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[Announcement] The Daily Prophet - December 2003 Edition
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Volume 22: December 2003


Diagon Alley has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland. With ice skating, circus shows and live entertainment, it's great festive fun for children and adults alike.

The market has well over a hundred stalls, selling everything from ornaments to roasted chestnuts. This year, there is a collection of ice sculptures that you can visit, modelled on a quaint Victorian street. The temperature here is around -10c so it's advised to  wrap up warm. There is also an opportunity to learn how to make an ice sculpture from the experts.

Aside from the stalls, there is also a large funfair. There is an ice rink and rides such as helter-skelters, waltzers, a ferris wheel and even a rollercoaster. Though parents may be skeptical, officials from the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes have assured the Daily Prophet that all attractions are magically reinforced and equipped with cushioning charms.

In an effort to expand the student’s knowledge about winter celebrations outside of the United States, the Student Senate has organized a winter-themed international day. Tents will be set up outside on the school grounds which will contain the celebratory customs of a variety of countries around the world. Students are welcomed to visit as many tents as they’d like to respectfully observe the way winter traditions and celebrations come together outside of the more well-known variations of the holiday.

The event will be held on the 19th of December from noon until dinner time. his day will be a half-day for students. After dinner, a small winter-themed dance will be held for the students choosing to remain for it, and the curfew will be lifted for this day only. Students are expected to stay on the grounds. Winter vacation will begin from the 19th of December.

For those students still looking for a last-minute souvenir or a unique gift for that special someone, even if that is yourself, the town of Shackamaxon will be hosting a winter-themed market. Take a stroll through the hundreds of kiosks offering anything from homemade crafts to rare magical collector’s items. For students more interested in keeping close to the grounds, are encouraged to participate in a magical bake-off where students, in collaboration with our favorite kitchen elves, will be competing for the title of Cookie Grand Master of 2003. As always, there will be ice skating available in the town square, though students are reminded to be careful and not to use magic to enhance their abilities.
Every year the palace of Beauxbatons is transformed for Christmas and this year is no different -- but the grand ice sculptures have somehow melted overnight, and the magical ice has refrozen all over the floors! Professors are trying to clean up the mess, but it’s not going so well; students have been recruited to spend their Student Services hours helping out. Hopefully it will all be tidied up before the feast on Friday 19th December before students head home for the holidays.

For those students remaining at school, the Yule Ball will be held on 21 December. Groundskeeper Monsieur García has decorated the Great Hall in preparation for the event, bedecking evergreens with ice baubles and glittering snowflakes, and Botanique professeur Madame Bonaccord has supplied enormous poinsettias. Rumours spread quickly through the school about the evening’s entertainment, with some students claiming that Madame Maxime had hired the sensational Candide Carre to give a performance, and others insisting that she would opt for the stalwart St. Gallen’s String Quartet, which recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Both sides of the disagreement were ultimately disappointed when it transpired that the school had retained a DJ.

Most excitingly, though, was Madame Maxime’s announcement that Beauxbâtons will again be hosting a Pegasus Derby, to begin when term resumes in January. As many students returned to their families for the holiday, staff members have been instructed not to share details with any interested students who remain until January -- though prying students are likely to discern that the tournament will not be held for months, giving them plenty of time to prepare.

After a month of rigorous training, Durmstrang is ready for their first-annual Dueling Tournament. Overseen by dueling professor Adonis Hristofis, this dueling tournament is meant to test not only House but individual merit. There will be one dueling champion among three levels, who will receive a trophy, with a second one displayed in the dueling quarters, along with a tuition stipend—which will increase as difficulty increases. These three levels are beginner (years 1-3), intermediate (years 4-5), and advanced (years 6-7). Students who have been known to compete in tournaments outside of school may request permission to “jump” to a higher level of difficulty, regardless of year. House points will be awarded to the house of the champion dueler, and the number of points will, again, be based upon level of difficulty.

