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Author Topic:  You can't change the truth, but the truth can change you (all years)  (Read 38 times)

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Offline Gideon Salinger

Gideon had been teaching at Ilvermorny for a few years now. His students knew him, knew how he usually taught. They knew that he liked to show them fun experiments, that he let them try joke potions after they had worked well in class. Probably some, if not most, were aware that he was actually on their side and would do anything to support them if any of them needed help. Gideon liked to see himself as an older brother or maybe a cool uncle for his students. He was reliable in his unpredictability, which he considered a great asset. He had always given his best to try and make his students appreciate the variety of the subject and enjoy his lessons. The man was easy going and absolutely against punishment no matter what his students did.

What had worked for years did not seem to work today, though – Gideon clearly didn't feel like covering what he had originally planned and he definitely didn't want to let his students play with joke potions today. He did not feel like joking anyway. Since he had run into Dottie in the kitchen the other day, he had only switched from being drunk to being hungover back and forth. The man had felt so overwhelmed with the news and so furious that Dottie hadn't contacted him for twelve years that his brain had switched to autopilot and that meant, in his case, that a coping mechanism was started that meant that he'd drink as much every night as he needed to feel too numb to think anymore.

He was tired now, his head was aching, but as a semi-responsible professor he still made his way into his classroom. He was wearing yesterday's clothes but he didn't care, actually he wasn't even aware of that. He sank down on the chair behind the teacher's desk and watched his students coming in. He covered his mouth with his hand as he yawned for what probably was the first time ever in class. His hand remained in his face and he rubbed his chin, realising that he hadn't shaved in days and the stubble was likely not looking very good now. He shrugged it off and cleared his throat.

“Morning class,” he said, his voice lacking its usual energy. “I know I've told you to read the chapter about Baruffio's Brain Elixir but we'll cover that at another time.” He nodded as if to emphasize this statement. “I find it much more important that you know about another potion. It'll come in handy if you ever are foolish enough to get into a relationship...” his voice trailed off and he rubbed his forehead.

“Would anyone be so kind and sneak into the kitchen and get me a cup of coffee?” he asked, looking hopefully at his students. “A large cup, please. I'll award you five cranberries for it.”

He closed his eyes briefly and then flicked his wand to close the curtains in the front so that the part of the classroom where he was sitting wasn't so bright anymore. “Where was I?” he muttered and then nodded. “So who can tell me a potion that might come in very handy in a relationship?”

Offline Isis Arceneaux

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Re: You can't change the truth, but the truth can change you (all years)
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Alchemy. One of the subjects Isis had discovered a flair for during her first year, she was looking forward to learning more advanced potions and techniques now she was back at Ilvermorny. Besides, Professor Salinger was always good fun, sometimes a little too crazy, but that just meants his classes were memorable. Isis rarely worried if she didn't write something down in alchemy class because even if she forgot something while doing her homework, there was always going to be someone who remembered it all afterwards.

Today there was no reason why anything should be different, so she fairly skipped into the classroom, taking a seat near the front where she would have a decent view of whatever was going on (yet not right at the front, because she'd seen the effects of a few joke potions last year and had no desire to spend the day with green hair or a different coloured ink in her quill). "Hi Prof..." she began, and then the words died on her lips. Was Professor Salinger sick? Normally he'd be waiting at the door to greet everyone, or chatting as they came in, or maybe actually brewing a potion that they would all be interested in. Not sitting at his desk looking like he hadn't slept at all last night.

Worried and unsettled, Isis looked around for an older student to ask if they thought someone should go to the hospital wing or just ask the professor if he was okay, but then the lesson began. That wasn't right either though. Isis knew what they were meant to be studying and had her book in front of her, but apparently Professor Salinger had changed his mind...and there was something about the way he was talking that felt weird. At twelve, Isis as yet had no interest in dating, but she wasn't sure whether...what?

A cup of coffee? For a brief moment the thunderbird wondered if they would be using it for a potion, but then another memory came to her. Her grandpapa, the day after the no-maj quarter of their town had celebrated Thanksgiving, and how he'd tried to send Isis out to buy him a coffee as well. Isis still remembered her mother's anger that her father in law had tried to send a four year old to a no-maj cafe alone and No I will NOT stop yelling, I don't care how bad your hangover is pops. It felt like that. Had Professor Salinger been...drinking?

But Isis was twelve and didn't know how to deal with this, so instead she concentrated on the other question. "Well my Daddy snores, so sometimes Mom mixes up a sleeping potion so he won't wake her up in the night. He tried taking one that stopped the snoring, but it made him sneeze instead and Mom said that made the bed shake like there was an earthquake and he was never to try it again, so I guess that one wouldn't be very useful at all..." she admitted, hoping that was a suitable answer.

Offline Adam Nguyen

Re: You can't change the truth, but the truth can change you (all years)
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Mr. Salinger was, shall we say, in poor shape today. Dishevelled, unshaven, Adam was pretty sure that was the same outfit he'd been wearing last night at dinner, sitting slouched behind his actual desk instead of greeting them at the door like a golden retriever the way he usually did. Adam took his customary seat (next to the door; he'd been duking it out with upperclassmen for five years to get this seat and finally, finally, he was an upperclassman himself) and slouched almost as low as Salinger was (God, that was outright impressive, and Salinger was like four inches taller.)

If he wasn't mistaken, Salinger was hungover. Adam could have grinned. (As it was, a smile was tugging at the corners of his mouth; it was boundlessly satisfying to have a reminder that professors were just as messed-up and pathetic as the rest of mankind.)

Being closest to the door, it probably should have fallen to him to go get the large cup of coffee, but then he'd miss out on all this gossip, and he wasn't about to do that, so he glanced sideways but didn't move to get up. Nobody in their right mind would think of Adam as a suckup who'd run errands for professors of his own free will, anyway.

It was a relationship, and not a bad date, that this all appeared to be about, which was even better. He hadn't even been aware that there was a woman in Salinger's life. Some part of him had assumed that there never had been and never would be; being a high school teacher that treated students like friends was just such a loser thing to do regardless. Even Adam didn't think Salinger was cool, and Adam kind of liked Salinger. It seemed like this mystery woman had formed the same opinion.

What was the most useful potion for a relationship? To Salinger, at present, the answer was probably, "Hangover potion?" It occurred to him after he'd said it that Salinger might have been banking on nobody having the guts to call him out, but that was Salinger's problem, not Adam's.

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