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Sugar sweet [Leona]
« on: September 14, 2020, 03:10:51 PM »
Christoph was getting antsy. It was still months away from their nuptials, and he was poised like a snake ready to strike again. He found himself, the longer he waited, the less he focused on his hate, the harder it was to remember that this wasn’t ever meant to be a real wedding. At least, not for him. He knew Leona deserved the dream wedding she might never have otherwise. He wished that she had a better groom to share it with. Things had been difficult for Christoph lately, complicated. He cared for her in a way he had never imagined he would. In some ways, he could argue that he even loved her. Now, was it romantic love? Not necessarily, not yet, but there was something there certainly. 

Of course, things were overly complicated by his growing attraction to his student, Rosaline. He found himself enamored with the married witch. He knew there was no chance to anything happening between them. He was engaged, and Rosaline was already married (albeit, he believed, unhappily). He had never, in the past, had a problem with a wandering eye. He didn’t know what made him so weak to her charms, but he knew there was a deep lust within him only for her. Was that love? Perhaps not, but it certainly was sexual attraction. He found his eyes drawn to every move she made, her long brunette hair and pale skin a siren song for him. Perhaps it had been too long. 

He and Leona had still not yet been intimate, which kept things uncomplicated between them for now. Even so, he had no outlet for his arousal and it had been five years since his wife’s death. He had never had another woman since her. He wanted to be careful with Leona. He wanted to do this right, and if he didn’t have to consummate the marriage, he might refrain just to keep her from giving herself to someone unworthy of her (i.e. him). Rosaline was different. He had no ties to her emotionally. She was a student, a colleague now that she had figured out his plan, but not a romantic partner. She was married, after-all. She had no liking for him, either, so he suffered in silence. 

Today, he was holding back his constant urges, playing prince for his fiancée. They were at a cake tasting, and he was trying his best to be charming and sweet. He owed her all the luxuries of this world, and all the happiness that came with it. He tasted the chocolate, and furrowed his nose a bit. Chocolate was fine, but it didn’t fit her. “It’s nice, but I don’t necessarily think it’s you. Perhaps a lemon or amaretto might be more your style?” He offered, glancing up at Leona. He took a sip of his hot tea to cleanse his palette. 

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