For those interested in dueling, who are or are not members of the dueling team of their class, sign-ups will be posted outside of the dueling practice room. In addition to wand dueling, there will be a spotlight for those interested in weapons duels, with similar categories and prizes. Students are eligible to compete in both categories, though duplicate effort may put a student at a disadvantage in one or both categories. All participation is done at the student’s own risk, and cheating will result in disqualification and potential disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

This December, the Great Hall has been transformed into a multicultural winter wonderland. Enchanted snow, lofty pines adorned with fairy lights, and floating baubles are the featured decorations, but symbols from every winter holiday worldwide observed by even just one Hogwarts denizen are also present: a menorah nearly as tall as Professor Hagrid, long mkeka runners on each House table, and the list goes on. Throughout the month students and staff are invited to volunteer whatever time they are willing to give to help make meals or organize gently-used clothing drives for those in need, in the spirit of Boxing Day.

Additionally, the Head Girl and Head Boy have orchestrated a voluntary "Secret Snidget" gift exchange; said gift may be anything from a card to a baked treat to a scarf and beyond. Participants are strongly encouraged to make all or part the gift themselves (though may purchase any desired supplies) as opposed to simply buying something premade - regardless, students are not to spend more than 7 sickles** (or an egregious amount of time) on this.

Participation is voluntary, but if a student does sign up they are expected to commit. Sign-ups closed on the 30th of November. In order to participate, a student needed only to submit their name, Year, House, and three of their favorite things (to guide their gift-giver) on a slip of parchment and place it in a box in the Entrance Hall. On the 1st of December, participants received the slip of parchment for whom they are to give a gift. The catch: the giver and recipient would be either in the same Year or no more than one Year apart, and the giver and recipient would be in two different Houses. With the exception of these two stipulations, the assignments were random. Gifts are to be given no later than the last day of classes before the winter holiday (Friday, December 19th); the giver may choose to disclose their identity or keep it a secret.

Questions or concerns may be directed to the Prefects, Head Girl, and Head Boy - however only Professor McGonagall knows of the specific assignments. Additionally,  classes will resume on Monday, January 5th.

**Note: 7ʄ ≈ $10.50 ≈ £7.90


four nations tournament
Though many pessimists predicted sleet or even snow on the eve of the first round of the Four Nations Tournament, all were pleasantly surprised that the sky stayed clear, with only a slight breeze to mar the Quidditch pitch: near-perfect conditions for flying, which naturally prompted some less reputable publications to cry conspiracy.

Though England easily defeated Ireland in the first round of the tournament, the Irish National Team fought its way back to the top, ultimately defeating Scotland 470-350 in the final wind-swept match when Irish Seeker Quinn Regan nabbed the Golden Snitch in the ninety-second minute, and leading them to their second tournament win in two years. England suffered its own nasty defeat in the next game, losing handily to the Scottish National Team in what was easily the shortest match of the tournament, spanning only thirty-nine minutes.

Though the Welsh National Team failed to win a single game over the tournament, chasers Rhydderch, Hughes, and Evans were such a force to be reckoned with that Wales led scoring in every game it played. Both the English and Scottish National Teams only made up lost points through catching the Snitch -- a high-scoring team strategy that led Wales to third place overall.
Annual Gala at the Artistic Flying School in Rybinsk
As every year the artistic flying school in Rybinsk invites fans from all over the world to come and celebrate the holiday season with a glamorous gala. Since the artistic flying school is sponsoring an artistic flying club at Durmstrang now, students that participate in the club get two free tickets each.

Traditionally the gala features the school's biggest stars. However, it has been announced that Aglaya Antonovna Tikhomirova, reigning European and World Champion, is not going to participate this year. Instead her younger sister Anastasiya Antonovna Tikhomirova and their cousin Anatoliy Vsevolodovich Tikhomirov are going to be featured as this year's stars.

There are unconfirmed rumours that the withdrawal of Aglaya Antonovna Tikhomirova has something to do with her poisoning in late August. We haven't been able to get an official statement on the matter nor did we manage to get in touch with Aglaya Antonovna yet, but we hope to get some more information for our next issue.

The organisers are trying to make up for her absence with the announcement of the première of a couple performance by Anastasiya Antonovna Tikhomirova and Anatoliy Vsevolodovich Tikhomirov. This might be the birth of an entirely new artistic flying discipline. According to our sources there are only a few empty seats left for the event so better hurry up and order your tickets soon!


