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[BG] Ombrelune House Description & History
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The entrance to the Ombrelune house tower is located on the first floor of the building in a corridor just off the main foyer. There are two doors which lead to the staircases that allow entry into the common room, though only one of these doors will actually permit the students to go up. The correct door is changed daily and a riddle and a password are used to identify which should be used. Each door is engraved with the Ombrelune crest and are identical in all aspects.

Once the student has successfully gained entrance into the house tower, he or she ascends the long spiral staircase which leads to the common room. The room itself is a perfect circle. The walls are painted a charcoal gray and are decorated with silver stars, some of which are connected to form the constellations. Built into the walls, students will find bookshelves. These are filled with books, which may be borrowed for no more than a month, that cover various topics ranging from astronomy and astrology to hypnosis. Students who do not return the texts after one month will find that the pages have turned black and will remain in such a condition until they are returned to the shelves.

The room is tiled with a fine marble that is colored a few shades lighter than the paint on the walls. Armchairs, couches, and coffee tables are set up in a circular pattern around the room, centered around a tall lectern, on which a constellation map is spread out. This map changes to reflect the night sky as students would be able to see it should they make use of the most unique fixture present in the common room, the lens ceiling.

The ceiling of the common room is made of clear glass, enchanted to enhance the appearance of the sky during the evening hours. This feature of the common room makes star gazing quite enjoyable. Students simply tap the constellation or cosmic object they wish to see enhanced in the lens with the tip of their wand and the ceiling will tilt accordingly and magically enhance the view.

At the far end of the room, across from the entrance, two staircases lead up to the dormitories. The left leads up to the boy's dormitory while the right leads up to the dormitory designated for girls.


Entrance to Common Room.
Entrance to boy's dormitory.
Entrance to girl's dormitory.
Bookshelves built into walls.
Central lectern with  constellation
map.  Couches, chairs and tables
in circle around it.  They are all in
the center of the room.
Fireplace  with  large  couch  and
coffee table in front of it.
House notice board.
Quidditch bulletin board.
Tables and chairs.
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