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Error Reports
« on: April 02, 2004, 09:54:29 PM »
You may report any TECHNICAL issues here ;)

- I realize you may run into errors on MH - and encourage you to report them. However, when you're reporting an error, please explain exactly what you're getting otherwise I can't help you fix it. Saying, "I can't delete messages" or something is ambiguous. Do you mean a post? PM? What? Instead, explain exactly what you get. For example, "I can't delete PMs; my page keeps timing out" would be much more helpful to me to figure out what your particular error is, and it'll help me fix things faster.

- If MH gives you an error message please copy the full error message in here. I know most errors the board throws and why. You cut down the time I spend on your case immensely by doing so.

- If something does not display correctly (which will usually be a problem at your end) please provide a screenshot. Don't make me guess what's wrong from a one line description.

- It won't send, won't delete, won't accept my password. If you encounter either of these problems please do the following.

-- close all MH windows
-- clean your cache
-- clean out saved passwords and form information
-- come back, if the problem persists you can report it.

and don't use IE that product of satan. Firefox is a perfectly fine browser.
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