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Author Topic:  Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand (all years)  (Read 32 times)

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Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand (all years)
« on: October 11, 2020, 03:10:20 PM »
Louise Ellington had gone through many changes lately. First Sam had entirely unexpectedly proposed to her, she had promoted her assistant to run the gallery so she could apply at Hogwarts and now she was in fact a member of the Hogwarts staff. She had been teaching for a little more than a month now but was still nervous about her new job. She felt quite out of her comfort zone and it didn't even relax her that so far the lessons had been okay and that she had spent countless hours making lesson plans, charts with an overview of history events and had tried to come up with creative lesson plans.

Already in her first week Louise had arranged a banner above the blackboard which had the sentence 'The future builds on the foundation of the past.' written in silvery letters on dark blue fabric. It had become some sort of a habit that she paced up and down the classroom until the first students would arrive, somewhat enjoying the sound of the one plank that was creaking under her weight. She had redecorated the classroom over the weeks. Louise did not want to simply lecture about historic events. She wanted to show her students history in a more lively way. The desks were arranged in the shape of a horseshoe now, her teacher's desk was quite close to the blackboard and so there was some empty space in the middle of the classroom that she could use when she needed.

Her plan for today's lesson was to cover the Medieval era to demonstrate how the wizarding world had changed and, from there, move on to explain the Statute of Secrecy which she wanted to cover properly. It was still one of the most important aspects of their lives, after all. The Statute of Secrecy defined who they were. She was all for keeping it up but she also thought that it was important to know both worlds – the magical and the muggle.

She had used the middle of her classroom to create the illusion of a stake there to illustrate today's topic. As the first students entered the room, Louise greeted them with a smile and waited as they all had settled in.

“Good morning class,” she said, her gaze wandering across the room. She knew some students by name by now but there were still some where she wasn't entirely certain that she could put the right name to the faces.

“Which dark time of wizarding history do you think we'll cover in today's lesson?” she asked, gesturing at the illusion of the stake. “Does anyone want to make a guess?”

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Re: Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand (all years)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2020, 06:38:28 PM »
Did Pixie like History of Magic? She was pondering that very question as she wandered to class, munching on a chocolate frog she'd bought in Hogsmeade last weekend. They'd been half price because they were close on the sell-by date so the charm didn't work so well anymore, but they still tasted great, she though. She was currently pretty popular in the Gryffindor common room after she'd left a dozen chocolate frogs out for anyone who wanted to take one. As she approached the classroom she heard the familiar creaking that told her Professor Ellington was walking up and down, waiting for the students to arrive.

Bother, she was early! Pixie made a point never to get to class early, lest she look like she was actually eager to learn something, so she slowed her pace as she finished the chocolate, standing just outside the door as she finished the last mouthful. After a few other people had walked past and gone in first, Pixie judged it was safe to go in now. She cultivated a fairly disinterested expression and briefly contemplated walking straight through the illusion in the middle of the room, before deciding there weren't enough people there to find it funny. Instead, she took a seat at random and dropped her bag onto the floor, not troubling herself to get out a quill or parchment unless she was asked.

Professor Ellington. Pixie wasn't yet sure what sort of a teacher she was. There were rumours, of course; Pixie had heard the first of them on her very first evening; because whenever there was a new professor there were always rumours. The first was that she was a reformed Death Eater who'd been let out of Azkaban to teach this class, which was obviously ridiculous. Professor Ellington was no more a Death Eater than Pixie's mother. Then there was the one that she was dating Professor Dickinson, which Pixie had giggled at but then started to wonder. She had taken to watching them at mealtimes because they sat next to each other, but that didn't necessarily mean anything because Flitwick often sat next to Mcgonagall and that didn't mean...


Pixie decided she didn't want to imagine that, either. Maybe she would pay attention, just to take her mind of those nasty mental images. She zoned back into the lesson right as Professor Ellington gestured to the stake and invited students ot make a guess, and the fact that she wasn't sure what they were guessing didn't deter her for a moment. "Hallowe'en traditions!" she exclaimed cheerfully "and...vampires? Are we going to be doing the history of vampires today?"

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