1st: Ireland – 1080

2nd: England – 1020

3rd: Wales – 990

4th: Scotland – 980


The holidays can be a stressful time, but it's also an opportunity to enjoy all the festive and exciting celebrations the wizarding world has to offer. Here's the Daily Prophet's review of the hottest wizarding tourist destinations this December.

Cologne, Germany -- A German tradition since 1500, Weihnachtsmarkt is a joyous, highly anticipated event to bring some light and laughter into the coldest and darkest months of the year. Weihnachtsmarkt is an open-air market, selling anything and everything.

This year, one of the largest magical Weihnachtsmarkts will take place in Cologne. The Muggle city will hold nine markets which are open from mid-November to Christmas Eve. The main market is to be held in the main square opposite Cologne Cathedral, draped in soft white lights as the smell of chestnuts and spices fill the air but there are smaller ones, such as the Village of Saint Nicholas on Rudolfplatz. Though smaller, this market is very charming and set against a beautiful Medieval backdrop. As always, the Daily Prophet advises our readers to exercise caution at nonmagical events: a guide to Muggle winter fashion can be found on page 6.

For magical visitors and residents, a market has been set up in the hidden wizarding street of Schief gasse: this market features a chorus of gnomes, carolling marketgoers and vendors alike. The offerings for sale include a wide range of things, from gingerbread hearts, shrivelfig fruitcakes, and candy floss, to hand blown glass baubles, souvenirs and real Christmas trees. This is the ideal day out to envelope yourself in a cozy, festive atmosphere while sampling a cup of the local (and delicious!) Glühwein.

Gingerbread-Bergen, Norway -- The Gingerbread Town (more formally known as Pepperkakebyen) is an annual event held in Bergen, Norway. It's the world's biggest gingerbread village and has magically animated miniature cars, houses, trains and ships, all made from gingerbread! In a large hall, the city of Bergen takes shape. Lit by fairy lights and smelling sweet, the town is dwarfed by Mount Floyen and includes schools, hospitals and roads. Though not to scale and sometimes a little wonky, Pepperkakebyen is utterly charming.

To make things even better, there is an opportunity to buy pieces of locally made gingerbread to take home. There is also a chance to purchase juleøl a dark, strong and rich ale; it is  brewed all over Norway but the bottles here are certified by Santa himself. Finally, enjoy smørterøl: the Norwegian answer to butterbeer, available from a local brewery.

Dahliental, France -- Dahliental, the wizarding village in the Alsace region of France, is this year once again hosting Christmas Markets. Inspired by the Bavarian Christmas markets of Germany, the Dahliental market is a winter wonderland with fairy lights (and real fairies!) lighting up the dark winter nights. Stalls line the town square and an ice rink is erected in the centre for the duration of December. Try some mulled wine, buy your last-minute presents and decorations, and marvel in the magic of Christmas. [continued on page 12...]
Employees in the British Ministry of Magic’s Spirit Division were surprised to find at the annual Christmas party that their holiday bonuses had been substantially reduced; what was written off initially as a clerical error was traced ultimately back to former accountant Phyllis Fitzroy, who retired in early November.

Fitzroy, 95, had worked in Ministry administration and support staff since 1926; Magical Law Enforcement personnel investigating the matter are now saying she may have been embezzling from the Ministry for upward of fifty years. Anybody with any information on either Fitzroy’s past criminal dealings or her current whereabouts is urged to come forward, though latest evidence has traced her to Fiji.

the daily grind
Join in the fun at Deja Brew with a festive afternoon tea! The menu includes a selection of sandwiches including roast turkey and stuffing, brie and cranberry, honey mustard and ham and smoked salmon and dill cream cheese. Sweet treats include eggnog tart, clementine drizzle cake, brandy soaked Christmas pudding and chocolate chestnut torte. Not to forget homemade orange, cinnamon and sultana scones.

The afternoon tea comes with unlimited tea, herbal tea or coffee or if you prefer, a glass of mulled wine or prosecco instead. There are also vegetarian and gluten free versions of the menu, just let your server know when ordering. The sitting times are between 12 PM and 4:30 PM.

