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[ss] escaping time. [léon]
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October 2003

When Jaspar signed up for his student service at the beginning of the month, he had not expected to be sent to the senior center in Chatoiel. He figured he'd be picking up trash or maybe volunteering at the free magizoologist clinic or something. Something far less... interactive. Being social had never been the wizard's strong suit, at least not where strangers were concerned, and for the better part of the afternoon, that had remained the case. He'd brought food trays to different rooms, he'd avoided the pool like it was no body's business, and he'd managed to be relatively quiet.

And then @Léon Lachapelle showed up, and everything quickly changed. The two wizards weren't exactly friends, but they had been in the same classes for seven years, so it wasn't like Jaspar could reasonably pretend he didn't know him. "Hello, Léon," he said just before his foot was rolled over by a runaway senior in a wheelchair. "Merlin's son of a..." Jaspar cursed under his breath, the expletives barely understandable.

His cheeks were red and eyes watering when one of the coordinators found them and began ushering them toward the game room. "So you will be entertaining the group for about two hours. There are board games, sewing needles, some upcycled instruments, and wizarding wireless, but don't let Lester listen to the British Quidditch league broadcast. He will throw a fit when Puddlemere loses, and I just do not need that today." The witch babbled, leading them down a twisting hallway with fluorescent lighting until they reached the "recreation room." The center was a cluster of round tables with half the chairs missing, old carpet, and mismatched corduroy sofas lined the walls.

"So, what should we do?" Jaspar asked the Papilonlisse, his toe still stinging, as he looked around.

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Re: [ss] escaping time. [léon]
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Pretty girls liked to help old people, right? At least that was the conclusion he had reached when signing up for this year’s student service. It had been a strategic move on his part; after the confusing things that had occurred over the course of the summer, it only made sense for Léon to move forward and as far from those memories as possible. And what better way to move on from the fact that he ruined the opportunity to lose his virginity to the pretties girl in school than to spend  his required volunteer hours pursuing another pretty girl? Maybe Gabrielle and him had known each other for too long, maybe if it was some random student he had never spent much time with it would be much easier for him to seal the deal. Either way, he was intent on finding out.

Of course, when he arrived and spotted Jaspar Travis, the unusually confident Papillonlise frowned, possibly a little too visibly to be considered polite. “You’re uh—here to visit your grandparents?” he asked, though deep down Léon already knew the answer to that question. He could not help the half grin that came about as soon as he saw the old senior citizen run over Jaspar’s foot and speed down the hallway. That’s right, Jaspar wasn’t really any competition at all. Now, all he needed to know was where the girls were at. He’d leave all the big responsibilities to Jaspar, he obviously already had a way with the older folk.

“Two hours? Piece of cake,” Léon said as they followed the coordinator into the game room, his hands in his pockets as he leisurely looked around the room. He only half-listened to what the woman said, much more interested in the bad décor and his thoughts on how they had allowed it to get so bad. The boy was a little arrogant but certainly not heartless, he figured charming a few of the older ladies would be a good way to entertain them, too. However, once the witch left, Léon took a seat on one of the sofas, almost jumping to his feet when it sunk too uncomfortably low—it was obviously someone’s favorite seat.

“Um—” he considered the question, not really thinking he’d have to make these sorts of decisions, “My grandma likes to play bingo or I play her the piano sometimes,” he offered, moving over to the bin of board games to see if he could find something he could play. “Where are the rest of the volunteers, anyway? The pretty ones I mean,” he