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[BG] Bellefeuille House Description & History
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The entrance to the Bellefeuille House Tower is located at the end of the first corridor on one's right off of the main foyer. The entrance is protected by a simple drawing of a tree. Students of Bellefeuille house touch the correct leaf with the tip of their wand to gain access to the staircase leading up to the common room. Three failed attempts to gain entrance will result in the student losing his or her wand. He or she must then report to his or her head of house to claim it. However, if the person successfully chooses the correct leaf, he or she enters the common room by passing over one of the three bridges that lead in and out of the room.

The room itself is encircled by a river, the current of which is fueled by a small waterfall that is built into the far right corner of the room. The waterfall, which empties into a small pond, is one of the most tranquil element of the room. The pond and lake are home to a variety of colorful fish as well as several lily pads. Flowers of a wide variety line the bank of the river and pond, and student are welcome to pick a few to decorate their dormitories as these plants are magically replenished almost immediately.

The floor of the room is made of a dark colored granite which has been covered almost entirely in a soft moss. The ceiling is magically charmed to give the appearance of tree cover, making one feel as though he or she is in the middle of a forest. The room also features a large piece of lightly colored granite, which has been crudely carved into the shape of a small mountain. This is situated in the very center of the room and is surrounded by comfortable arm chairs and side tables. Additionally, bookcases have been carved into the stone. Books discussing subjects such as botany, herbology, potions, and animal care (for both muggle and magical species) are stocked on the shelves, and students are welcome to borrow them for one month. After one month, the pages lose their ink and appear blank until they are returned to their shelves.

Beanbag chairs, which very closely resemble boulders but are surely more comfortable, are present in clusters on either side of the room. Low tables are placed in the middle of each cluster to allow for students to work more comfortably. Bulletin boards are hanging at both the right and left sides of the room for house and quidditch postings. At the far side of the room, two more bridges allow students to leave the common room. The one of the left leads to the girl's dormitory while the one on the right leads to the boy's dormitory.

Entrance to girl's dormitory.
Entrance to boy's dormitory.
Entrance to common room.
Rock bookcase encircled by
chairs and side tables.
Bean-bag chairs that look
like rocks surrounding tables.
Waterfall that empties into
small pond.
River that circles the common
Quidditch bulletin board.
House notice board.
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