; she wasn’t sure yet whether she was envious or not.)

Well -- it didn’t matter now; he and his Devil’s Snare costume were with some of the other boys, costumed cheaply in knockoff Quidditch uniforms or old-fashioned Auror’s robes.

Barbara was glad that she and Owain didn’t get lonely without each other, except at times like this, when she didn’t have Billie. Two was a rather pitiful number, when it was the number of friends she was comfortable hanging on at events like this. She half wanted to leave it entirely, and forget about this funny green pumpkin she’d picked up to carve but she coveted the pumpkin too badly -- and besides, she’d come all this way. Billie was conferring with Killian, so Barbara slid into a spot next to one of Killian’s friends, hopeful that her classmate felt similarly displaced by all this Prefecthood stuff. “Hello, Magnolia,” she said (she’d always thought that was the most lovely name.) Sitting up a little straighter, trying to catch a glimpse of what type of vegetable Nola planned to carve, and whether it was one of those hideous bumpy ones, she added curiously, “Do you know yet what you’ll do with yours?”

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Re: mp | love, they say [magnolia]
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Magnolia had been so deep in thought or rather, distracted by the awkward shape of the gourd she had picked from the garden on her way to the carving station that she hadn’t heard her name said out loud. Though she had seen a figure in her peripheral vision and it had been that shape that had grabbed her attention and made her turn toward Barbara. “Hey Barbie, can I call you that?” she smiled sweetly. Nicknames had always given her a feeling of closeness, and since any friend of Killian and Billie was a friend in her eyes (except for Phillip, he was scary), then it only seemed natural for her to establish that with her right away.

Magnolia didn’t know Barbara Gibson as well as some of her other friends, Billie and Killian came to mind almost immediately, but the young Gryffindor had no reason to dislike her. Magnolia hardly had any reason to dislike anyone, though a couple of people came to mind then too.  “No, I think it’s a bit beyond repair at this point,” she looked back at the gourd turning it on its head to get a better perspective. “It’s kind of funny looking, isn’t it?” she pointed out, the bottled body of the bumpy gourd a mixture of silly and grotesque.

But maybe she could work with that; that description sounded like an ideal representation of what Halloween was supposed to be about, wasn’t it? “Magnolia turned to Barbara again, this time getting a good look at her, and she smiled widely, “Oh, look at you! Your costume is the cutest!” she all but shrieked in delight. “I’m supposed to be a kneazle,” she pointed at the cat hears on her head to make a point, though the whiskers painted on her face probably made it obvious.

“Did you come by yourself?” she wondered. "I thought I'd check up with Killian, now that he's proper prefect and all," she offered an explanation, "but I see they're at it again," she snickered as she saw Billie and Killian talking to each other, returning her gaze to her bumpy gourd. She wondered how much Barbara knew, she had been closer to Billie after all.