Throughout the month of December, Deja Brew is also offering a free mini mince pie with every hot drink order.

Tips & Tricks on Surviving Family This Holiday Season
Unless you’re one of those mythical creatures that actually enjoys going home for the holidays, you’re probably dreading the idea of entering into yet another attack on your personal life (or lack thereof) and wishing you could slither your way out of another ugly sweaters photograph and somewhere tropical and preferably not haunted with that dreaded Christmas music. Unfortunately, some of us are much more dutiful than others so the question begs to be asked: How should you deal with those pesky relatives that seem to magically manifest out of thin air around the holidays to poke their abnormally large noses into your business? The answer is much simpler than you might have originally imagined and can be reduced to the art of deflection.
  • Ask them about Themselves: As they say, the best defense is a good offense. Head straight for the wine upon arrival, choose your target, and start in with a series of questions yourself. They’ll be much too confused to ask you any of your own and you’ll gain plenty of ammunition to work your way around the room. Everyone loves a pipping hot cup of family gossip.
  • Roam Around the Room: Standing in one place for too long is notorious for inviting unwanted conversation. Avoid it by moving from one activity to the other, get involved, take on menial tasks. Avoid the hot pockets of nosy relatives, these include but are not limited to the kitchen, the foyer, anything near the buffet, or the drinks. Stand behind the tree and out of sight if you can manage.
  • Get Creative: Can’t avoid grandma’s constant questions about who you’re dating and why you haven’t gotten married yet, take on the role of your favorite hero/heroine in the trashiest romance novel you can find and make their life story your own. This is especially effective around the older generations and no need to get embarrassed! There will be plenty of secondary embarrassment to go around and hopefully, a lot fewer questions being flung in your direction. Ah, the bliss.[continued on page 10…]
Working for the Reinhardts: an exposé and the arrival of an heir
In my fifty-plus years of working in the culinary arts business, I have never been subjected to the sort of treatment I was forced to endure at the Reinhardt estate. Daily torment, ridiculous expectations, and cruel exchanges became a part of daily life. And it is because of these things, and my unnecessary termination, that I have chosen to come forward in hopes that no other will have to suffer as I have. In the following article, I will outline the deplorable work conditions, emotional toll, and a rousing call to action for my fellow 'service' employees. First, however, some shocking news. Although she attempted to hide it, Genevieve Reinhardt, with the help of a secret midwife and healer, Nessa Regan, has given birth to a baby boy. The firstborn son of Wolfgang Reinhardt, and heir to the Reinhardt fortune, the child has been named Niklaus. He will no doubt be just as awful to his future employees unless we band together and do something about these conditions. [continued on page 4...]

  • Rumor has it Donna West has been recruiting underclassmen to play on opposing Quidditch teams. The red-haired temptress was last seen in the potions hallway using her wiles on none other than Matthew Maverick.
  • Our "super reliable" sources have heard that Billie Fay is juggling the attention of both boyfriend Phillip Donnelly and  boy SPACE friend Killian Buckley this term. Stay tuned~
  • Slytherin-turned Ombrelune-turned Slytherin (and now power-hungry Prefect) Circe Sutcliffe is rumored to be getting ready to move to Paris after graduation.
  • Despite being the Queen of Hogwarts Gossip, we have learned exclusively that Magnolia Lane Hawkins has her flirty eyes on fifth-year Ravenclaw, Horus Heyward the Third.


We have revamped The Daily Prophet based on member feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions in an effort to further improve the Prophet.

This issue was created by the Administration team, with additional submissions, input, and ideas from Christine, Evie, Fosse, Gage, Katya, Laura, and Lisa. We would like to thank Christine for the super easy to use coding, and Samm for the amazing header.

how to contribute
We would love to include more member-led stories and submissions. This can be in the form of in-character letters to the editors, rumours and gossip, or character-driven plots. You can submit your ideas to any member of the team, however if you have something in mind for a specific geographical area of the board please try to contact the admin for that area: Olivia for Hogwarts/Britain, any admin for Beauxbatons/Western Europe, Dylan for Durmstrang/Eastern Europe, and Mel for Ilvermorny/North America.

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Tips & Tricks on Surviving Family This Holiday Season

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