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Current Events

Thanks to Nettle, a friendly but over achieving house elf, students should be on the look out for mischievous and magical pies up to no good this week!
More info HERE.

Nothing and no one is exactly who they seem to be this month as the snow begins to fall on the castle. A sinister organization is lurking in the shadows and giants are roaming about.
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With approval from the ministries of the region the infamous Order of the Dragon has begun inspections at both schools. The inspections are to ensure that both educational facilities are taking care of their dragon populations properly. Ministries ask that students and faculty do not get in the way of the Order and doing so will be at their own risk..
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It is time for some wonderful winter fun at Ilvermorny. The school grounds are covered with a fresh thick powder and students are taking advantage with snow ball fights, sledding, and the creation of a giant magical snowman.
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Sakura trees have begun to bloom mysteriously out of season blanketing the island of Ongoro with cherry blossom flowers. Some students see this as a good omen, hope for future healthy blooms, others are wary and suspicious of it.
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At the Golden Queen, a famed historical hotel, the St. Mungo's annual ball. Anyone who is anyone in the wizarding medical world will be in attendance and it is sure to be a great night!
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Stay tuned for a suprise~
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