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  • [Announcement] Show Me The Money!
    « on: February 28, 2007, 04:11:12 PM »

    So you want money, eh?

    Is your character employed in a shop? Are they a ministry worker? Are they a healer? Do they have any other form of administration-approved occupation? Then this topic is for you! Professors don't need to worry about claiming on the payroll since it will be automatically registered in the system.

    For the rest of you: Have you played any topics related to your characters occupation in the playtime month of February? If so, you qualify to receive sickles! To ensure that we send sickles your way, you will have to fill out the form provided below and post it here before midnight, June 13, 2018, GMT. This is to make the process of determining your character's salary fairer and more reliable.

    To apply for sickles, please reply to this thread with the following:

    Name: < the name of your character >
    Occupation: < your character's job >
    Gringotts Account: < link to your Gringotts account >
    Topic(s): < link the topic(s) where you played your character doing their job >

    Code: [Select]
    [b]Gringotts Account:[/b]

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    Claims are open for February, and backlogged claims for December and January will also be accepted!

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  • Re: [Announcement] Show Me The Money!
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    Hi, I need money <33~

    Name: Darla Boyd
    Occupation: Healer
    Gringotts Account: Link
    Topic(s): unstoppable (not finished yet, but figured to make the claim while I can ^^)

    Name: Chantal Garnier
    Occupation: Auror
    Gringotts Account: Link
    Topic(s): no stars tonight / la tombe dit à la rose / content de te revoir (same as above)

    Name: Hefin Howell
    Occupation: Quidditch player (captain duties)
    Gringotts Account: Link
    Topic(s): a new one for all (dropped?)

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