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New Player's Guide
« on: September 06, 2006, 12:25:22 PM »


Welcome to Magical Hogwarts, an online Role Playing community centered around the Harry Potter universe. This is a guide to help you get settled in, find out how to get started and hopefully clarify anything you might be confused about regarding the board.

Magical Hogwarts is a forum based role playing community. This means the participants of this game create fictional characters, which interact with each other. To interact with other characters, participants of the game post messages to each other written from the point of view of their fictional character. As you can see this form of role playing will require some writing skill, but even more so an active imagination. So, if you are looking for an MMORPG, an arcade style game or amazing three dimensional graphics this place may not be for you.

Provided that you are comfortable with our text based format, read on. Before you register, please carefully study the Basic Rules & Regulations.


In order to register you will need a valid email address as you will be required to activate your Magical Hogwarts account. Once your account is approved you will receive an email from us prompting you to activate your account. Should you not receive this email within 24 hours, please feel free to contact the Main Administrator of Magical Hogwarts ( Once you have activated your account you will be able to log in. Please do not feel shy to ask for any further assistance either in the Questions & Answers area, or to introduce yourself in the New Player Inn, although you are also welcome to contact the administrators directly if you have any questions.


We are currently playing the school year 2000/2001 and we work hard to keep as close to canon as is possible, though in order to keep the game fun and active for everyone this requires us to differ from canon in some areas. For example, you'll notice that some of the professors teaching at Hogwarts are not canon characters. The reason for this is that those members who are interested in RPing professors for those classes wish to have original characters rather than the canon ones. In an effort to keep the school active as well as the classes, we've allowed this change, and we encourage original ideas and characters, as long as they fit the setting of the Harry Potter universe.

While you are encouraged to create your own threads and plots, we also have plots and activities that reflect the current playtime month, all of which you can find in the Playtime, Plots & Events thread.

There are also a number of additions that we have made to Harry Potter canon, in order to fill in some of the blanks. As such, background information for the schools of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons have been written by the Magical Hogwarts community. There are also original creatures and items as well as unique magical abilities to be encountered on Magical Hogwarts. All of these additions have been made to supplement and enhance the world of Magical Hogwarts in an effort to make our role playing environment both original and unique.

Character Creation

Now that you are set up it is time to start creating your first role playing character. There are a number of places which you will find helpful at this stage. The Beauxbatons Guide, Durmstrang Overview, Hogwarts Guide and Adult Character Guide will provide you with background information on what types of characters you are allowed to play. These guides, however, are not exhaustive and there are other kinds of characters that can be played, such as ghosts, centaurs or house elves, as long as such characters fit in with Harry Potter canon.

Once you have decided what type of character you would like to play, it is a good idea to check out the Character Creation Guide. It will provide you with a lot of in depth information on how to tackle writing your first character. We also recommend you work on your character sheet in the Sandbox where you can make connections with existing members and also get advice and feedback on your sheet if you require it.

We have recently changed our sorting system and instead of sheets, the applications are written in your character account's profile. If you'd like to work on the profile in the Sandbox, a copy of the new requirements can be found here. To add your character's information to their profile, access the Profile tab on the menu, then select Modify Profile, and then Forum Profile. Once you're done with this, head on over to the Sorting board and reply to the Sort me! topic with the code provided. In the future, if you need to make changes to your character's profile or retcon portions of it, you'll need to reply to the Character changes & retcons! topic.

Once you are sorted

Please note, some of the links in this section won't be visible until your character is sorted. Don't worry though, you don't need to know these things in order to create a character, though they will be useful afterwards.

Classes and Graduating

Classes at Magical Hogwarts (in every school) are not mandatory; they are a system implemented to allow characters to age and advance. Each student is allowed to attend as many or as few classes as he or she wishes. Once you are sorted you will be able to view the respective Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons boards to see what subjects are available in your character's school (and which subjects you are interested in taking).

Introducing yourself

Now, once you've got your character developed and approved, you might wish to make a thread to introduce yourself and your characters, as well as meet new people around the board before starting to RP. We have an entire forum for this called Shippers for Life. Every individual member of Magical Hogwarts (multicharacters not included) is allowed one thread, in which you can post descriptions and pictures of all your characters and some information about yourself, for other people to get to know you. You will also be able to find out information about other people by viewing the existing threads there, so we highly advise checking it out! If you haven't made a shipper before, you can use the pre-existing template in the Shipper Information & Templates board.

Avatars and Signatures

If you're new, you will probably also wonder about Avatars and Signatures. The picture that appears at the side of your post is an avatar. The picture or text (or both) beneath it is a signature. You can find the size and content regulations for these in the Graphics Rules If you're not much for graphics, there is also a forum titled "Avatars & Signatures" which will be come visible as soon as you are sorted, in which you can buy graphics using board currency Sickles. Please see The Official Guide to Gringotts for how sickles work.

Making RP Topics

Before making threads, you might want to check out how to make things bold, underlined, or italicized, all of which can be found above the text field when writing a post. You should also pay attention to tags. Tags are little things in brackets informing you about the details of a role play topic. If someone marks their topic [closed] or [private], or marked for a particular character, you should not join it. If you do anyway, be prepared for a very unfriendly welcome. Best thing is to join topics that are labelled [open] or topics that have no markings at all. There are no written and official rules to making tags and what they can say, their use is rather flexible, but try paying attention to them or you may irritate your fellow role players.

Technical Problems

Iif you discover any issues with the board, we have provided an error reporting board for you. This is for technical issues such as pages not loading or displaying unusual characters, rather than problems with things such as not knowing how to use coding or put up signatures.

Further Questions?

This should cover most questions that new people have. If you still have one, please check the Basic Rules & Regulations again and contact one of the administrators, and they will try and help you best they can. Of course there is also the Questions & Answers and Sandbox, which will usually provide you with faster answers than questions addressed to a specific individual. That being said, once again, welcome to Magical Hogwarts, and have a good time here!
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