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[Announcement] 17th Anniversary Celebrations
« on: September 15, 2020, 05:34:20 AM »
anniversary celebrations are now
c l o s e d !

Thank you all for another fantastic anniversary! We hope the celebrations and thread opportunities brought a little joy to your 2020. We could not do this without our members, so thank you also for another wonderful year of astounding creativity, skillful writing, and wonderful friendships.

You may be wondering what happened to all your threads, but fear not! You should still be able to access and reply to the threads you started during Anniversary -- also, please remember:
>> You can still complete any TTD threads (though you may not start new ones)
>> You can still complete any AU threads (though you may not start new ones)
>> You can still complete any threads started on a Timeturner or Flashforward wildcard, though you will not be able to reuse the wildcard when the threads are completed.
>> The Caterpillar Challenge and One-Shots game have both been closed

Alternate universe threads have been moved to this sub-board in the Timeturner board, and TT and FF wildcard threads have been moved to the regular Timeturner board. NC-17 threads have all been moved to the NC-17 Threads board.

Once again, thank you all for your participation in this year's anniversary celebrations, and happy threading until next year!
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