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Прорвемся (Venera)
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Zviad didn't like Sweden. He didn't like the sound of the language and the fact that he had been forced to learn it and he certainly didn't like that they were so far up north that most of the months spent at Durmstrang he didn't get a chance to practice flying in his bird shape because when he had no classes it was simply always dark outside. The only chance to enjoy a brief moment of daylight was at the weekend.

The Georgian then went outside no matter what the weather was like if only he could see some daylight and at least transform into his magpie shape for a little while. He was really good at flying now, quite able to steer even if the wind was a little stronger. However, the landing part was still very much in need of improvement.

Today he had flown just a little bit, the wind was rough and he was quickly getting tired trying to avoid crashing into a tree or the school building. He observed his surroundings carefully to check that nobody was watching before flying down until he was just a few inches above the ground, slowing down as much as he could and then quickly transforming into his human shape. He had given up trying to land properly for now. The way he was now doing it was at least preventing him from getting severely injured. A few bruises or scratches were hardly a problem, after all.

The ground was cold, the grass in which he had landed damp, and the boy got to his feet quickly and stretched his limps. He was mostly okay. His right knee didn't feel great, though, as he had crashed on a stone. His jeans now had a hole and he had grazed his knee, but the boy just shrugged it off as he walked over to a tree, limping barely recognisably.

As he leaned against the tree trunk, shielded from the cold wind by the thick branches above him, he pulled out a joint to smoke. It always felt good to have a smoke after the exertion of a flight. He lit his cigarette and took a pull. He could see a student approaching him now and soon identified her as Venera. He waved at the girl as she came closer. Despite the fact that she was the daughter of a professor, the fellow Klyk Vampira student was unlikely to tell anybody that he was having a joint.

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Re: Прорвемся (Venera)
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Venera smiled as she saw Zviad in the distance, waving her over. She approached him, feeling warm. Zviad was a sweet guy, to her at least. He wasn’t exactly friendly to everyone, and to be honest that was something she liked about him. She felt special that he seemed to like her. She used to have quite the crush on him, especially when he first arrived at school, but that had passed and now he was more of a big brother figure to her.

“Hey, what’s up?” She smiled, watching him take a drag of his cigarette. It smelled strange, and she wondered for a moment if it was something other than tobacco in there. She had never smoked before, especially nothing illegal, but found herself a little curious about it. “You’re out here being a naughty boy, I see?” She teased. “Rebel, rebel.” She laughed.

“How’s today been? You okay? Your knee looks a little messed up. Want me to see what I can do about a healing charm?”

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Re: Прорвемся (Venera)
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Zviad smiled back at the girl as she approached him. Now that the few friends he had had in his year had graduated and he was repeating a year, he appreciated Venera's company more than most other's and more than in the past years. While she was younger than him she was still sort of a friend, even if not a confidant like Mihaela had been in the past. The Georgian felt that he could not trust anyone so easily. Somehow it had been different with Mihaela who had been his partner in crime on more than one occasion. 

"Nothing much," he said in response to her question, shrugging and taking another drag of his cigarette. It was good that he was smoking now. To the outsider that had to look like he had come out for that. Nobody had to know that, in fact, he had been up to something else.

"I have a reputation to live up to," he joked as Venera called him a naughty boy. "Cannot disappoint Galina Viktorovna, you know. She seems to enjoy giving me detentions." He said, grinning at Venera.

"Everything's okay," he muttered, bending his knee a little as if to check how it felt. However, having taken a few drags of his joint, it did not really hurt. "If you want to practice a healing charm, though, go ahead," he teased. It would certainly do no harm if Venera healed his knee. He could probably try and heal it himself but he appreciated the attention the girl gave him. 

"You can have a drag from my cigarette as a reward?" he teased, blowing some smoke into the air.